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  1. thanks guy, must feel great to be the smartest guy in the room!I never claimed that, but you obviously drafted him as your 1 or 2. Sorry you suck at this.
  2. Bunch of idiocy in this thread. It's week 2, and he's a rookie. Had some really nice runs in 3rd quarter. If you drafted him early to be a top dog then it shows you know nothing about this game. Never count on rookies to produce. If they do, then that's a bonus.
  3. Ingram IMO by a good marginIn week 1? Not so sure. Pierre is solid, and they will use him in the redzone......especially in the passing game. I think Pierre has more touches to start the season.
  4. The real question is if you both he and Pierre, which do you start?
  5. I thought he died during the season. How was the draft pick determined at that time?
  6. That's the worst trade you've ever been offered?Seriously. I'd take Young and Nelson.
  7. I'm pretty sure this is the same guy that offered me Massaquoi, DHB & 5th for my VJax & 3rd today And I would think you are right.
  8. Was this guy's team the Wyoming Cowboys? Had a guy in a league few years back who did this to multiple owners.you guys are too sensitive. the guy just wants you to make the first offer.No, it wasn't like that. The guy wasn't a good owner. His team never won more than 2 games. We only started 1 QB, and this guy rostered anywhere from 8-12 of them with possibly 2 who were starters. He had a history of making horrible offers. You don't know what you're talking about.
  9. Was this guy's team the Wyoming Cowboys? Had a guy in a league few years back who did this to multiple owners.
  10. According to my leagues scoring Gore hasn't come close to being the stud Portis has been. And as far as value goes, Portis is a much greater value due to the fact that people read what I feel as "junk" views about him that allows him to slip waaaaaaaay down the line. Call me crazy, but I'd draft Portis over Gore any day due to the fact he has been a consistent stud. Gore has only had one good year and has a longer history of injuries. I'm not bashing your rankings, they're yours. I just questioned them and have provided a valid argument for my view.
  11. Portis has knee tendinitis and recently visited the Grim Reaper himself, Dr. James Andrews. It looks like he may come out just fine, but this talk about his knee has been going on for over 3 months, and it just won't go away. And that's on top of the dislocated shoulder which kept him out for the majority of last season. Frank Gore has a broken hand with a finite recovery time. For obvious reasons, I'm much more concerned about a RB's current nebulous knee injury than I am about a RB's current hand injury.Furthmore, despite your contention that he "is in no way in jeopardy of losing touche
  12. Just looked at the new rankings. I still don't get how Portis is an injury concern, yet Gore is not. Just trying to make a point about how all the Portis stuff is blown out of proportion. He is in no way in jeopardy of losing touches to Betts. Every team needs a solid #2. I guess Turner is going to start taking carries away from Tomlinson this year.
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