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  1. I know very little about this (as I'm sure will be evident in a second), but I started a small, weekly auto-deposit into Coinbase some time ago thanks to this thread...just kind of looking at it like a fun savings-type account gamble. It's definitely much more +ev than my current sportsbook account, so that's a plus. At what point should I worry about transferring over my cryptocurrency to a wallet? Full disclosure, I don't even even close to a half of a full bitcoin yet, but it's gotten to be an amount that'd I'd be pissed/sad if it suddenly just disappeared for some reason. Is it even n
  2. Hey Hey...as far as 'strange' goes, this one takes the cake. But, I've been following along in the Mortgage Rates thread for quite sometime and figured I'd reach out. Long story short...my wife and I bought a townhouse in Northern Illinois in 2005. Obviously became very upside down on the thing, but no big deal. Fast forward several years (and two children) later, and it's time to move into a bigger space. We bought our current house seven or so years ago and rented the townhouse. We made no money on the townhouse, but the rent paid for most of the monthly mortgage note. Got a terrible renter, things went awful, missed a few payments but finally got close enough to break even on it that we sold it two months ago. That mortgage is off our credit report now, which is nice.


    Our current forever house is in Lake in the Hills, Illinois, and I'm wondering if it'd make sense/be possible to refinance...mainly because we're still paying PMI on it. We owe $177,500ish on it, and our interest rate is 4%. Houses in the neighborhood have recently sold in the upper 200's/low 300's. My wife and I are both 38 and teachers, so jobs are pretty secure. We can obviously show a steady employment history. Our credit score isn't great, though, thanks to the issue with the townhouse. We didn't short sell it, but were super late on payments a time or two trying to make ends meet with no renters. The one that comes with our credit card says our score is about 690 or so. We have no other real debt...we pay our credit card off every moth, one leased car at $199 a month (we own the second one outright), and that's really it. 


    I don't know that I want to refi at 30 years, but I'm open to suggestions. Our taxes are crazy high, so our monthly payment clocks in at almost $1,900. Again, no idea if this makes sense or is even possible, considering the ding on our credit from some missed payments on the townhouse. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and no pressure/hurry on anything. I've seen how helpful you've been to other FBGs, and I figures I would start with you before calling some random person I don't have any feel for. Enjoy Sunday!


    1. Chadstroma


      Hey Mike,

      Yes, from that we will want to dig into this more for sure. I have a few questions which would be easier to chat over. Give me a call when available: 708-400-1799



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