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  1. Oy...here we go again. Latest track has it going right over the town of Gueydan where we were set up and literally just got back a few days ago from picking up the rest of our stuff. Talked with their mayor last night and will probably be heading over there again. This season is unreal.
  2. Pensacola a mess....but no game on whats still going on near Lake Charles. It's been a month and some folks still without power over there. Heartbreaking. Trying to rally my team for another run.
  3. If money wasn't an issue....feeding our poorest and most needy citizens.
  4. And now packing up to go home to Pensacola to help clean up step dads and aunts house.
  5. Oy. The company i was working for got fired from the contract today. Now back home to prep for 3 days of rain and wind. Good times.
  6. Huge weather nerd. Right now the models seem to agree it's going towards Pensacola. While my hometown doesn't need it... This area doesn't need another setback at all. We might get it some rain out of an unfortunately. For the record I've never seen this much wind damage from a hurricane.
  7. So...my team continues to feed folks over here near Lake Charles. However I am now working for another barbecue company under contract to feed electrical workers for the next 3 months for a paycheck that I have been desperate for for a little while since I had to close the restaurant. I like feeding people with no compensation better but the fact of the matter is we were getting really behind in our bills and I had to say yes to this offer. Its a lil weird working with/for a competitor. But I know these guys pretty well and it's pretty awesome that they invited me. 90 day contract. I'll get to go home a few days at a time to see the family but I've already spent more time away from them in these last couple of weeks than I have in the last decade and it's weird. But you got to do what you got to do right?
  8. We are on the road back to New Orleans now after feeding about 200 people today south of Lake Charles closer to the actual landfall. We need a couple of days to see our families and recharge the battery so to speak. Left most of our supplies in the town of Gueydan . I'm not sure what day exactly we're coming back but there is a lot more work to do over here and since I don't have a job currently I might as well keep lending a hand. I appreciate the support we've gotten from you guys and our fundraising efforts as it's made a lot of folks down here very happy with some hot meals.
  9. We have given out about 2400 meals so far plus helped distribute another 2,500 or more from red cross. Gueydan is fine now... We are about done distributing food to the locals here but are going to continue to stay at their civic center as it is a great base of operations. We've got a nice kitchen and a great covered area to cook under with my jambalaya kettles. We've been taking food on the road for the last several days to some of the other communities including Lake Arthur, Grand Lake, Jennings, and Iowa (pronounced Eye-oh-way) so far. Heading back to Iowa today ...real close to Lake Charles. Such a mess over there. Going to hopefully go home for a few days this weekend as I am on absolute fumes at this point. Planning on returning next week.
  10. 1000 meals served since Saturday night. Not bad for just me cooking out of two big cast iron kettles.
  11. We showed up over here about 4 today and I immediately started pulling stuff out of the truck and got a pot of jambalaya going within 20 minutes. By 6:30 we had fed 300 people having made three batches of jambalaya or about 50 gallons. And now it is time for a nice cold beer or 12.
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