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  1. You should buy the dip Forget about it, go long Because stonks go up
  2. GME starting to look like one of my most stable stocks.
  3. Sort of like a BTC is to Gold, what RIOT is to NUGT/JNUG?
  4. It should be all about BTC but the patterns aren't following each other. Has more of a 3x leveraged ETF feel. BTC has had it's rise and falls over the past month, fluctuating between 48k-58k ish... And is kind of about where it was 4 weeks ago. RIOT has only trended down. Almost half what it was 4 weeks ago.
  5. I'm holding and DCA'd a little, but still down 43%. Going to ride it out until earnings, 5/17. If they miss, I'm fully prepared to to see this one go to the teens. If they hit on earnings and it jumps, I'm GTFO!!! Who am I kidding. We may see teens before earnings. Single digits if it misses.
  6. I had a buddy try to dodge fees on the sale of an SIMPLE IRA and lie about transferring to a new account. Tried to talk him out of it and warned he'd get busted. After over a year, still nothing and he bragged how he got away with it. Then he dodged reporting cap gains from a different brokerage/finance company. Year goes by and nothing again. Finally this past December he calls crying about this bill and penalty he got from the IRS for the IRA stuff. And now his 2020 refund is on hold as they caught up with him on the gap gains.
  7. @Steeler She's fine unless she made over $40k in 2020. Still, I'd make she she reported it. edit: Actually, that's Long Term rate. Short term was 10% up to $9875, 12% to about $40k, then 22% to $85.5.
  8. Been rough recently, but IPOE/SoFi is one poo I will not flush. One of my largest non-ETF holdings and got in early so that's the only reason why I won't set any buy limits. I'll let this puppy simmer in the heat through a few Summers if need be. It's one of few non-ETFs I could see myself still holding 5-10 years from now.
  9. @pecorino Nice job gents, you turned it green! Glad I added before your big money buys.
  10. First one to find a peanut wins! Think I might make a couple of buys and shut it down. Good thing it's early and you have plenty of time to change your mind about that. Kind of had a feeling today was going to be rough when I woke up thinking it was Friday, only to realize it's f'n Tuesday.
  11. Turns out I was just in some sort of Think or Swim bizarro white version. I do that sometimes. Six months ago or so I had clicked the Chinese language version and thought I was hacked or had Hunter Biden's laptop.
  12. I'm starting to have a rather large collection of stocks that have lucky days, every day, to buy more.
  13. This is another that we haven't seen these prices since mid-November. I'll add some too.
  14. DKNG 45's??? Had a comfortable position, but I'll add here. Except for the quick early Jan dip, haven't seen this range since mid November.
  15. Trimmed some BNKU at $60. Still like it, it's just grown so much that it became over 15% on my account.
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