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  1. Where would have the Burton memo have been? I missed it too!
  2. Looked at things a little closer. How does this look? QB. Watson RB Henry RB D.Johnson WR Fuller WR ARob WR D. Byrd TE Ebron Flex Gaston D Miami
  3. Toying with: QB. Cousins RB. Mattison RB. Gaskin WR. Cooks WR. Thielen WR. Jefferson TE. Andrews FLX. J. Smith D. Miami
  4. Thinking Edlemen over TY in a std. not sure with and ankle. Damn injuries!
  5. Thanks Bloom for your help...let’s keep this train going!!! Baker at Denver Allen vs Det Watson at Jets (I cannot take one of his 8-9pts games this week) PPR WR Need 2: Fitz at Atl D Hamilton vs Clev Samuel vs NO Patrick vs Clev Thx brother!
  6. Thank you Bloom. 3pts per pass TD, pass yds and rush yds are normal with rush TD 6pts. Brees or Jackson (watching the rain and wind in TB) PPR: need 2: Lindsay (starting), Cohen, Miller, Ingram, Samuels Need 2: Allen, TY Hilton, Cooks need 2: Wilson, White, Humphries, J. Samuels, Laundry Need 1: Njoku or Brate Thanks again Bloom!
  7. Hey Bloom, Hit with injuries yet again. STD league, need 1: J. Adams ( I can pick Thompson up on Monday if need be) , TJ Yeldon or White PPR: Ware or Lindsay Thanks brotha!!!!
  8. Happy Thanksgiving Bloom, Std League Got cute and started Ingram over Fournette Now that Gordon is Q/GTD Fournette at Buff or Gordon vs Zona
  9. Thanks Bloom, when do you worry about wind for a QB? 3pts per pass TD yardage is the usual. Trubisky vs Det. Predicting high winds Mayfield vs Atl 1pt PPR: need 1 TE Reed vs TB Davis vs TB can't believe I have a handcuff for my TE, lol Need 1RB: Richard vs LAC Gio vs NO
  10. Hey Bloom, STD League: Need 3 but cannot be both RB's: White, Ingram, Hilton, Gabriel, Edlmen or Njoku (TE counts as WR) Your thoughts if Gordon does play? Do I just roll with Ekeler just in case, I mean he's been good as a RB2/3? Need 1 Def: Colts or Bills Thanks!
  11. What up Bloom? Need some help with injuries hitting my teams. PPR: Need 1 between: A. Cooper @ LAC I know the past 3 games he hasn't done anything vs Chargers top corner but is he the same this year J. Brown @ Cleveland have him in now but wet weather could be in Cleveland Lockett vs LAR Rams banged up and Seattle should need to pass the whole game Need 1 between Mahomes and Mariota Only if its a slop fest in KC would I bench Mahomes right? NON-PPR Need 1 - Ingram vs Wash first game back so does he get maybe
  12. Going to start Ware over Allen and hope for the best in a std league. I'm thinking worst case they score about the same but Ware having more upside. NO WAY can I start Allen with a backup to the backup starting at QB vs Seattle.
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