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  1. I was going to say a real poor man's Mark Sanchez, but this comp works too.
  2. I give it the "70's+ dad" test. If he knows about it, it's worth considering a buy. If he uses it, back the f'n truck up! I'll never forget the day my dad tried to explain to me what gummies are and feelings it gives him. Or how he could bet on Badgers football and golf without having to go to Vegas. Should add that I haven't owned a pot stock since 2018-19??? This was 2015-16 when I got the gummies story. Don't think I'll ever buy one again.
  3. I haven't dug into their earnings reports. Is it because they keep buying up others to get more established in Europe? BofA reported the other day that they're dominating US Markets and the Revs are coming. Our lady friend also bought 600K shares in ARKK on 9/22.
  4. $0, unless I'm buying OTC or foreign. Are you in some expensive mutual funds or does your statement say what the fees are for?
  5. I do the same with short term/day trading positions. X amount is my full position but may only start with a .25X or less depending on how volatile the stock/ETF is. There are times I may get "trapped" or "stuck" as I've bought down enough times to put me at a full position but the stock/ETF keeps dropping (UWMC). Or maybe I don't hit a full position because I started at such a bad time that I'm already down enough and don't want to buy more (QS, AI). And then there are BNKU and NRGU where I sometimes go to fuller, fullest and fullestest positions....
  6. Closed out ARKG and Q in my Roth and moved it all to TQQQ this morning (not huge, talking under $10k here). That money has done better in the last hour than it did over the last 9 months.
  7. Now up 17%. Just 30% to go! I'm assuming this is a option they don't plan on calling 10/15 since they could just buy the shares now for less? Very bullish move for maybe a week or so???
  8. Same here, same stock. DKNG is my 3rd largest holding and I really don't want to add to that, but it sure is tempting me to.
  9. QS up over 11% premarket. No, this is not a repost from November 2020.
  10. I'm betting it's not a bounce and yesterday was more of an overreaction. My largest buys were in BNKU and NRGU so really just looking at this from a US Big Bank and Oil side. I didn't deploy all my cash though so if I'm wrong I will be buying more.
  11. Helps when playing against a Div III FCS defense. but I do agree. Cephus looks good
  12. That's exactly it. The 3x adds volatility making it a fun day trader, and I also like big banks long term so I feel less likely to get trapped. All the cash I'm deploying on BNKU today is from selling BNKU when it was 60+.
  13. Wasn't expecting to be able to buy BNKU @ 48.
  14. Still holding URG and up about 50% there so I'm not completely out of the crazies.
  15. Taking my money and getting out of UUUU. I don't know enough about this one and if it will still run, but at 100+% you have to take it.
  16. Dutch Bros is missing out on a great opportunity for an extra hot latte called the "Oven".
  17. Wash, rinse, repeat... I don't even know what round I'm on playing these 15-20% swings. I still have shares from almost a year ago too that I'll continue to just hold.
  18. I sold all my UUUU+ (9/20 warrants) for 100%+. I have UUUU too and wasn't planning on converting those warrants. Wasn't really sure what would happen to them after 9/20 either. I'll continue the ride the UUUU shares.
  19. Nice play. I love playing ETFs but never thought about getting in on these. I did jump in on URG thanks to @General Malaise
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