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  1. He prefers sensationalism . Cecil Lammey style.
  2. I don't have a crystal ball to predict what me or you can get for him right now, but the fact is that the "general public" is onto this guy now. The hype has exceeded what this guy is capable of this year in my opinion. Let's remember some things- Pete Carroll is fickle and will do whatever to win- do if Russell has a bad game, Flynn could be the starter week 2. Also this remains a run first offense with little to no outside playmakers . And on top of this russel is small and has to be more susceptible to injury than a larger qb . And since the public is onto this guy now I just think you move him for nice assets. . I think the guy who wants Ryan Williams can get more but I can't speculate on what. I just feel like selling guys at hype points like this is how to win championships .
  3. Things are getting out of hand here. This is why I'm talking sell
  4. Hype meter way too high on this guy. I'm selling him everywhere I own.
  5. Anybody know what kind of price he's going for in dynasty right now ? I want to trade for him.
  6. They guy is a pedestrian talent get over it. He did nothing on that run.
  7. Coaches tend to make changes (albeit small changes) after humiliating losses like the Saints just had. Seeing as he was the one back who didn't play, it's possible the coaches look at it like he was the missing piece. Here's to hoping they start feeding him the rock!Ha
  8. Sproles rarely gets a straight handoff. Most of his damage is being done on gadget plays and such. Comparing apples to apples, when Sproles does get a iso play or whatever he generally gets stuffed.The subtitle of this thread should be The Excuse Bandwagon
  9. Trent Richardson is 5x the back Ingram is. Close thread.
  10. change the sub-title to - "The Ki-Jana Carter bandwagon"
  11. For ingram owners in dynasty- What kind of value would it take for you to trade him out of curiosity.
  12. 40 point explosion for saints and there are still plenty excuses
  13. He's going to the HOF again ! 12 yard TD!
  14. What are you basing dynasty gold on? I just don't see it . Please tell me why I should go hard to buy this guy in dynasty.
  15. it was the day before the packer game
  16. This entire thread is going to be a burning mass of disappointment in about 48 hours for the rest of the year
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