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  1. Dropped him for Drew Sample, who will outpace this guy for catches and pretty easily.
  2. Haha yeah. Said the same thing when Luck retired on me here too. Happens to be my high dollar dynasty. Feel I got decent value, onto moving forward w this guy and Mims. Ertz up for sale next haha.
  3. Lost Campbell, Saquon and Sutton in the same league, so need to make some moves, got this done this AM. 1 QB 12 Team Full PPR Got 1st/2nd/Irv Smith/Aiyuk - team has an OK shot of making the playoffs but I would be surprised this move puts him into the Final 4. Traded: Juju
  4. This guy saw 2 targets on a night Burrow threw the ball 61x. Is this guy even rosterable in dynasty at this point?
  5. Got offered Hayden Hurst/Curtis Samuel for David Johnson. Full PPR, need TE help, struggling with this one as I also have Carson, Sander and Hines and we can start 4 RBs.
  6. Got the first pick in a FA draft on Sunday. Thinking this guy should be a #1 target in those, right? (Obviously pending other avail guys, I'm staring at Blake Jarwin other than this guy)
  7. Traded Carlos Hyde in a 12 Team 1 QB PPR for 3.7 to the Carson owner.
  8. Yeah, typically I hold players a bit "too long" Ertz/Parker have been on the team their whole career, so yeah I have been patiently waiting for Devante to break out. Now have picks 1.6/1.7/2.6/2.9/2.12/3.6/3.9/3.11
  9. I feel ya, just felt I needed to rebuild w this draft. I have Ertz in most of my leagues so am well aware how valuable he is, but honestly, keep finishing with 1.6/1.7 maybe 1.8 picks and w him being 30 soon, just didn't feel I have the firepower to get the title before his production starts falling off hard. Always could be a bad move, but trying to acquire picks as best as i can.
  10. Just traded away Ertz and D Parker for 1.7/2.9/2.12 12 teamer 1 QB PPR
  11. Didn't see a thread. Seems like a good value, but not sure if he can be an outside WR? Looks like they think he is a hybrid Kupp/Woods guy. Currently the plan is for him to learn all 3 positions. Guessing with Kupp possibly on the way out after this season, thinking he could be in line for a nice role next season. Word is good hands, really good route runner, not "fast" but a good savvy type that knows how to get open. I am a fan.
  12. Ok, didn't think it was this slam dunk. Even as an Eagles fan, considering the value at 1.5
  13. Was just offered Sanders for 1.5/Singletary. Got me thinking some..but declined.
  14. Thats exactly where he went. Was just saying hypothetically had i reached for him at 5 instead of taking the better value.
  15. Appreciate the feedback guys, kinda been absent for...a while. Anyway, the lesson of value holds true here. Had I just reached for the WR to fill the need (Jeudy would be a pretty big reach here) I'd have just 1 hole filled on a bereft roster. Worked out.
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