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  1. IDK, there are certainly many similarities but Lamar has a cannon for an arm. Being able to threaten the D with a deep game does wonders for running lanes and the underneath passing game.
  2. Well, the flaws that feed the negative narrative were on display last night. Some inaccurate throws short and just flat out terrible deep balls. Slow to process (Aikman pointed out a few examples of that last night) and even some of the RPO decisions were bad, keeping the ball to get smothered immediately. Some fixable things there so there's optimism... but I'm not sure the coaching staff in place is competent enough to fix anything. That game looked like a scrimmage between the varsity team and the JV team. The Bucs certainly have a more talented group of players on both sides of the ball but it takes some pretty poor coaching to make the talent gap look that obvious.
  3. Tranquil could miss the game. Definitely need to keep an eye on it. Niemann noted as replacement. https://chargerswire.usatoday.com/2021/10/13/chargers-injury-update-drue-tranquill-ravens/
  4. Fresh off reading this week's The Monster and agree with the assessment there. The really short version is that Jack will no longer have play calling duties and could improve, as he's done better when someone else wears the green dot. Hold and wait - though he's injured, too? - so that may be tough in shallow leagues.
  5. Accept. LB is easy to fill. DE is not and you're getting 2 plus a pick. Hubbard is solid (some concern with Ossai there) and Dayo was regarded highly enough that he went in the 2nd despite an achilles. That trade is betting on all upside while losing 2 LBs that are easily replaceable with limited long term value.
  6. David Long on all 5 of my teams. Started in none. He'll be in all lineups for week 6. Wanted you all to know ahead of time why he puts up a dud this coming weekend. 🤣
  7. It does look like the longsnapper is short of the 21 with the ball. Most plays, however, the ball is placed by the ref and the C / LS will move it slightly as they grip it. Could just be that. Game of inches, and all...
  8. DH starting in both leagues I have him but I can't really get upset after watching Sony's incredible blitz pickup on that drive. Dude earned that score. My tune may change based on my game results Sunday, though.
  9. Video shows ~21, as well. Go back a few posts. I linked the video and noted where the lines, markers, and refs appear to be set.
  10. NFL Gamebook has the LOS as the 21. Seattle Seahawks at 4:46 1-10-SEA 25 (4:46) A.Collins left guard to SEA 29 for 4 yards (K.Young; J.Williams). 2-6-SEA 29 (4:18) (Shotgun) R.Wilson pass short left to C.Parkinson to SEA 30 for 1 yard (J.Ramsey, T.Lewis). 3-5-SEA 30 (3:36) (Shotgun) R.Wilson sacked at SEA 21 for -9 yards (A.Donald). 4-14-SEA 21 (3:00) M.Dickson punts 68 yards to LA 11, Center-T.Ott, downed by SEA-U.Amadi
  11. I concur. Tonyan, to me, has the look & feel of a JAG that did a great job taking advantage of an opportunity. Knox is a player that has the look & feel of a talented player on a (rather typical) growth trajectory that could lead him into the elite TE tier. Right offensive pieces (and ages for continued growth) around him and an increasing role that includes RZ work. * Full disclosure: on 2 of my 5 rosters
  12. It was definitely right at the LOS. Close, and one of those calls that could go either way and then be near impossible to overturn on challenge. NFL YouTube video. Blue line (unofficial) goes right across the hash mark at the 21. The LOS marker at the bottom of the screen is approximately at the 21, though tough to gauge b/c it's off the screen and at the far end of the wide, white sideline border. The ref at the bottom of the screen looks like he's slightly shy of the 21. The ref at the top looks to be at the 21. The hands for all the defensive players look to be right at the 21. You can pause the video as the kicker punts it the second time and see his foot is right at the 21 but not on a hash mark - which would have made it really easy to FMQB the call.
  13. For the scoring, it's important to remember the final result is what gets logged in the stats. It's no different than watching a sack get wiped out by a DPI. I was thinking the same: re-kicking it would end in a penalty and replay the down. Crazy play, and fun to watch with such an odd aftermath/ruling.
  14. I own Chase Young and feel the same about him so I definitely understand. DE/TE are the top positions when it comes to scarcity. DE feels even more expensive than TE. Godfather offers or don't bother. Hence my choice to roll the dice that the upside with a late second is a cheap price if it goes well. I'm assuming Rousseau will at least grow into a DE2 and that price won't be bad even for that.
  15. I paid a 2022 2nd (will be late, hopefully 24) for Rousseau, Gregory BUF DE. Owner had him on his Taxi Squad so I made a Taxi Squad claim which cost me a second. Already producing a steady floor with only 56% of snaps and is listed as their starter opposite Hughes in the final year of his deal. Overpay, but he looks like he could be a steal for BUF as a COVID Opt-out. Rolling the dice after multiple owners flat out refused to sell any of the stud DEs. For reference, I offered my 22 1st + Sam Darnold + AQMuhammad for Nick Bosa and was rejected with the note that Bosa was not for sale (the owner wanted Darnold). D.Hunter owner was not willing to move him, either.
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