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  1. I mean - we all knew the defensive talent was bad. We doubled down on older vets too long, so this is the painful rebuild. Kind of why I dont want them to use all these high picks next year to trade for a QB. We need young good players, and assume we'll miss on at least one of them. Get the best LB we can, has to be a priority. Get a great young safety. Get a CB. We need to replenish this team - and yea, we're gonna suck probably next year too. Is what it is. If we are 100% that Hurts can't be the starter, then go get a half-decent vet. Or MAYBE use one of the firsts on a QB, but under no circumstances use them all.
  2. Man, I've been saying for a while we need to give Hurts and the staff the full year, but I dunno. This team is embarassing.
  3. Two different things. Both players are whiny, selfish, low character clowns based on their demand to go to a new team with many years left - in Wentz's case he hadn't even STARTED his extension. Simmons gets extra hate because he refuses to try and get better and do the things players in his position should do, and wont even acknowledge the issue.
  4. I think on that front, it was Bruce Smith that used his work email to send it around? Also not just a topless photo of any woman, but of one of his employees, right?
  5. I for one didnt see it spiraling into a discussion on why we need massive deregulation.
  6. For the record, anyone saying "I dont think people should be fired for their personal opinions or what they said privately" is lying. What they really mean is "I dont think people should be fired for this specific personal opinion or comment". Because everyone has a line. We all know there's a thing that if it came out, everyone would be like 'holy crap we can't employ that guy". People are fussing because they think what Gruden said doesn't cross their personal line.
  7. You think they lose if he doesnt fumble in the red zone?
  8. And the Titans aren't likely to pull away. Their next 4 are Bills, Chiefs, @Colts, then Rams. The could easily lose all 4.
  9. Did he? Didnt watch much but the highlights seem so-so. I saw a classic fumble in the red zone...
  10. It's good they lost. They're still (even at 1-4) going to be around .500 by the time they hit their bye week. They still get Jax and Houston twice, plus the Jets - so no chance they're a top 10 pick. I just want them to miss the playoffs so our pick is in the early teens.
  11. So Bruce Smith forced Washington cheerleaders to take topless pics (after taking their passports from them overseas) and sent them to Gruden? Man, when all the Washington stuff comes out...its gonna be a mess.
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