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  1. C is due for another buyback any day now too. It should be back to 80 real soon.
  2. That's my plan. Add at these under 40 levels, trim on the way and get out around 50. +/- a point or 2 depending on how momentum/overreaction is looking. I have enough semi stocks in various ETFs in my Roth so I have no desire to hold this any longer than I need to make 20-30%.
  3. Starting a position in SOXL, 3x Semiconductor Bull. It's down in the 37's, hit 49's a few times last month.
  4. Stranger: nod down with some sort of "hi". I only do a nod up if I know the person and am excited to see them.
  5. Just bond markets. No one cares about Columbus trying to take credit for #### others did 100's of years earlier.
  6. Have a feeling we might be waiting a while to load up on NRGU again. Sold off 3/4, not sure what I'm waiting for to just close the rest out.
  7. I really like that comparison. I've way downsized on FF and hardly spend much time with it now. I try to keep it simple with stocks/ETFs I actively trade now too. When I was so spread out I'd lose track of some and miss good buy/sell opportunities. I'm pretty much focused on BNKU, NRGU & TQQQ, which makes up the majority my DT account. Big tech, big banks, big oil, still run the f'n world, IMO. And stonks go up so I like to be in something that I believe has a 1-3 year positive future too just in case I get trapped and need to buy down more than I would like. No more shorts/bear ETF plays for me.
  8. I'm targeting $5. I know that's another 20% drop from here and maybe a longshot. It's been too much of a roller coaster and if I get back in it I don't want to be buying down a lot.
  9. A lot of the big name stocks have already dropped 10% or more from their highs. How much more of a correction are people expecting? I get some of the concerns, but I'm not seeing an across the board drop in the Dow to 30k, Nas 12k or S&P 3700. Seems more sector by sector doing their retreats/corrections than an overall market.
  10. AMZN seems due for another break-out. Like a 1000 point break-out, not just a 15-20% gain. It's been sort of plateau for the past 14 months. Having Prime Day every day on boat anchors has to run out at some point, right? Or is that the only cargo ship off the coast of Cali that can get unloaded?
  11. I'm stuck in a boring work call and am looking for something else to play too. The only only one I've been adding to recently is TQQQ. Might be more of a 2 month ST play than 2 weeks or 2 days. DKNG under 49, but already added there.
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