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  1. The app works for letting you know when you're on the clock or for trade offers/rejections/acceptances. But it sucks for trying to follow the draft or seeing processed trades from other teams.
  2. The intermittent email alerts for picks and trade offers is really annoying.
  3. I've got tickets to San Diego and both Oakland shows, but I don't think they're happening until next year. The 2020 European tour got rescheduled for 2022, and PJ plays things pretty cautiously.
  4. This one took me about 80 hours to complete, including most of the side quests. (For me, 80 hours of game time translates into two months.) If you like the Zelda-like, go-anywhere, climb-anything type of games, this one was pretty enjoyable. For me, the measure of a good game is if you're away for a few days and you start to miss firing it up, and that was true for me. My main complaint is that quite a few of the dungeons require the type of platforming where you have to nail rote actions like "jump on moving platform, jump to avoid laser, land back on platform, double jump and fly, etc" that
  5. I have Robinson in a ton of leagues. I offered him up everywhere during the offseason, too. No takers, and the counteroffers were terrible. All I spent on him was blind-bidding cash, though. Like you said, free money. With a real QB, maybe this turns into an Ingram/Kamara thing.
  6. "All those calls to Ukrainian officials and oligarchs were accidental butt-dials!"
  7. Florida wants to legislate allowing doctors to check out a kid's genitalia to make sure she can compete in a girls sport. It's demonizing a class of people. "We need to protect real girls from fake ones, especially in sports!" It promotes "us versus them." Once, we were concerned with protecting the "sanctity of marriage," and now it's the "sanctity of women's sports." Really? I have a son and a daughter, and I know transgender people. Neither of my kids are transgender, but I can't imagine the difficulty in being trans, or being the parent of a trans child. And I'm relieved I don't have
  8. I remember the argument that if we let a man legally marry anyone other than a woman (or vice versa), then soon people will want to marry their dogs. This is the new version of that.
  9. I took on a lot more FFPC teams last year. After about the first month of the season, the hours spent on weekly waivers became an exercise in "would I rather put in a million claims for Carlos Hyde or punch myself in the crotch?"
  10. One of the teams could be the guy who runs DD. I think he does startups and then lists the teams immediately after, probably to test the site. I'm doing a Triflex startup league right now that he's in with me.
  11. In February, in an FFPC superflex best ball dynasty, I traded Calvin Ridley and a 2022 1st for Gibson and the 2.08. I thought it was pretty even. It's often difficult to trade for RBs in FFPC leagues.
  12. N'Keal Harry went from a top-3 rookie pick in 2019 to on the wire in all but one of my FFPC leagues in 2021. Life comes at you pretty fast.
  13. From FFPC regarding the 17-week season NFL season: "Some of you have already asked about how this will affect the FFPC's schedule for the different options we currently offer. I can tell you right now that all FFPC formats will have one more week in their regular seasons this year than they did a year ago. And best ball leagues will now have 17 weeks of play instead of 16. Rules are being edited shortly to reflect the specific formats." I did like the simplicity of the "each team plays every other team once" regular-season format for Main Event, but I've always felt the season was too sho
  14. I'm really interested to see what the FFPC does, especially with the Main Event. I've always though the 11-game regular season was too short, but, at the same time, I see the simplicity in having each team play every other team once, so I can't imagine they extend the regular season. My bet is they keep it the same and end in Week 16 this year, because they've already taken deposits and payments for Main Event, so there might be legalities regarding changing the rules now.
  15. I run a few leagues, and a proposal I plan to pitch is extending the title game to cumulative score over weeks 16 and 17. It would alleviate some of the "bad luck" factor (stud with a minor injury goes on IR because his team is so bad; team with division sewn up rests players). One of the leagues I run has 14 teams, so, with the 13-week regular season, every team plays every other team once, which is perfect to me, leading me to look at ways of changing the playoff format instead.
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