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  1. No interest in auction, just a guy looking for a $50 dyno. PPR/Superflex welcome. Looking for long term relationship, 6ft with hazel eyes only respond if serious.
  2. SIAP but I didn’t see anything for the GOAT. He needs a thread. In 1987 he had 22 touchdowns on 65 receptions. My God.
  3. So if cook played this week he would have had better stats than Henry? That’s what you are saying?
  4. I beat kamara Tannyhill dalvin, Jeff Wilson devante adams 😍, cooper, aj brown logan thomas bass browns dst
  5. Derek Henry won’t win but he needs a couple votes. Is it safe to say now that he has the sickest stiff arm ever? He is putting people on blast
  6. Dude could have easily had a couple more tds, vultured a few times inside the five
  7. Standard TD heavy league (I’m old) and sitting both for Robert Woods.
  8. Nobody cares about your fantasy football te...job
  9. Lost by 2.4 points this week against a fuller team that nails the coffin for me to make playoffs 😒
  10. Unless something comes up from xray/MRI for Jacobs in order to grab Booker I am not seeing any "break the FAAB bank" or use a top waiver on anyone.
  11. They should come out first play with 5 wide all run fly pattern and throw it as hard as he can
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