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  1. Dude. No kidding. I dont think the vast majority of QB's on their 5th game should be 'trusted' in a shoot out. And Carson Wentz in particular regularly sucked at shootouts if I recall.
  2. Once again this is simply flawed expectation by you. Not Hurts, not the team - you. Also, you're changing the tune, now it's "pro bowl seasons every year"? It was "Must be MVP" a post ago. How many second round QB picks make 'quality pro bowl seasons every year'. ONE. Drew Brees. That's it. You're saying if he doesnt live up Drew freaking Brees he's overdrafted. You're being silly. Please stop.
  3. Giants deserved to lose that game. They *should* have won, but man talk about cheesing up and being so conservative after that int.
  4. I mean after this game, I still think the odds are not in his favor to be a successful starting QB. He still has glaring weakness - because no kidding, he's a second round QB with his first real season/camp and 5 starts. He's going to struggle when he has to be in a shootout or down 17 points. Thats normal. But I still *like* him, want him to succeed, and am glad we saw progress this past game.
  5. No, you're not. "MVP season and winning a SB" is not even remotely a realistic measure of success for a QB, especially one drafted in the 2nd round. You're setting unrealistic expectations. Especially to *LIKE* Hurts. By that standard you would not like Drew Brees, Josh Allen, Dan Marino, Russell Wilson, Matt Stafford, etc.. Chargers fans shouldn't like Justin Herbert. You're basically saying unless he's Tom Brady/Payton Manning/Aaron Rodgers level, you won't LIKE him. Which is utterly ridiculous, and none of us will take you seriously on this.
  6. Everybody in Philly media crucified the Eagles for not playing anyone in the preseason either. I dont think a dozen snaps in a preseason game have a ton of impact. Preparation in practice is where the difference lies.
  7. legit weeping tears of joy at this OL https://twitter.com/BaldyNFL/status/1437336507468103683 Having to go through NFL record number of OL combinations last year was such a part of what tanked everything.
  8. He doesn't suck. But - Atl made the wrong move going for a TE that high. They needed OL, badly. An upgrade at OL contributes to a win a heck of a lot more then an upgrade at TE. Pitts is a luxury. He's the equivalent of paying to subscribe to all the HD channels when you dont have a TV to take advantage of them. Maybe it'll pay off in the long run...but right now? Not so much. They got destroyed by the Eagles - who frankly aren't a great team either. Its not going to be pretty.
  9. And I dont know that Hurts accuracy increased. What I saw were a lot of high percentage passes being called. There were some passes deeper - and those were still hit or miss. But a lot of easy passes to get guys in space. Sometimes it worked, sometimes they got no gain. But it was an effective offense, and didnt ask Hurts to do more then he could.
  10. I mean - yea, Atlanta's defense is not great. But Hurts completed 77 % of his passes, threw 3 TD’s with no INTs, passed for 264 yards and rushed for 62 yards. Those are terrific stats no matter what defense you're playing against. We're not crowning him, but that is so much better then anything we saw last year.
  11. Just a tough matchup, its a hard ask to go up against stud LB Alex Singleton in your first NFL start.
  12. Dude you've been whining about Hurts all offseason. No one here is anointing him - we're happy he had a good game. The team looked solid, offense AND defense played well, for four quarters. Coaching was solid - and that was all with a lot to improve on too - we failed on a couple 4th downs, a lot of false starts. So yea, we're happy. Did Hurts steal your girl or something?
  13. well, my 12 year old got vaccinated just fine and sleeps great. If Carson needs someone to walk him through it let me know.
  14. Yea, remember me is checked. Not a huge deal, just odd. Every other site is fine, this one I have to keep signing in.
  15. 3-4 seasons? That's...not really a fair benchmark. I am very skeptical on Hurts, but I hope he succeeds. I suspect a full year of starting will give us info to know if he can hack it as a starter. He won't be perfect - I mean this will be his first year in the NFL with a full camp as the starter. So let's see what we got, Personally - I want to see him, in the last 8 games, have a 60%+ completion and a 2:1 TD:Int ratio.
  16. And if Wentz got suspended for weed he'd be an idiot for that too. Vaccinated people aren't putting him in any greater risk then unvaccinated, no. That isnt 'arguable', unless we use a broad brush definition like saying 'a flat earth is arguable' - I mean sure, you can make the argument the earth is flat, you just sound ignorant and no one takes you seriously.
  17. Nah, idiot knew the policy. Super easy to comply with too. Literally hundreds of millions of people able to do it. This is 100% on Wentz being an idiot.
  18. Colts media tore him a new one... https://www.nj.com/eagles/2021/08/columnist-to-colts-send-covid-positive-selfish-carson-wentz-packing-because-hes-the-worst-of-the-bunch.html
  19. That cluster at the bottom is pretty bad. Fulgham, JJ, Hightower... Look tho, we're in a rebuild, the young guys look like they have potential. We all know this isnt a playoff season. We're trying to identify a good young core, and see if Hurts can be the QB. Thats the point this season. A few snaps in preseason isnt gonna change that.
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