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  1. Me neither. I mean, take a look at the Politics forum if you want confirmation that there are a ton of old white dudes clogging the boards. I do wonder what happens to FFL in the next decade or two. Will it move to a wildly different type of format than what many of us started using 10-20 years ago? Will it just die off? The demographics trends don't look promising.
  2. Cole Beasley would like Frank Clark to hold his beer...
  3. Yeah if we're counting WORLDWIDE and not just USA, then it's for sure one of those Maradona highlights (which are from the same game!): https://d219s82bmpe0qh.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/02064737/diego-maradona-argentina-england_k52u3rof72xh12v0j22rhoxv3.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wVho3I0NtU
  4. The only question is whether he gets in to the HOF on the first ballot, or has to wait a bit longer.
  5. America’s Team gave up Year 2021 Draft Pick 1.01 Yo Couch gave up Moore, D.J. CAR WR; Year 2021 Draft Pick 1.06
  6. Akers is on track to be the playoff hero for a lot of teams. Long term he seems like a worthy RB2 or Flex.
  7. I totally forgot there was a Politics forum, and I was saddened to show up today and read that so many people here were/are willing to entertain nutty conspiracy theories about voter fraud. Remind me what evidence Trump managed to dig up during the past 4 years to prove the so-called "massive fraud" he alleged during the 2016 election.
  8. It was a long and winding road to get there, but you were essentially correct. 😆
  9. Good news for you: Texans just fired said blowing OC. http://www.rotoworld.com/headlines/nfl/353575/texans-fire-offensive-coordinator-g-godsey?ls=roto:FA:topheadlines
  10. Michael Floyd may be under-rated . . . in celebrity dead pools: http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/6759/michael-floyd
  11. Not sure about quotas, but expanding Rooney to cover lower positions like OC/DC and some key positional coaches would be good. I've never been clear how guys would make good head coaches if they don't already have their feet in the door and manage to develop experience at mid- and senior-level roles. And I think it's getting a foot in the door and succeeding with one's initial shot that is what will ensure that more diverse head coaches appear in the future. The Rooney Rule needs to aim a bit lower to hit its higher target.
  12. I probably wouldn't say this in 99% of instances, but a long timeout in jail might be the best thing for him at this point.
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