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  1. True. But it's easy for my eyes to see Baker is straight garbage. He's Surrounded by all that talent and nothing. Darnold has been surrounded by garbage to this point.
  2. Lol.....joe buck is terrible. The Bucs are no where near close to being in the nfc championship.
  3. The Browns are going to win the Trevor Lawrence contest. Baker just isn't good.
  4. Juedy easily. Lamb will probably have the best career. Sleeper is Pittman on both ends.
  5. Between injuries and the ridiculous amount of drops no one is giving a 1st. I probably wouldn't give a 3rd because after rostering him the last 2 seasons, I wouldn't want to roster him now.
  6. I don't see their situations as the same. Vaughn has at least 2 RBs ahead of him if not 3. Hunt only had 1, and if memory serves me correctly, Spencer Ware didn't exactly have the starting job locked up.
  7. I never said he isn't risky. I said he's no more risky than the other backs in tier, and is in the right offense to flourish. Based on RB production Reid offers in his offense, the upside is there. I mentioned Hunt because he's a prime example of what can happen in the situation CEH has himself in. Whether Philly or KC, Reid has been able to have great FF production from almost every back who's been inserted into the starting role. The comparison you made isn't the same situation. Different coaches with one have much more success producing what CEH is being drafted for. CEH is a 1st r
  8. Considering what Hunt did in that offense his rookie year, not sure how he is riskier than some of the other RBs there.
  9. Well, I couldn't be happier than to have landed him in the last round (18) of the one ppr redraft I did last month.
  10. Considering what we already know about Adams says a great deal. His talent level is through the roof. Money well spent all things considered.
  11. You have your opinion. i have mine. Those picks will be in the 20s. That's an absolute steal.
  12. Don't waste your time with that one.
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