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  1. I don't get this at all. I fully admit that it's easy for me to pretend to know about NFL football from the comfort of my couch, but more than half of Lawrence's 33 attempts went to Jamal Agnew (8), Dan Arnold (8, been on the team two weeks) and Tavon Austin (5). Shenault didn't get a target until the fourth quarter, when he took a pass and weaved through defenders for 58 yards. I mean, Dan Arnold and Tavon Austin? What are we even doing here?
  2. Looks like we'll have to wait another week. It's better for his health, but I'm anxious to see what this guy can do.
  3. I'm in multiple FFPC dynasty leagues where my IR is full and I either have to keep IR guys on my active roster, or drop guys from IR to make room for my newly IR'd guys. The season is only a month old!
  4. I just passed my 2-year Peloton mark. I'm definitely feeling burned out, but I haven't found anything else where I can accomplish my exercise goals in only 30 minutes. I absolutely hate exercising with all my being, but I can't argue with the results I get from Peloton. I've seen rumors that Peloton is working on a rowing machine. Anyone else see that? I'd be intrigued by that.
  5. A guy in one of my Main Event leagues spent $963 on Elijah Mitchell two weeks ago. Last night he dropped Mitchell for JJ Taylor. There was a message today from FFPC that he meant to drop Boston Scott, so they fixed it. 🙄
  6. In my two Main Event leagues, Mitchell went for $983 and $928. I saw that someone in the Main Event spent all $1000 on Mark Ingram. There are no $0 bids allowed, and waivers are the only way to acquire players, so that team can't make any more moves the rest of the season. Yikes.
  7. I really like Waddle and had never considered dealing him, but I ended up going somewhat Zero RB in the startup and could afford to deal WR depth, especially for a starting RB. I had reservations about trading Waddle, but I think that's the sign of a fair deal, that neither of us felt super confident about our end of the trade.
  8. Saw someone post his board on Twitter this morning. The movement of Amari and Lamb to the second round is pushing down other guys. I saw a team start with CMC, then Kittle and Barkley, and then the second pick got Kelce, Jefferson and Taylor at 3.02.
  9. Looks like late 4th to late 5th, WR20-24 range.
  10. Until 2019, I drafted (with friends) our Main Event team in-person at 10 am on the Saturday before the season every year for 10 years. I loved looking at the completed boards and seeing how the Thursday game affected player movement. My favorite year was 2013, when Peyton Manning threw for six TDs and jumped to the first round of Main Event drafts.
  11. Looks like there's one completed online Main Event draft from this morning. Lamb went 2.03 (WR6). Amari went 2.08 (WR8). Zeke went 2.09 (RB12). Godwin 3.01, Gronk 5.04 (TE6). Dak 6.03 (QB3). There's an ongoing draft right now where Amari went 1.06. 😂
  12. It's going to be hard to ignore them when they're emboldened to run in school board elections.
  13. I'm in a group that would meet in Vegas every year to draft our FFPC Main Event team and other high-stakes teams. (We canceled last year and this year due to the pandemic, but we're still drafting online.) The boards from the completed live in-person drafts are displayed outside the conference room where drafts take place. One year we were drafting from the 3 spot. The guy drafting from the 2 spot had already drafted a team from the same spot the day before. (FFPC posts a list of names and draft spots on the wall, so we did a little detective work.) We took a photo of his completed draft, and we were able to successfully use it in our own strategy by sniping guys we thought he would pick (based on his other draft) and waiting on guys we didn't think he'd take. So I can see menobrown's point that he doesn't want to post his draft in a thread where there are guys he may be drafting against.
  14. In a high-stakes FFPC dynasty I'm in, Etienne was traded for a 2022 1st on Tuesday afternoon. It's the first year of the league, so it's hard to tell where that 1st will be, but I'd say mid-1st at this point.
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