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  1. Yeah. I don't think anyone is buying at this point. I'd probably sell high if I could.
  2. He's dominating tonight. He should already have a TD. Terrible penalty that wasn't there is why. I'm not sure why they aren't using him more in the pass game. No way Bell takes over half of carries.
  3. Those days have passed, especially now in a timeshare.
  4. His court date isn't for another month, so whatever suspension he gets won't happen until after.
  5. I have 1 share in my main money league. I drew the #8 pick in the draft that I saw Michael Thomas and AK41 go the two picks before me, and I'm a Saints fan. I went CEH over the likes of Henry, Mixon, Sanders, Adams, and Hopkins. Cook would have been my pick, but he went #4 which was higher than any mock I'd done. I envisioned the likes of Kareem Hunt his rookie year that won me $$$. This league only requires 1 RB and 1WR with 3 flex plays. I had an amazing draft and was able to snag James Robinson before the season. After this week, CEH will be in the mix for my 3rd flex along with Am
  6. This is pretty much my thought process. It's going to be a coin flip as to who to start on a weekly basis.
  7. You're right. We don't know what's going to happen. I admit, I'm a CEH owner. I have one share in my main $$ league. While it's easy to see his value takes a hit, I see no reason to panic. I'm very lucky to have the depth I do in that league. We only start 1 RB and 1 WR with 3 flex. My team is very stacked. The point of my post was others already anointing Bell as the RB who will receive the majority of carries. He hasn't been relevant in over 3 years. He's been on my no draft list since joining the Jets. Had he started the season with KC, I probably wouldn't have targeted him or
  8. Look at the thread title. The point of my post went over both of your heads.
  9. That actually remains to be seen. My assumption is based on what he's shown up to this point which is factual in nature. That is a tweet from someone not Bell. Of course he would say something like this. He wants a payday.
  10. Valid points, but knowing what we know about the guy: 1) He won't sign for the minimum 2) He won't take a backup role I could be wrong, but I feel these points are as valid as what the other 2 posters presented. It's not like the guy is worried about a SB run.
  11. Why would KC want him? Even then, they can't pay him.
  12. I doubt he's ever relevant again. Won me a bunch of $$$ some years ago.
  13. I haven't played dynasty in 10 years until I took over a team so void of talent the commish let me play for free this year ($50). I had only 1 rookie pick 2.09. Very happy I got this guy with that pick.
  14. Have him in over Miles Sanders who's playing a stout Pitt run D this week. Hope I'm not overthinking it.
  15. Mane.....I just picked him up since Cook was out. Was going against Rodgers. Cook hopefully will be my bye week fill in now.
  16. I'm loving this pickup with AJ Brown and Mostert being hurt.
  17. I figure I know what the popular answer will be, but I was just offered Miles Sanders for Kenyan Drake in half ppr redraft. I have these guys ranked very close for this year even though the popular opinion is Sanders is better. I almost quickly accepted, but then I looked at their schedules. Sanders has a much tougher schedule, and the Eagles offense isn't looking that great. Just thought I'd get some insight.
  18. Yes. I would have never drafted him. Used to love the guy, but the writing was on the wall.
  19. As a Saints fan I don't see how they don't go to Winston. I'm not a fan of him, but he gives them the best chance.
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