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  1. Honestly, it’s even more impressive. Like if Nemo Leibold had led the 19 White Sox to the Series win single handidly. Nasir had two guys, 50% of the team, one who is a world class athlete scheming to throw the game and he still pulled off immunity.
  2. Perhaps then there is a need for retraining on the use of the Oxford comma? As the email was written, with only one comma, there are two distinct days in the list; Columbus and Indigenous whatever. Had Strunk and White been followed, there would have been three distinct items in the list; Columbus, Indigenous, and whatever. However, without the comma, I believe the first reading is correct and could easily be taken as a devaluation of the movement and the people that put a new holiday on the calendar. Yep, that's part of the job. First is that if someone is offended I do not want to be on the email chain and have said nothing. Two, if one of my team members comes to me with this I want to be on top of it. No one's getting fired, especially not a union salesperson.
  3. Biomedical device sales. EDIT: I love my life and my family, but holy cow I could have a lot of fun being 29 with a master's and no obligations. Start spamming resumes and maybe look for a headhunter.
  4. I knew that it was Indigenous People's Day. I came from a world of managing Millennials / Gen-Zers who were very socially conscious. The company was socially conscious. Current world is older, less diverse and likelier to skew right. If this had been a direct email, I wouldn't have thought anything of it. My concern was that there were 28 people on the chain and a real possibility of more as the original message was forwarded through various teams. The distribution potential was what made me send out an FYI. I don't know all the people in the thread. I don't know the personal history of all the people on my team. It's my job to look out for them, especially if they aren't comfortable saying something.
  5. Figured part of my job is making sure HR knew of possible issues so forwarded it over. Received a call back and that was the first question, "Do you know it's Indigenous People's Day?" My issue with that interpretation is that he could have simply said that the account was closed for the holiday, not gone into the "Indigeneous whatever" well. Salesperson. He wrote the first email to a group of 8 people. They then forwarded to a group of 20 that I was on. You'd think people would learn...
  6. Was cc'd into a reply on the below. Doesn't sit well, but not sure if I'm hyper aware at the moment.
  7. I don't know, which is why I listen to the people that do. If it's just a reduced dose, can only half (or some other percentage) of an adult dose be drawn and given?
  8. 5-12 still on tap for Halloween timeframe? NY Post ran a story on the 4th kid to die in his school district. Would be awesome to get at least 1 of my 3 protected (wife got her 3rd today, I'm scheduled for tomorrow). Other two are 3 and 2, so likely a while for them.
  9. Rodgers hasn’t gotten a snap since 2018, but still use Jaquizz in my pants. Mainly because of the three minutes of photoshop to put his mug on Sanbergs crotch.
  10. Jones/Zeke both Q, just making sure I don’t need to lock in a score.
  11. Any reason to sit one of Henry/Jones/Zeke for Henderson non-ppr
  12. I can’t say enough good things about fidelity, but don’t have the trust component. I have looked into trusts and fidelity can handle.
  13. I own some IEC. Company was purchased and the shares are now not tradable. I missed the window to register to sell shares at the offer price. What's the next step?
  14. Kids brought home whatever the latest bug is, probably hantavirus. Currently waiting on last rites and making amends with those I have wronged. Have to prepare to meet the relations that have passed before me. (My wife would say I have a cold and am the absolute worst when I'm sick, but whatever. Either way, I'm taking the week off)
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