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  1. lol, we all know that even saying it now and expecting a poor win season -if we have a 4 win season , Philly fans will be calling for the heads of coach and gm.
  2. It's hard to predict wins, because so much will depend on Hurts. If he plays well, I could see 7-8 wins. If not, we're back in the 3-4 range.
  3. Which is good. Its obviously best for the team though if he shows he IS the guy...but odds are against him. Hope he can show something. I do think he'll get the benefit of the doubt in a close QB competition in training camp tho. But..if he flat out loses to Joe Flacco? yikes.
  4. Wentz being the "smartest guy in the room" is laughable. Come on, the tape showed tons of bad decisions, missed reads, etc.. Give me a break there. If Wentz continues to blame others and not own up that he was at fault - he's not going to last. That kind of report makes me glad we traded him.
  5. Well, good? How on earth could anyone be sold on him, he played 4 games, and didn't do very well. I'm all for giving him a shot to see if he improves but it would be insane for anyone to be 'sold' on him.
  6. For a Superbowl...yea, probably very hard to win without a QB playing at a top 10 level. If you quantify it at QBR, I'd even say you USUALLY need a QB playing at 70+ QBR. There are exceptions, like Manning or Joe Flacco with terrific defenses, but unless you have a god-level defense, you need to be at that level.
  7. Last year, Average age of starting QB's was 29.1, average QB rating was 94.6, and average QBR was 63.7. To make the playoffs, the average age was 31.7, rating was 101.15, and QBR was 71.7 To miss the playoffs, the average age was 27, rating was 89.9, and QBR was 57.7. (more pronounced was sacks, on average losing QB were sacked 31.6 times, vs 22 for playoff QB's)
  8. I wonder if there's an stat analysis at what level of QB play you need to get into the playoffs, and what you need to make the SuperBowl, etc...
  9. That's what I was trying to tell him. Hurts was drafted with the 53rd pick. Statistically speaking - 16% of the players in that tier (51-60) ever make a Pro Bowl. Meaning 84% of the players drafted where Jalen Hurts is do NOT make a Pro Bowl - so Expecting that level of play is silly and unrealistic. The add in the fact QB's are typically drafted higher then they should be due to the importance of the position, and its even less likely. If he plays average (which would be a huge improvement over last years games) - I'll be thrilled.
  10. Man if you think 2nd round picks need to be All-Stars to justify their draft position, you are going to be disappointed 99% of the time.
  11. I do still wish we would have gotten Horn or Surtain.... But. At least this should give no excuse to get a good sense of what Hurts is about next year, as well allow Reagor a better chance to thrive. I'm still skeptical - but man, it would help this team so much if Hurts CAN play. Doesn't need to be an all-star..just give consistent decent QB play so we can use these 1st rounders next year to build the team around him.
  12. Well, you also had Stafford and Wentz request trades, which their orgs DID do. (Wentz the outlier because he wasn't good last year, but he was prior to that). QB's certainly have the power to not sign long term deals.... Will they? Seems unlikely. I could see GM's being more cautious with how they structure deals to give teams flexibility though.
  13. Then the scouts should have had him higher on the board. I imagine they were all in the same tier, which is why Howie felt fine about trading down. We need all these positions though, so we can't really go wrong no matter what position we take.
  14. It's a 3rd rounder, so...let's not overreact. Let's be happy we HAVE a 3rd round pick and didn't trade it for a one year rental this time.
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