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  1. Just learned today that Suzanne Hanrahan from Slap Shot is the mother in A Christmas Story
  2. Sarah Holcomb (yes, I googled) in Caddyshack may have the worst Irish accent in a movie ever, but thankfully it didn't ruin the film.
  3. I wake up at 5 am during the work week and by 6 am on the weekends. When I go to vegas I try to not get hammered on the plane or early after arrival. Try to hang as long as possible the first. Then sleep as long as you can the first day. I gain 15-20 minutes each day regardless, but sometimes it starts with me waking up at 4 am local time. I generally play some video poker at the bar (I know a few of the bartenders at The D and at Paris) until my wife or whoever else is in the group is ready for breakfast. Hit 2 grand a couple weeks ago at about 530 am and it was a bit surreal with no one even up to text to come celebrate with me....
  4. Read some stuff over the weekend on him. many tributes to Ginger Baker the drummer, not many to Ginger Baker the human being. Not a very likable guy apparently.
  5. Sullie mentioned Ace of Spades by Motorhead, that is one of my favorites. Also like the opening riff to Romeo Delight by Van Halen.
  6. Every one of those sounds like it should have "Sister" in front of it.
  7. So sorry for your loss, I cannot fathom what you and your family are going through. Jack's fight was inspirational. God Bless you all.
  8. Keep on Fighting Jack. Continued good thoughts and prayers headed your way.
  9. I extend the palm flat to his fist and yell "TURKEY!!!"
  10. I read somewhere where her and the Dog just became Great-Grandparents. Impressive at 51. Less impressive if its one of his kids and just her step kid....I think he is 60.
  11. He is certainly more tolerable than any of the recent multiple day champs. Austin (especially), Colby, Matt and Buzzy off the top of my head were all super obnoxious DBags. This guys just has a quirky smile.
  12. Assuming the terrorists prayed before they pulled off the bombings, then you are saying Easter Worshippers were killed by other Easter Worshippers. It loses A LOT of context in that light, doesn't it?
  13. It wont be long now until Nathan Phillips is a part of this story, I am guessing.
  14. Same thing happened with my Dad. He remarried many years after my mom and him divorced. I kind of saw how things were gonna play out so I never expected anything. Havent talked with my stepmom in years. I assume that even if my dad had set up anything to go to my sister and I, that stepmom changed that and will have it all go to her daughter. I always told my parents I hope their bank accounts expire on the same day that they do and to not worry about leaving me anything. So the way things turned out with my dad doesn't stick with me. My sister, on the other hand, is still mad 11 years later.
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