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  1. Comparable money elsewhere with a better situation talks just as loudly. It'll definitely be interesting to see how things go when FA starts and if more QB trades happen.
  2. Catch 22. Tough to get a QB like Watson on board with no pass catchers. Tough to get pass catchers with a terrible QB situation. The money is there to lure the likes of Allen Robinson and Hunter Henry and immediately be much better (on paper). Regardless of which FA targets may be worth the pricetag, it's just hard to sell anyone based on the current roster.
  3. Genard Avery as Mike or Will is interesting. I had only seen that he was moving to LB but no designation about which LB spot. I though he'd be more of a pass rush player but a name to keep an eye on, either way. Kirksey being cut put the brakes on a drop (Kamal Martin) I would have made in a shallow league. Probably hold now since Martin & Barnes look to be starters at ILB until we see FA / Draft LB destinations.
  4. If we're talking startup draft, I would prefer Hurts simply for the upside. To me, Wentz has too many red flags for injury, attitude, and age (compared to Hurts). If we're talking about which guy to target to add to a team, I completely agree with Gally's comment below. Though I'd love to see what kind of trade capital each requires right now. FWIW - I traded Hurts (a few days prior to the Wentz trade) for 1.13 in a 28 team, dynasty, contract league that starts 1QB. I have Watson and drafted Hurts with 2.24 53 overall.
  5. A place where the dozen or so of us IDP fanatics can post offseason news. Feel free to drop knowledge on cuts, trades, free agency, or any other tidbit worth sharing. The big name so far was JJ Watt being released last week. A much more minor move in ATL. Ricardo Allen is has been cut. One domino down in the potential relevance of Jaylinn Hawkins.
  6. Drafting a QB and restarting the same headaches seems counterintuitive. With some very good QB prospects this year, it's tough.
  7. TY Hilton is a free agent. That's all I have to contribute. lol ... thanks for the work the rest of you put in!
  8. I agree Cousins is a solid FF QB when it comes to supporting WR value. I will guess he's as close to a unanimous vote for OROY as it can get. I'd like to take a moment to thank the my league mates for gifting me this kid at 1.12 in one of the 2 leagues I was able to draft him. 1.02 Burrow, Joe 182.6 points 1.07 Queen, Patrick 153.3 points 1.08 Simmons, Isaiah 77.4 points 1.11 Murray, Kenneth 122.5 points 1.12 Jefferson, Justin 198.9 points 1QB league... BurrowLOL.
  9. Kiko won't make the list for me as a stash. If he lands in a perfect situation in FA next year he's an add but he's not worth carrying through the off-season. I've mentioned Jaylin Hawkins elsewhere. He's behind Neal in ATL at SS and Neal will hit FA next year. I usually sift through the upcoming FA list at spotrac and look for potential openings that may already have the next man up on the roster (like Hawkins), but I haven't had a chance this season. Hoping to get that done by this weekend so I can make roster moves prior to the start of games. Most of the stuff you find online th
  10. My leagues are the same. Gotta go deep to find anyone on the wire. Hawkins was a FA in all of mine. The safety market makes me think Neal goes elsewhere b/c ATL isn't in a good spot cap-wise and Hawkins is likely to have the inside track at starting. Late 4th draft capital doesn't assure anything but that's a concern for April-June. Walker ranged from drafted & held all season to on/off wires. With Jones back in the top 10 for LB and under contract for a few more years, Walker has a much more convoluted path to relevance.
  11. I've been adding Jaylinn Hawkins ATL S and Mykal Walker ATL LB as stashes. Hawkins is listed as FS on some sites but SS on the Falcons depth chart and in Fsharks, and he sits behind Neal who happens to be in a contract year. Walker is listed as ILB behind Jones, who has a few years remaining but ATL is looking bad at cap figures and Jones has the (not-so-reliable?) "out" note on spotrac.
  12. I'd been drooling about starting Gibson & CMC through the playoffs. Can't get both in the lineup together and don't see any way I can trust him even if he's back for the final game. 😢 Tough, but what a great pick he's been.
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