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  1. Made a couple larger buys (adds) today. BNKU at 40 and TQQQ at 87. If they drop more tomorrow I'll buy more.
  2. That's another reason why I got out. I do want to be online tomorrow either.
  3. Acts like a .5 leverage, not 1.5. I'm out. Sold some at 9.50 to make sure I didn't lose, then decided to just GTFOut at 9.60
  4. Same here. Not sure how other platforms do it, but Paypal's is brilliantly simple and easy.
  5. The SPAC gig may be up, and the only winners are the ones involved in the merger. Almost every one I've been tracking that has announced a merger (past couple of months) is almost back to where it was prior to the merger announcement.
  6. Since I'm losing money every day on $DM I might as well shift that to GME. PLTR, you're on notice too.
  7. I see everyone else is selling all their stocks to buy GME too.
  8. Missed out on these new GME and AMC runs, but hope you guys in it f'n kill it and screw the hedgies!
  9. I'd think about adding more UVXY here, but have a feeling I might be able to buy in the 7's soon. Or 5's...
  10. $IPOE I am too. Stashed away in the IRA that I don't look at much.
  11. I've been a huge energy bull for months now, but this is almost getting ridiculous. I'll take it though!
  12. I don't think we'd be as disappointed if TVIX were still alive. VIX up 6, UVXY up <3. It's a half leverage, not 1.5. VIX not up 6 anymore. That changed quick
  13. Same here. Trying to get an extra point is going to cost me points or keep me in longer.
  14. I started a TQQQ position yesterday and added more this morning.
  15. I'm kind of confused by this. It's not like TVIX that did a better job of tracking the VIX, but that's not just it. It's also that a lot of stocks are down and the VIX isn't reflecting that as much as I thought it would. So, people are selling, but not necessarily betting against futures here??? Like they're just pulling some money off the table, maybe shifting elsewhere, but keeping very low future volatility changes. Maybe I'm overthinking this and just don't get it. But if this continues and stocks drop with low VIX, at some point if that VIX shifts upwards, we're really going to see
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