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  1. Eagles aren't at the top of the list yet, but they should be on the poll at least.
  2. I don't think it matters. If Wentz turns out, as a result of injuries or just being who he is, to simply average (His QBR in 2019 was 62.8, in 2018 was 62.0) - that QBR puts his right around Daniel Jones (61.5), Teddy Bridgewater (64.2) territory. If that's the case, given his huge contract - its probably better to get what we can for him and rebuild. That level of play won't win games in the playoffs unless you have a top 5 defense.
  3. If Wentz turns back into that 2017 MVP caliber talent, sure. If he simply reverts back to that middle tier average or worse QB he was every other year, its not great loss. Time will tell. I don't disagree it was a terrible pick. I didn't like it at the time, and I still don't. Just saying it didn't set up back years. The overall bad drafting and doubling down on old, oft-injured talent did that.
  4. I mean that's happening anyway, Wentz doesn't throw to WR's much. Has ever had a 1000 yard WR?
  5. It was a second rounder. It's fine. Teams miss on 2nd rounders all the time. What sets you back is not having consistent QB play and hitting on SOME of your picks. I don't know what the average is, but misses are fine. You just can't miss on ALL your picks, year after year.
  6. maybe. I wonder though, what's more valuable for the rebuilding Eagles? 34 million in cap space in 2021, or a 1st and 3rd round draft pick? If we had waited, Wentz is a FA. We have an extra 30 mil in cap space - do we spend it wisely?
  7. Dunno about injured at *all*, but its certainly gone to players simply for bounceback years after sucking. Ryan Tannehill for instance just in 2019. Michael Vick's after being in prison would qualify too, he wasn't injured...
  8. If there's one worth taking, sure. If Sewell is there they'll take him. Doesn't seem like there a OL or DL besides him worth grabbing at 6.
  9. It's certainly possible Wentz is a good QB again. Last year he sucked, but he wasn't bad the year before. He elevated his team, made some phenomenal throws. It's just that drop in 2020 was unprecedented. Still think a ton of his issues were mental, so who knows - maybe a fresh start, out of the shadow of Nick Foles and the Super Bowl, back with Frank Reich - maybe he gets his head in order.
  10. Can always play at BoardGameArena if you want async matches with a longer timeframe
  11. I would say more we are getting rid of Wentz and Hurts to have a fresh rookie in 2022. I think at this point, that's my preferred option. I dont think Wentz is gonna figure it out here, he clearly is checked out. Im not sold on Hurts. Foles is obviously not good. This season is a bust - doesn't matter, this season will be a losing one. I'd prefer to give Hurts a chance in case I'm wrong - but I dont know what kind of chance hed have with Foles as backup.
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