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  1. I can think of at least one current QB on my team lol
  2. I hear ya. At minimum, even if "nothing illegal happened" he's going to serve time on some sort of suspension. No chance that doesn't happen. Deshaun talen over Jalen? By miles sure. This team isn't ready to compete RIGHT NOW even if we got Deshaun RIGHT NOW so to me, the point is moot when you have that + looming suspension. Time goes by, new opportunities pop up. Players rise/fall, etc. I'm not in a rush to trade for what appears to be a man of "Not great character" who could be here for 10 years, when we can wait it out a couple and hopefully get a More talented player that also isn't an asshead.
  3. It'll just switch again. To half the fan base liking him and the other half still wishing for something/someone else. Been doing it for a long time now. I don't want him, for personal reasons. My wife is still the "Your team hired a Dog Killer" type so I don't need "Woman Harasser" added to that pile along w Snowballing Santa, batteries, Mike Irvin's neck, etc from the typical general American that likes to hate on the city of Philadelphia.
  4. Read this piece where when Doug was the coach, the Eagles came back in 2 wins. 1 where the winds were like 25 mph+ and we ran the ball a lot to win. And all Lurie could say (my interpretation) wasn't "good job, nice W" but "Why didn't we pass the ball more" I had to step back after that one.
  5. 100%. Won't listen to anyone. Has a favorite cronie. Will only hire coaches that are inexperienced/don't have a ton of power/people he can control. Seems to be calling the way the games are played. Yeah, except with just the single ring. If John Harbaugh became avail next year, he wouldn't even interview him if we had a HC vacancy.
  6. Its a bad combination of a Coach over his head and a QB he didn't pick he has to make work. But the problem appears to be the owner. How do we fix THAT is the real question.
  7. I hear this "Should have Kept Foles" over Wentz argument. Its always a lazy argument b/c it was never simply "Hey we have 2 QBs we like, lets just sign one and not sign the other at the end of the season" when it was much much more complicated than that.
  8. Yeah man. Its crazy how many takes I have seen "they'll just bench him to save the pick" from schmoes like me to national talking heads. Never gonna happen.
  9. Honestly. I would LOVE to see how this plays out. Exactly like this, they are 2-9, The CW has 95% of all snaps and basically "they must bench him the rest of the season" to cancel the potential of it being a 1st round pick. A lot of people think Carson Wentz would react negatively to this (considering how he reacted when a benching was deserved, and if he keeps putting up good stats but they keep racking up L's. ) I think a big missing "What would happen" in this scenario is how the Owner would react. He doesn't seem to be having "fun" and I'm not sure he'd approve of a "tank to save the pick" type of move. Just talking outloud about this b/c this Colts situation is something that we will weekly pontificate about.
  10. Fair point. I suppose there are levels to the "hate" of each player: But under the "took the bag and dipped" to me its the same b/c neither player would ever act the way they did, leading up to their imminent departure, unless they already secured the bag.
  11. LOL ok. He quit on our team right? "When did you know you needed a change" The Green Bay game. The first time he was ever benched, dude dipped out. I'm sure its MUCH more complicated than just the front office and coaching. He's not mentally tough, thats part of it. Stemming from injuries, Foles' success, the fact it seems the team would prefer ANY other QB on the roster than him...etc. Not to mention, he's kind of the opposite vibe of the city of Philadelphia. Likes to hunt. Doesn't like to get vaccinated in the middle of a pandemic. The whole "we woulda done the same' fallacy is absurd. Let your work put $120M in front of any one of us right now and tell me which will go to your boss the next year and say "ya know this isn't right for me" lol. T.O. irked me when he wanted out the next year after signing "a record breaking contract" and Wentz did the same here. I'm the kind of guy that gets irked when players for his favorite team quit. I'm not a Sixers fan, but I have yet to meet a Sixers fan giving Ben Simmons a pass. Tell me how they are different if you're hating on Ben Simmons (for the record I am, he's making a chump move).
  12. Wentz quit on our team, for the record. No chance any real Eagle fan should be rooting for this guy OR the Colts. Frank Reich, great guy, yadda yadda yadda we got their 1st*, we should want them to lose every single game and Wentz to play every single snap. I'm glad he looked good last game for my fantasy league, thats about it haha. He's not going to be benched to "save a 1st" b/c he'll just ask to be traded again, so don't worry about that.
  13. I have thought about this a lot, and to me the only one that really would make sense is Wilson, provided we send them Hurts. I don't see AR12 going anywhere thats not a plug/play scenario where they just need a good/competent QB. That ain't us. Sorta see the same about Russ but he is younger and might be more patient. Want no part of Watson and hoping he still wants no part of us.
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