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  1. 18 minutes ago, Tiger Fan said:

    For those travelling from east to west, what do you do when you wake up super early in vegas?   no matter how late I stay up or how much I drink, I find myself always waking up at 5-6am Vegas time and look for things to do to kill time then.  I typically end the night with some sort of meal, so I'm never overly hungry.  I usually just stroll downtown (we stay downtown) with a coffee and people watch....but that gets old.  It looks like even the earliest spas don't open until 10am...b/c that would be perfect.

    any suggestions?  (schtick and non schtick)

    eta - looks like the golden nugget spa opens at 6am

    I wake up at 5 am during the work week and by 6 am on the weekends.  When I go to vegas I try to not get hammered on the plane or early after arrival.  Try to hang as long as possible the first. Then sleep as long as you can the first day.  I gain 15-20 minutes each day regardless, but sometimes it starts with me waking up at 4 am local time.  I generally play some video poker at the bar (I know a few of the bartenders at The D and at Paris) until my wife or whoever else is in the group is ready for breakfast. 

    Hit 2 grand a couple weeks ago at about 530 am and it was a bit surreal with no one even up to text to come celebrate with me....

  2. On ‎10‎/‎6‎/‎2019 at 7:58 AM, zamboni said:

    Figured it was any day now, but damn. :(

    That leaves us only Clapton from the legendary trio.

    Read some stuff over the weekend on him.  many tributes to Ginger Baker the drummer, not many to Ginger Baker the human being.   Not a very likable guy apparently.

  3. 16 minutes ago, wlwiles said:

    Not sure if it’s just my town or state, but there seems to be a trend now of girls being named Mary [Insert mother’s maiden name as their middle name] [Last name], and being called by both first and middle names. So far I’ve met Mary Thompson, Mary Davis, Mary Wilson, Mary Hudson, and Mary Jacobs. 

    Double names just strike me as pretentious anyway, but when the second name isn’t a traditional girls name at all...

    Every one of those sounds like it should have "Sister" in front of it.

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  4. 10 hours ago, ILUVBEER99 said:

    hmmm.  i think James style adds far more tension.  His high variance gameplay makes it exciting.  People are gonna miss him once he's gone.

    How is his personality obnoxious?  He's a stone cold killer, but not a jerk or anything like that.

    He is certainly more tolerable than any of the recent multiple day champs.  Austin (especially), Colby, Matt and Buzzy off the top of my head were all super obnoxious DBags.  This guys just has a quirky smile.

  5. 19 hours ago, Maurile Tremblay said:

    There’s nothing at all wrong with saying “Easter worshippers.” The faux outrage about that is nonsense. They were worshipping on Easter.

    The point of those juxtaposed tweets is that she’s willing to explicitly call out white supremacist terrorists, but not radical Islamic terrorists.

    Assuming the terrorists prayed before they pulled off the bombings, then you are saying Easter Worshippers were killed by other Easter Worshippers.  It loses A LOT of context in that light, doesn't it?

  6. Same thing happened with my Dad. He remarried many years after my mom and him divorced. I kind of saw how things were gonna play out so I never expected anything.  Havent talked with my stepmom in years.  I assume that even if my dad had set up anything to go to my sister and I, that stepmom changed that and will have it all go to her daughter.

    I always told my parents I hope their bank accounts expire on the same day that they do and to not worry about leaving me anything.  So the way things turned out with my dad doesn't stick with me.  My sister, on the other hand, is still mad 11 years later.

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  7. When Owen Hart died, I seem to recall a concurrent storyline that had a hooded character (eventually revealed to be VKM).  At the time I remember people thinking it would be Owen Hart and the whole Over the Top thing was a work.    Goes to show the lengths some conspiracy theorists will go to.  :shrug:

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