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  1. Cook will be the biggest recepient due to Thomas's absence. As a Saints fan, I can tell you Smith is trash. There's a chance he could have a TD, but it will be a reach. I highly doubt Smith is resigned when his rookie contract is up. He isn't a #1 or #2. I like Callaway to be more involved next year after being ir'ed this season.
  2. No. Those are my choices for my last flex spot. Claypool hasn't been dependable as of late. Would probably go CEH over him do to the volume he'd get. NO just had 2 players rush for over 100 yards against them in the same game after not allowing a 100 yd rusher in like over 30 games or something.
  3. It's Mostert, CEH, Pittman, or Claypool. Very hard decision. I could pick up Wilson.
  4. Really thinking of dropping him for Wilson in redraft.
  5. It helps when you don't have film on a rookie QB, but yes, this doesn't look like the defense we've seen the past 6 weeks.
  6. Got a first round bye. Have Pitt against Cinci and picked up Browns against Jets if I make the title game.
  7. Considering how the Saints D has been rolling, I don't know how anyone would be comfortable putting him in their starting lineup. Hurts isn't going to do much of anything in that inept offense.
  8. That's just dumb all things considered. I'm not happy with his play thus far, but he's not making crucial mistakes. Look at the scoreboard.
  9. So the players themselves had nothing to do with it? interesting
  10. Questioning whether to start him next week now. Luckily I didn't need a big game from him in both leagues, but still very concerning.
  11. Give the man another week. Need him for the playoffs more than this week.
  12. Why anyone would want to trade this guy for a random 1st is beyond me. He's still learning the position. Admittedly, I'm a U of Memphis alumni.
  13. He's still learning the RB position. It seems he gets better every week. He's only a rookie.
  14. Winston hasn't thrown a pick as a member of the Saints. He looked fine yesterday going 6 for 6 until the Niners sacked him on 2 plays in a row. As a Saints fan, I'm over the Taysom Hill QB experiment. He isn't an NFL QB, but he's awesome in the role he has. He just needs to take care of the ball and quit fumbling.
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