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  1. Hey kids, why the long faces? Anyway, got home Monday from 10 days in Omaha at the CWS. I had never been before and I don't know if I will ever get a chance to go back. It's pretty damn cool if you are a baseball fan. However, outside of watching baseball and drinking, there is nothing to do in Omaha. Astros -150. McCullers is 4-0 at home, while Pineda sucks on the road. GLTA
  2. Spent 10 days in Omaha. If you've never been, and you are a baseball fan, it's pretty damned cool. No other reason to visit Omaha though. Not a damn thing to do but watch baseball and drink. And watch corn grow. Horned Frogs got as far as I expected, but ran into a buzz saw in Faedo. Kid is wicked good.
  3. On my way to Omaha on Saturday. Frogs first game versus Florida on Sunday. I don't think the Frogs have the offense to make it through all this great pitching, but who knows? It's baseball.
  4. Pats -10.5 live for a million. They won't turn the ball over 2 times in the 2nd half
  5. I have confidence that stoops and co. will put a spy on franklin. pretty confident in an ok win. fade accordingly.
  6. ####, I think OU is better off with White. although Franklin can't throw for ####.
  7. Got my OK +2.5 in just before they said that Sean white was going to locker room. $$
  8. I don't care how bad the Texans looked, I cashed. I hope they fire everybody. My god are they painful to watch.
  9. How come every time we get a cat on game cam, there are coons and deer under the feeder? Like they don't give a ####.
  10. In the effort to keep reasonably sane after this #### show, I am trying to convince myself that what we have witnessed over the past 15 months is just a result of what politics and campaigning has become. I expect (hope) we will see a return to civility and respect.
  11. OK, whitey. Let's make fun of people who are actually looking for work, instead of nursing a hangover at home in their government housing, frantically searching for their crack pipe. Sound racist? Look in the mirror.
  12. I haven't followed this thread for the past several hours. Has Tim's head exploded yet?
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