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  1. OJ Howard with a late game for those in a squeeze like me. I like him better than foster with brown out
  2. Out of Faab. But I got dalvin, chubb, CEH, Barkleyand Henderson which doesn't help me much this week outside of Henderson. Feel ok after d Johnson last night though hopefully I can have my stable get healthy and ride those horses to the chip.
  3. New England at home vs jets for me. I just don't see BB losing at home to a rookie especially the way pats have been playing teams close in a must win. Still have great teams like AZ, kc, Tampa, packers, ravens and rams available for deep run
  4. Car - Cle - Den - Cin - Min Waffling on Pit and Ind
  5. Hit the wire in our redraft. Worth using a high waiver pick? What does IR do for him good or bad for outlook or was it expected?
  6. No choice but to start in my guillotine with Barkley, Chubb and CEH out ugh. Toss up between he and Khalil Herbert feels like trouble.
  7. To be fair my thread was started first I just didn't list it as "official" 😄 Mods can merge or lock I guess
  8. Divisional game or not Minny looking good even in losses. At home vs lions is my pick saving Tampa for later
  9. Thought cincy was a slam dunk, happy to survive
  10. Hah that was a painful night for sure
  11. 1985 every day at my friens Alex's house never missed an episode
  12. I am so happy for mckissick and seals Jones Signed. Gibson and Logan Thomas owner
  13. 447 pages. What is the record around here for a particular player?
  14. For those of us that advanced, how is everyone feeling this week? Browns and Bucs about as good as it gets and you have to believe Packers are going to throttle Detroit at home as well but wouldn't bet my house on it. A contrarian pick I am thinking about is Denver at JAX...Urban Meyer and that team is trash, Broncos D is going to feast and I think Teddy B will prevail so we can save Tampa, CLE and Packers for down the road. Thoughts?
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