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  1. In my two Main Event leagues, Mitchell went for $983 and $928. I saw that someone in the Main Event spent all $1000 on Mark Ingram. There are no $0 bids allowed, and waivers are the only way to acquire players, so that team can't make any more moves the rest of the season. Yikes.
  2. I really like Waddle and had never considered dealing him, but I ended up going somewhat Zero RB in the startup and could afford to deal WR depth, especially for a starting RB. I had reservations about trading Waddle, but I think that's the sign of a fair deal, that neither of us felt super confident about our end of the trade.
  3. Saw someone post his board on Twitter this morning. The movement of Amari and Lamb to the second round is pushing down other guys. I saw a team start with CMC, then Kittle and Barkley, and then the second pick got Kelce, Jefferson and Taylor at 3.02.
  4. Looks like late 4th to late 5th, WR20-24 range.
  5. Until 2019, I drafted (with friends) our Main Event team in-person at 10 am on the Saturday before the season every year for 10 years. I loved looking at the completed boards and seeing how the Thursday game affected player movement. My favorite year was 2013, when Peyton Manning threw for six TDs and jumped to the first round of Main Event drafts.
  6. Looks like there's one completed online Main Event draft from this morning. Lamb went 2.03 (WR6). Amari went 2.08 (WR8). Zeke went 2.09 (RB12). Godwin 3.01, Gronk 5.04 (TE6). Dak 6.03 (QB3). There's an ongoing draft right now where Amari went 1.06. 😂
  7. It's going to be hard to ignore them when they're emboldened to run in school board elections.
  8. I'm in a group that would meet in Vegas every year to draft our FFPC Main Event team and other high-stakes teams. (We canceled last year and this year due to the pandemic, but we're still drafting online.) The boards from the completed live in-person drafts are displayed outside the conference room where drafts take place. One year we were drafting from the 3 spot. The guy drafting from the 2 spot had already drafted a team from the same spot the day before. (FFPC posts a list of names and draft spots on the wall, so we did a little detective work.) We took a photo of his completed draft, and we were able to successfully use it in our own strategy by sniping guys we thought he would pick (based on his other draft) and waiting on guys we didn't think he'd take. So I can see menobrown's point that he doesn't want to post his draft in a thread where there are guys he may be drafting against.
  9. In a high-stakes FFPC dynasty I'm in, Etienne was traded for a 2022 1st on Tuesday afternoon. It's the first year of the league, so it's hard to tell where that 1st will be, but I'd say mid-1st at this point.
  10. This happened to me once, too, except the "keep watching" section had someone in Italy watching "Mad Men" in Italian. It was jarring to log on to Netflix and see an extra profile, and then try to figure out what was happening. I felt violated.
  11. I've been a DTV subscriber since 2005 and have had Sunday Ticket every year. I typically call once a year in August to ask about deals. I called the 888-333-0804 number today (saw it listed earlier in this thread). I spoke to someone foreign-sounding and said I'm a longtime subscriber and heard that others had gotten Sunday Ticket Max for no charge, and I wanted to ask if I qualify. She asked if I had gotten it for free last year, and I said I couldn't remember (true). She asked me to wait, and after a few minutes, she said I qualify for Sunday Ticket Max. She also said I had a credit of $60 off my bill per month for 12 months, and that was expiring in September, so she renewed that. Total time was 15 minutes.
  12. We just watched "The Detroiters," which streams on Paramount+ without commercials. It's super funny if you like "I Think You Should Leave" (Tim Robinson is in both). Only two seasons but we loved it.
  13. I subscribe to a few of the calculators, mainly as a way to check myself if I make an offer or if I get one -- basically like "this sounds fair to me, but let's see if the calculator agrees." I use them to see if I'm in the ballpark. I'm not sure if it's OK naming them here, but a popular one I see referenced is the top (and I think only) result you get if you search for "dynasty trade calculator" in the iPhone App Store. To me, this biggest reason for subscribing to trade calculators is if a leaguemate specifies one he/she swears by. If you know that someone in your league is going to blindly follow a calculator, that's a huge advantage when crafting offers.
  14. I play only an hour or two at night when my kids aren't using the PS5. However, I've found that it really has to be an engrossing, A-plus game anymore for me to want to play. For me, it's basically that I'm going to spend 1-2 hours at night winding down before I go to bed, and I can either spend that watching TV, playing a game, fantasy football, whatever. There's so much entertainment out there that I can be selective about what I want to watch or play. If it's a game, it needs to be good. The latest game I was playing, Cyberpunk, got to a point where I really didn't care if I was playing it, so I stopped, and I haven't missed it. But, basically, I play video games when I already know I'm not planning to be productive (end of the day, lazy non-football Sunday).
  15. I've been playing "It Takes Two" with my 12-year-old son. It's highly recommended if you enjoy co-op and puzzles. The story is surprisingly strong, too. Basically, an at-home dad and working mom are always bickering, and their decision to divorce causes their daughter to cry magical tears onto two dolls that come to life as the mom and dad. The mom and dad (as the dolls) have to work their way back to the daughter to get her to cry on them and transform them back. But there are a lot of conversations about the mom always traveling for work and not being home, which are similar to conversations my wife and I have had ourselves (I'm in at-home dad). The puzzles are pretty inventive, and the levels will give each character some ability they can use only on that level (i.e. the mom will have special boots that allow her to walk on walls, while the dad can transform to bug-size or giant-size). You really do have to work together. I've been playing video games for 40 years, but I was cracking up when my son was yelling, "Dad, just jump up on that! What are you doing? Oh my god how did you fall off that! No, right in front of you! Just pull that! Where are you going?" There are a lot of natural stopping points so even if you just want to play for 30 or 60 minutes, it works. Pretty enjoyable game.
  16. Same, I bid $64 out of $1000. No one else bid.
  17. I wonder what Trump's reaction was when he saw the headline, "BARRACK ARRESTED."
  18. I searched the thread but didn't see this listed. A friend just suggested "Stath Lets Flats" on HBO Max. It's a British show about a Greek-Brit named Stath who works for his dad at an apartment rental agency. (The main actor, Jamie Demetriou, has been in a bunch of stuff recently, but I usually remember him as the buck-toothed guy from "Fleabag.") We watched with our kids (16 and 12) and loved it. The main character is very reminiscent to me of David Brent/Michael Scott from "The Office" -- basically someone who lacks all self-awareness, which is the set-up for others to react to him. There are only two seasons (six episodes each), and while we enjoyed the first season, the second one was markedly funnier. There's supposed to be a third season this year.
  19. I've been playing Cyberpunk on and off for the past 10 days or so. I'm probably on the second (?) major mission (Konpeki Plaza). I love to play through on stealth, knocking guys out (but not killing them! I'm not a psycho!) and stashing their bodies, but I keep randomly tripping the "Body Identified: Enemies have been alerted" warning for no discernible reason, which sends bodyguards into a search mode, instead of standing with their backs to me like morons. It's really irritating. It's also funny when you and your partner Jackie are both crouched in stealth mode, trying to be quiet, and he randomly yells, "I'M GONNA GET YOU MUTHA F----S!" and it causes no reaction from the bodyguards. I will say that, as a mature gamer of a certain age who gets annoyed when a mission lasts way longer than his bedtime, I appreciate being able to save games mid-mission, which hasn't always been an option in other open-world games. Because these missions are pretty long. I'm doing an early mission where you have to steal some biochip from the Japanese guy. The mission background was explained to me while I was playing literally a few days ago, but, for the life of me, I couldn't remember why this chip thing was so important or the info it contained. It's like I need a "Previously on Cyberpunk" every time I start the game up.
  20. Fenyx did get repetitive. That was probably my main gripe against it. On what platform are you playing Majora's Mask?
  21. I have to go on YouTube and watch recaps of previous seasons, and even then I can't remember stuff. In season 4 of Handmaid's there were references to season 1 that I failed to have any memory of at all. It's as if the entire entertainment industry exists to gaslight me. "You watched this already. Remember?" "I did? No way. When?" "Only a year ago. Are you OK? You might be going crazy." "I think you're right. Who is this?"
  22. Season 4 didn't make me hate all of humanity. So there's that.
  23. To the best of my knowledge, the term "Zero RB" was coined in 2013. I don't know how the mods here feel about linking to a competitor's site, but you can google the article "Zero RB, Antifragility, and the Myth of Value-Based Drafting." The basis is that, obviously, there's no way to know which players will get hurt. But if you subscribe to the notion that "the players who handle the ball the most are therefore most likely to suffer an injury," then that would point to RBs. They are the most fragile. In formats such as FFPC, you're required to start two RBs, two WRs and a TE, with two flex spots. When the FFPC first started, the second flex spot was a new wrinkle. Another key part of the Zero RB strategy is to "win the flex." It's proven in PPR formats that WRs score more than comparable RBs. (Pick a threshold -- say, 200 PPR points. It's likely that roughly twice as many WRs will have scored that amount than RBs.) It's easier to find good WRs than RBs, and in FFPC, you can start four WRs. If your goal is to build an "anti-fragile" lineup, and you believe RBs are the most fragile, then your focus should be on WRs (or TEs, in the case of the FFPC and its TE-premium format). However, Zero RB does not eschew the drafting of an early-round RB just to be contrarian. The fantasy landscape changes every year. The 2019 season was a horrible one for Zero RB because, simply put, RBs didn't really get hurt. They stayed healthy at an unheard-of rate. Consequently, RBs were drafted much more heavily in early rounds in 2020, because most people have recency bias and use the previous season as their baseline. Yes, Zero RB has tended to evolve into strategies that promote taking a stud RB in the first two rounds before pivoting to other positions, but that's also a reaction to the evolution of the position, as workhorse RBs became rarer and pass-catching RBs took on higher value than grinders. Nothing's ever set in stone. In recent seasons, you can examine best-ball win rates and see that the middle single-digit rounds are a RB dead-zone. Drafting any RBs in that range correlate to lower win rates. You can certainly win by picking the *right* RB in that range. But I look at it like blackjack: You can hit when you have 16 and not bust, but it's a safer strategy to stay. I have done both Zero RB and the "modified" version and have had a lot of success doing so. The author of the article mentioned above drafted an FFPC Main Event team with a partner from the 12 spot in which they waited until the round 11/12 turn to take their first RBs (Bryce Love and Ke'Shawn Vaughn). They made their league playoffs, competed in the championship round and pocketed several thousand dollars in prize money. Granted, I know that's anecdotal. But I'm a big believer in the notion that, in a format such as the FFPC's, your RB2 really doesn't matter that much, and if you treat that position as your least valuable starter, you can still be successful.
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