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  1. Those who succumb to ideology believe anything and everything they want. Nice source.
  2. As if you know me and the 44 years I've walked this earth and my experiences with cops. Not my fault you like to be controlled. ETA: I own guns, so I'll be good.
  3. Right after inciting a riot and throwing his VP under the bus for doing his job.
  4. Took over a dynasty team void of talent. Was able to scoop him up off waiver. Would really like to see this guy land somewhere where he'll be used.
  5. Hardly think it's a given the Jets draft Fields or any other QB @ 2.
  6. No he wouldn't. He didn't even win his division.
  7. Yeah, I'll never understand why players are called garbage when they have lingering injuries. Some people need to find a new hobby.
  8. If you're referring to the Superbowl season, I'm pretty sure they started 10-0 and finished 13-3.
  9. I've counted at least 5 Offensive holding calls on KC so far that weren't flags......blatant ones.
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