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  1. Spoken like someone who doesn't own him. This is just wrong.
  2. Just saying there's a case dude. It's an opinion, and I know a RB will never win it. No need to get bent out of shape. Neither you or I will have any influence on who wins the award.
  3. Distant? #1 in all purpose yards #1 in receiving yards by a RB #2 in 1st downs #3 in TDs I'd say he's the best RB stat wise so far.
  4. I'm fully aware of the probability of a RB winning. The point of my post is that he has been the Saints offense. Not really seeing how Cook could fit into the conversation considering MN's record at this point.
  5. As a Saints fan, I can tell Sean Payton has the same problem.
  6. It will never happen, but he's top 3 prospect for MVP.
  7. I was so wrong about this guy last year which I why I targeted him and got him in all 3 redrafts I did. Dude is a BEAST!!
  8. As someone who lives in Denver and listens to local sportstalk radio and watches the games, I can say this is wrong. All the fans I know feel the same. He's a 2 time 1000 yd rusher. He wasn't drafted after he was told he would be. He should have been given a raise. Instead, the team gave Gordon 16 mil, and he's nowhere near the back Lindsay is. Lindsay is the best RB on the team. He's produced great numbers with terrible OCs. I hope he leaves Denver next year.
  9. He's a TE. If you aren't expecting up and down weeks I can only assume you're new to FF. Prime Gronks, Jimmy Grahams, and Antonio Gates are few and far between. Even Mark Andrews has had some duds this season.
  10. Not sure how you come to this conclusion. They haven't shown to be the best team in the NFL this far.
  11. Not watching the game, but I'd guess TN is focusing on him with those stats.
  12. This isn't true. It's been reported that the majority of team sided with CGJ in their fight. Saying the locker room hates him is quite a stretch of the truth.
  13. My main league only has 4 bench spots, and the guy who drafted him still has him. I'm not being anything but realistic from where I'm sitting.
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