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  1. *Nothing illegal* is usually what I would hear from the Trump side of thing when they were doing things others thought *were not right* Dems da breaks.
  2. Got in on a Mosaic Break for the first time last this weekend. Random teams, but a buddy got the Pelicans and was able to pull 3 Zions from the same break. Same guy that pulled a Burrow Rookie Scripts on his first rip with me too.
  3. One could argue, although we started healing, we never fully healed after these, and the same root issues that were in place (slavery/racism and greed/unhinged power hunger) still persist today because we never fully addressed them head on and did what needed to be done. Bandaids eventually fall off over time.
  4. No it would not. This is what happens when you make enemies at every level. At some point, all those enemies are going to come back to haunt you.
  5. Isn't there an option of just holding people accountable, considering this is supposed to be the party of personal accountability? Not sure it's the best precedent every time we let some type of scammer like Nixon/Trump in we let them go scot free "for the sake of healing" when these guys are truly the main dividers/criminals? Didn't we, as a country, send someone to jail for like 5 years for accidentally voting twice in the last election? I think people, on both sides (despite whether they informed their viewpoints on facts or not) are sick of the tippy top getting away with everything. And I
  6. While Foxnews isn't the GOP (lol) there are reports out there already stating to explicitly NOT refer to Biden as President-Elect but rather some "we are looking to fight these results" So yeah, I think Trump doubles down and the GOP still stays silent, hoping their SCOTUS folks will get a say.
  7. Perhaps, but keep in mind, this guy is possibly running from jail, Russian mob guys, the country, or for his life. And he has filed a tremendous amount of lawsuits over the years. I'm optimistic, but not taking this at full face value at the moment.
  8. Got them on Amazon. $99 each, go grab one. They are selling on ebay for $140/150. Silly. Also, Clearly Donruss hit the Panini website this morning for Basketball at 8 AM PST> 5 packs 4 cards per pack. $330 per box. Sold out on Panini in 7 minutes. Wax is hot!
  9. I'm on her twitter page right now. She has posted as recently in the last hour, so it seems the news about her is.....fake?
  10. Picked up 2 complete sets of this 2020 Phoenix Football. Hobby Box has only 60 total cards, but you get signatures, limited prints, etc. Set is 200 cards and you don't get anything "cool" other than some "Inferno" fireburst parallel, 1 per set I believe. But you do get the 3 Rookie QB bases and seems like a good deal.
  11. Being real, they are going to latch on to anything and everything. Much like they have with every tiny grievance of the past 4 years. Nothing new here, and kudos to the PA AG reassuring his people.
  12. What is the big deal here, if we already accepted how the AG of the US acts, lock step with the President?
  13. Oh haha, depends on the brand and shop. You should be able to rip some Donruss Hobby packs or the Phoenix that just came out "somewhere" just each brand is differently priced. Mosaic Hobby: $700-850 - LCS has the packs for $89 each, where the Donruss is much cheaper at $15
  14. While they do sell individual packs nowadays, which I guess are now called "gravity pack" - your odds of pulling a decent card out of here worth $20-30 are not so high, unless you are hitting a rookie base, even still, a rookie base Herbert in Donruss is still like $17. Your best bet honestly would be to find a local card shop and purchase a hobby pack or 2, if part of the fun is getting a good card. Mosaic is your best bet for either, to pull a decent valued card. But unless you live in the sticks, you are probably buying Mosaic on the secondary market.
  15. Nice here! Not a huge fan of XR, but you nailed it, wow. I got a couple of White Hot Donruss Jeudy's this weekend and an Optic (mainly broke Donruss). Got a silver Mosaic NFL Debut. Big fan of him!
  16. Agreed, but at the same time, they are wasting their time. For instance, I knew I wouldn't be able to get these Donruss Holiday Blasters, so I found 2 on ebay. All in it was $73+ with shipping taxes. In store, after taxes is like $52. Not a huge deal here. But the dudes that BUY THE STORE OUT are the worst.
  17. Funny thing is, people are flipping complete sets, or even breaking down the sets and selling individual rookies. I have ripped a bunch of Donruss, and I have pulled just 1 RR Herbert and zero Tua or Burrow. Including 3 megas I ripped this weekend, and the "best" thing I got was a signed Cam Akers card. Whereas, you buy the complete Donruss set, you know you have the big 3 QB's. But yeah, retail is tough right, especially in city style markets, but you can still get lucky. Mosaic is the craze right now. Chasing that, Donruss, Optic when it comes out and Prizm I guess is the Cream of the Crop.
  18. So the hobby sure has changed. I was collecting baseball cards as a kid circa say 88-93 until i started getting into basketball, thus my focus was basketball cards. When Upper Deck hit in '89 that was the new thing. When i stopped collecting as a teen in like 97/98 before I joined the Marines, "Topps Finest" and the refractors were the new thing, then the parellels, holograms of those cards, etc - and then autographs, used shreds of material, etc. Used to be Box, Pack or cello pack. The prices just rose. Fast forward to today. The "Topps Finest" style/shiny stuff seems to be the st
  19. Haha man. I have seen this Cowboys/Quitter team before a few times in my life. This is one of those teams. They know too, that's why they are cutting/trading guys at this point.
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