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  1. Is there an idiot proof guide to tying everything together? Have a SmartThings hub, numerous Alexa and google voice devices, ring sensors and cameras, motion detectors, smart plugs and a couple smart speakers, but I’ve got ten damn apps on my phone. How to tie them into one and integrate voice?
  2. I have no idea why, but apparently my three year old boy thinks my wife and I are just employees. As one of us puts him to bed, he’ll state, “you were a good mommy today, here are your three coins.” Usually I get, “Mommy was better, you don’t get three coins,” and he’ll point to the three coins he found god knows where throughout the day and squirreled away.
  3. Just make them forgivable in bankruptcy again. The issue with this is a lot of money goes away. Makes it tougher for lower income folks to go to college. However, price of most colleges goes down as the available cash shrinks.
  4. Gotta start listening a bit more to the voice in my head.
  5. 300 a kid under 6 and 250 under 18 every month if I read it correctly. Married cap is 150K. Between income and taxable gains, we're fairly close to the cap. Wife is stay at home. Doesn't make any sense for her to go back to work between cost of daycare and going over the cap. We have a 4, 3 and 1 year old at home.
  6. Told my wife she can’t go back to work if this 3600 a kid thing happens. 3 under 6 right now. It’s fun when the income cliff is in the six digits.
  7. Not only is that too much, but if your advisor is pushing products such as these, I’d probably be looking for a new, fee-only advisor. Is the current one a fiduciary?
  8. Picked up a Smoke Wagon barrel strength, uncut unfiltered solely because it’s allocated. Also picked up a bottle of Single barrel whistlepig which the guy at the store told me was 16 year bottled in ten year labels because no 16 labels are made. Think I was fed a pig in a poke, but like their 12 year old world rye enough to give it a whirl.
  9. You know things are a bit around the bend when the next big limit hurdle for GME is 420.69
  10. There was a day in 2008 as financial markets were in turmoil and short sellers became entrenched that Volkswagon became the most valuable company in the world. Not saying that will happen with GameStop, but there is a precedent here.
  11. Fidelity doesn't share your optimism: What platform are ya'll using for your pennies?
  12. Wife and I just added HBO Max. Started watching this little known show, think it's called Game of Thrones or something. Guess it's based on a book. Almost through the first season, which has been great. Really like the Sean Bean character. Can't wait to see how his story unfolds over 8 seasons, which I'm sure just get better and better...
  13. Macy's has to be at 20.15 in two years for you to break even. You're also tying your cash up for two years if you hold to expiration. Macy's was getting beat up pre-Covid. I am not a believer in Macy's and wouldn't want to hold these, but you likely could make money if you picked the correct exit point.
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