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  1. Looking like a league winner so far. My only caution is in dynasty where he could land in a much worse situation in 2022 if he's not extended prior to becoming a UFA. Contract year motivation... I'll likely look to sell high in the one league I own him but I have the luxury of insane depth at WR.
  2. Oof, first drive, too. Does look like Crowder was the beneficiary in the game Sunday. 98% with Ragland only at 65%.
  3. Yes, he was everywhere to start but got knocked out of the game early in the second Q. Summers replaced him and he didn't return. San Francisco 49ers at 10:20 1-10-SF 4 (10:20) (Shotgun) J.Garoppolo pass incomplete short middle to T.Sermon. (10:16) (Shotgun) J.Garoppolo pass short left to B.Aiyuk to SF 10 for 6 yards (E.Stokes; K.Barnes). GB-K.Barnes was injured during the play.
  4. Kenneth Murray in SD had press last week about his struggles. White was praised for his work vs. run and pass. This week Murray dipped to 51% snap share with White at 71% and Tranquil at 43%. Both had great stats compared to Murray's paltry line. They played the Chiefs so, despite not seeing any of the game, I'll assume LAC likely had a pass-based DEF in the game plan which may not favor Murray, anyway. Definitely something to monitor, as his snap % has gone from 100% to 79% to 51%. Ruh-roh Raggy.
  5. Watching via peacock app and there are serious ghosting\trails. Anyone using the app seeing the same? I ask because I've seen something similar recently and suspect my tv is toast. TIA
  6. Holy throwback... lmao. Weird timing, too, as I was at a family function Saturday and my niece forwarded me a prom picture in that suit exactly. Her employer is my HS sweetheart and had shared the pic with my niece. She rocked a black and fuschia dress and I had a Purple ZC suit for senior prom. No idea how niche IDP is. I would love to see some data on percentage (or other calculations) of leagues that are IDP.
  7. This note by Florio is so odd. Anything more to back that up? ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio reports the NFL hasn’t made a decision on Deshaun Watson's status because the Texans are "content to pay him to not play." Effectively, if the Texans are letting the NFL off the hook they really are that terrible at the Front Office level. By not forcing the NFL to act, they are allowing this situation to extend into the 2022 season, which is idiotic. At least activate him and see what happens. Doing nothing makes it even more likely that any suspension handed down will be kicked on down the road and make it difficult to move Watson next year, as well. At least if they forced a decision they have a chance at getting the suspension started NOW while they don't have any intention of playing him, anyway. All depends on whether there's any validity to Florio's remarks here or it's simply a BS attention grabber.
  8. Prior to the season I sent Cunningham + 6.04 for 2.05 which I thought was as steal with the expectation that Cunningham would be exactly as you describe. For a bit of background: I was also discussing moving him for 2.11 but that owner had more info and saw the potential WLB + mediocre player issues I saw, and was pushing for Fred Warner instead. Scoring & Lineup always matter, but I'd take a 3rd now if I had him still just to be rid of him while the value is there.
  9. Not sure if it will change so it's guesswork. Generally I'd lean towards rostering the guy that produced.
  10. Preseason notes had him as the expected starter alongside Murray. White was the guy they wanted to get on the field somehow... but then White got all the PT. Not sure if Tranquil's recovery played a part but doesn't look great.
  11. I think the designation of WLB/SLB is less relevant, tbh. I just think he's a good player that will get the vacated snaps. That may mean SLB when 3 LBs are on the field, but the 3 down work is what matters. I'm assuming he gets first chance at the full time role and a high (80-100%?) snap count. Ugh. That's a bummer. Definitely an unclear situation.
  12. Harris is next man up on the depth chart for SF but Azeez Al-Shaair saw an uptick in snaps last year when Greenlaw was dinged and played well to finish out the game Sunday. He's the guy I'm adding as I think he gets first Crack at the 3dlb work alongside Warner.
  13. Definintely a good sleeper CB in SF. From that monster article: "Deommodore Lenoir (CB) did play the most snaps at corner this week for the 49ers but it looks like this was a substitute situation due to the blowout, I at least recognize the first two names, this guy not so much. The safe play here is to see another week or two of this and then figure it out but if you’re pressed for corner options this week the first two are my bet so far." The reality is this kid looked awesome through the preseason and earned his PT. Verrett is now on IR (ACL?) and SF has added Kirkpatrick+ at CB but Lenoir is a safe bet to continue as a 100% guy now. In CB required, add him now for free. If you google him you'll find tons of SFwire / SFnation / etc. articles about him being considered a draft day steal. Added bonus: rookie corner rule.
  14. Not paywalled. Fun read (while only 1/3 of the way through...)
  15. Looks like Dugger has taken over the SS spot in NE. 93% and nice stats, and looks good in-game. Likely owned in deep leagues but worth a look at wires and as a trade opportunity. Might still be cheap but not for long. DBs for BB are the only IDPs worth owning. Edit: @Gally title change or new thread for week 2?
  16. Agree on all points. Hollins looked good but in the OLB/LEO role so format/scoring makes a big difference for him. Vigil will be looking over his shoulder for Barr but that injury is really starting to throw off a Todd Gurley vibe.
  17. 70% for Green vs. 35% for JTM. Go with the snap count (more opportunity).
  18. Top snap % among DEs yesterday at 70% certainly bodes well. Collier as an inactive and Hyder as the next highest DE at 54% seems to be a very clear answer to the Tuesday. Carroll has always run a meritocracy. These gamebooks updating with snap counts by the next day is fantastic. The last page wasn't available earlier today and I just came back to it at 4pm and some are updated. ❤️
  19. Starting in a PPR league over Lindsay, Sermon, Ruggs, Mooney, Quez Watkins. Someone inexplicably dropped Jakobi Meyers yesterday and I snagged him, but don't think he's worthy of starting over the top RB in BAL this week. Starting in a standard scoring league over Sermon, Shepard, Ruggs, Quez Watkins in a very easy (landslide) decision. Benched in a 0.5 PPR where my team is loaded so I can wait and see.
  20. ^Agreed. I'd rank them just as you listed. Jewel probably safer, but he's missed enough time that being "eased in" could be a thing. Davis is upside and he's the SHINY NEW TOY!
  21. He looks great, then he's out. Again. Slightly more surprising news: water is wet.
  22. Still amazing to watch him work, and Brady to Gronk will never get old, regardless of the colors they're wearing. Rumor has it that he was standing at the crossroads in 2000 and the devil approached him and said "Hi, my name's Bill."
  23. @Bracie Smathers posted Kearse (DAL S) in the sleepers thread. Definitely worth a deeper dive, as there are some very interesting stats in the NFL Gamebook from last night. D. WIlson is listed as starting SS and 85% of the defensive snaps, all while posting a goose egg in the stats column. Kazee, also listed as SS in the stats sheet despite being listed as the starting FS, earned 80% of snaps and posted 2T, 2PD, 1FF. Kearse is listed as FS with 62% (plus a ton of ST work) and went off. EDIT: Deeper dive, and his tackle numbers were 3T 6A on D with 2T on special teams.
  24. DAL looks like a full blown LBBC. Seems like it'll be a nightmare to own pieces this year. Still lots of chatter about Jaylon being cut next year and LVE will be UFA so Parsons/Neal for 2022, it seems, though Neal is only on a 1 year deal and would need to sign again as a UFA. Might be possible that LVE plays well enough that DAL makes an offer at some point, though.
  25. Yes, starting MLB and still noted as green dot on idpguru list..
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