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  1. I took over a Superflex Dynasty IDP team last year and it's a full rebuild. Pretty mediocre roster so I put DeAndre Hopkins OTB a few days ago with the draft set to start tomorrow. Email today with a trade offer,,, I came here without responding. Give: DeAndre Hopkins Receive: Drew Lock, Zach Pascal, Sterling Shepard
  2. Keanu Neal now a LB for Dallas (which makes little sense given their current LB core and draft choice). If he somehow stays designated as S in any league software, he could be stud. If he goes to LB and is only used as a specialist (big safety in nickel/dime) then his value is toast. https://www.rotowire.com/football/player.php?id=11143
  3. Great news. Definitely excited to see one of those top 5 QBs and not have it cost even a penny more than that original draft spot. What's the over/under on Jones beating out Cam for the week 1 start?
  4. I know every team with a need at QB is likely thinking the same, but this is the year to get a deal done that allows NE to draft a rookie QB. Jimmy is ok, not great, oft-injured, and seems way overpaid. Get him on the cheap (4th round pick) if you can, but secure a long term answer, as well. Personally, I'd rather see Cam + Rookie since it eliminates any real QB competition drama. Let Cam roll for 2021 while properly seasoning a QBotF.
  5. Revisting this, noting that JAX has 2 DE's switching to DT yet none of the DEs to LB. Any chance we don't see Josh Allen as LB? Other DEs there (if there are any that have relevance) moving to LB?
  6. I agree that Harmon will be FS, leaving the door (still) open for Hawkins. Ultimately, any article I find and read on Hawkins cites safety as a big team need, calling him inexperienced and noting the new regime has no ties to him. Not promising news. Still holding at least until the draft, though, with lowered expectations... sort of, I guess, since my expectations were never more than "he's likely to be the incumbent once the vets are not resigned and/or cut" and that has held true.
  7. I believe so and I'll be glad to take him at 1.03 in both of my SF leagues. 49ers do a lot of running though so he'll have to vulture some GL carries and hit on some bombs. Both seem like reasonable expectations.
  8. Voted standard but I know 2 of 4 at least tinker with the MFL default. One uses 2 or 3 double header weeks and those get moved to NFL weekends that have no bye weeks. The other shuffles the schedule to ensure the last few games are divisional h2h so there's better chances for a win-to-get-in scenario. It's been 5 years since I was commish on MFL but I think both cases may just be an option offered on the platform. Either way, the schedule is based on the platform default and not a full custom schedule.
  9. You are correct, I added an edit to my original post. I meant police reports/complaints/charges, not lawsuits. Thanks!
  10. Certainly some odd things to this case(s), as mentioned by many and discussed extensively. However, one of the things that keeps getting mention that doesn't make sense to me is the "No Lawsuits Filed!" angle. Statistically, women who are victims of far worse abuse don't even come forward. This is (allegedly) a wealthy, powerful man acting inappropriately in a closed/controlled setting. These women would certainly know they have little chance at a single accusation AND would have to worry about destroying their own name/brand/business in the process. EDIT: Leaving original post, bu
  11. Solid trade value article with examples of deals that would get the Pat's up to various points for a QB. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-draft-2021-what-it-would-cost-patriots-to-move-up-from-no-15-overall-to-select-future-qb/ That Cincy one would be sahweeeet 🤪
  12. This is the important point I was thinking about, as well. It wouldn't surprise me to hear that these premium WRs weren't even interested in listening to NE offers. (Personally, not a fan of Juju or Galloday, so I'm fine with not pursuing / landing either)
  13. I love Agholor as a stand-up guy (who doesn't after his handling of "Unlike Agholor"?) and think his game is better than most give credit for, but no way in hell is he a 1200 yard receiver. He'd have to be in a KC style offense to sniff that type of production. His best year, when PHI was deploying him out of the slot, was 62 / 768 / 8TD on 95 targets. Wentz had 440 attempts and 3296 yards. Cam would have to make a big jump in attempts from his 368 last year or be feeding Agholor like crazy to get anywhere close. Looks like a classic Catch-22 to my eyes. If he's outside stretching the field, h
  14. LAR seemed happy with Jordan Fuller last year. He took the job from Rapp then got hurt and missed time, then took it back to finish the season. That awesome google doc you linked early has Kislingbury stating it slightly different but I think the conclusion is the same for this year - Fuller & Rapp are both lined up to benefit from JJ's relocation.
  15. Can't argue with any of that. I also can't argue that I've ever seen a team hit the reset button in a 2 year window the way BB has just done, either. This is literally an NFL franchise looking like a dynasty FF going full reboot. It's fascinating to watch.
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