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  1. Well he was playing against a pretty brutal secondary but he did look decent, especially early. I enjoyed him giving us one more classic Eli moment when they showed him wandering around after the game looking for Wentz.
  2. Not involved but this one was big. 12 Team PPR Start QB/2RB/3WR/FLX/TE Team A is 2-8 and Team B is 6-4 Team A Receives: Derrick Henry Dallas Goedert 2020 1st(projected 7-12) 2020 2nd (projected 5-8) 2020 2nd (projected 8-12) Team B Receives: David Johnson George Kittle I like it for Team A personally, but that's because I'm really high on this draft class and Goedert's future.
  3. Scooped him up in my dynasty after losing Dissly, if he can continue where Dissly left off that would be sweet. It's funny how SEA is a TE gold mine this year after how much of a letdown the Jimmy Graham move was.
  4. Failed physical players don't get paid, right? And the dude had surgery on his scalp so clearly this all legit, Williams isn't really benefiting financially from failing his physical, is he? Asking because I'm honestly curious.
  5. It's a dynasty league and one that seems pretty competitive if proposed rule changes are causing such heated debates every year. It's safe to assume most of these guys devote plenty of hours to this league every year so one dude taking 2-3 hours to setup the league, transfer rosters, and send out some emails/invites really doesn't seem like much. And lol at collecting money being difficult, takes literally 5 minutes to set up leaguesafe. Not sure what you mean by "deal with owners", the whole point of forming a new league is to leave behind the annoying owner who was the one pushing for rule c
  6. I was expecting a slight target regression for Ertz, but due to the rise of Goedert, basically our version of a Gronk/Hernandez style offense, instead I've left almost every game wondering why they both weren't used more often and more creatively. Both can be matchup nightmares for defenses.
  7. oh wow, I was expecting a later round pick, usually Howie is pretty stingy when trading.
  8. I like Anderson but a WR would be more of a luxury than a necessity compared to other needs. Ertz, Jeffery and Goedert as your top 3 pass catchers is far from bad, sure a speedy WR would complement those 3 perfectly, but this offense should be able to score enough points to win games as it is. The pass defense is still the biggest weak spot on the team. It's easier to win games without a true deep threat WR than it is to win games with an atrocious pass defense.
  9. This. I can only imagine the numbers he(and Wilson for that matter) would put up in a more aggressive/creative offense. Sometimes Wilson throws to him and he looks like he's covered and yet he somehow almost always comes up with a catch in those situations. Just an amazing player.
  10. This one dude in one of my auction leagues, he has a few friends who are scouts for NFL teams so he gets some inside scoops. He actually drafted Terrelle Pryor that year he was Cleveland's #1 WR. This year he "reached" for Waller and Tyrell Williams about a week before the Antonio Brown release from the Raiders.
  11. Wasn't sold own him at first, but tried to read/watch as much as I could to learn more about him over the past few days and decided to blow a lot of my FAAB budget on him in my redraft leagues. Let's get this train rolling.
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