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  1. Round 10 - Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973) Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding All the Girls Love Alice Blue Moves (1976) Boogie Pilgrim "Where's the Shoorah?"
  2. Bridgerton is a Regency drama. It takes place in 1813, so no Queen Victoria (who wasn't born until 1819). The show isn't tawdry. It's more scandalous and sexual tension-y. The costumes and sets are amazing.
  3. It doesn't show the courtship parts with the sexy time talk and activities. It's all about context.
  4. Dude, that is stairway sex, not "love stories for young women". We watched that. It was fun.
  5. Round 9 - Aerosmith Toys in the Attic (1975) Sweet Emotion Big Ten Inch Record Pump (1989) Dulcimer Stomp/The Other Side Young Lust I don't think these have gone yet.
  6. I believe they used Google Earth to scope out the house for the preliminaries.
  7. Ooh la la in L.A., ooh la la in the U.S.A. One night stands with a one night band is this
  8. I guess I can make my 8th round pick then. Not that I'm sniping anyone. Slade Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply (1984) Run Runaway If we had to pick a song, this would probably be "our song". Ready to Explode You Boys Make Big Noize (1987) Sing Shout (Knock Yourself Out) She's Heavy
  9. We have the car inspected and then they send the info to the State of Texas. We get the sticker a couple of weeks later. No DMV at all.
  10. Also recording method, app used, and several other factors matter.
  11. Slowing of the video. Compressing or altering digital data isn't a zero sum game. Things get lost (and sometimes created) in that process.
  12. If the video was slowed down, that apparent door closing may be an artifact of the alteration rather than a real thing.
  13. Not reporting this to all and sundry often helps with the investigation. If the case is truly cold, I expect a more detailed appeal will be made. And a lot of forensic results take a few weeks to come in. It's not all 45 minutes later, we have the DNA tests back.
  14. Mostly the former. There's a Washington Post headline asking the same question but it's behind a paywall. I checked it out. I suspect the sleuthing interest here has more to do with the couple relationship factor. The murdered couple were killed by a stranger, and there isn't much to speculate on. It's difficult to search for a killer based on no info at all. The article also references the death of Elisa Lam. The documentary on that show a lot of uninformed idiots speculating on nothing and doing it very badly. They may as well have been watching one of those idiotic ghost hunting shows.
  15. Missing and maybe alive (and now we have a better idea) is way different from dead and we have no evidence we can talk about. The authorities are working with the FBI on both cases. There's just nothing new to write about at the moment for the murdered couple. The two things are not the same. They don't require identical amounts of coverage in order to be covered adequately. When more info shows up, more coverage will be offered. And not everything is some big race conspiracy. (This isn't really directed at you.)
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