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  1. I did consider something along than line, but wondered what to do week 1. The WINNING team only requirement seems to get a thumbs down from everyone.
  2. Your changing my mind about the WINNING team only requirement. The Sub idea seems workable (see my reply to ZWK)
  3. This is interesting. For the most part, it would generally only affect WR and RB in our league, since we only carry 5 - 7 reserves (2 are optional IR slots and cost real money to use). So generally, teams will carry 1 backup QB,TE and 2-3 backup RB and/or WR. The web site we use (CBS) doesn't provide for this option so I guess only a commination to commissioner before start of Sunday games is required. If only one substitute is available then obviously it gets used. If no communication is received, then I think LOWEST reserve scoring is applied. I'm leaning on not just doing this for WINNING team only requirement. I'm also thinking of expanding IR max from 2 to 4 resulting in more oprions and at the same time potentially sweetening the pot.
  4. Does anyone know of any details regarding how the NFL will determine whether a game will be forfeited?? As league commissioner, I'm trying to find an equitable way not to penalize a team if they have a player in their starting lineup that was declared the WINNER of the forfeit. I thinking the LOSER should not be awarded, but I can listen to other opinions. If I understand the policy, there will be no moving games to other weeks, If game cannot be played in scheduled week a forfeit is declared and a loss assigned to team with infraction. Will the decision be made before the start of any Sunday game (1PM EAST) ?? Before the scheduled start of the individual game (1PM.4PM, 8PM Sunday or Monday)??? After all postponement options have been exhausted (as late as Wednesday)?? I need to know what options I may have to not penalize a team in our league due to player(s) being on the WINNNG side of a forfeit. If the forfeit is known BEFORE the start of any Sunday game regardless of when the game is scheduled for, it could be handled just as if those players ended up in injury report. Same scenario might be true for situation where decision is made before the start of the individual game (I'm wavering here). The real issue will be if the NFL waits until the last possible minute (Wednesday). I'm thinking in that situation I would allow for the highest scoring reserve at the position be substituted for the player(s) that were on the WINNING side of forfeit. If you have player on LOSING end of forfeit that is too bad.(or am I being too cruel) Converting to "Best Ball " format is not acceptable Any thoughts or other suggestions????
  5. I was thinking along the same lines, but only considered the double bye weeks for division winners. Offering a one week bye to division runner-up's is intriguing
  6. I see your point, but wouldn't that actually give a team whose rosters have players with week 14 byes an unfair advantage during regular season?? I'm envisioning that week 14 in the 10 team league is round 1 of play-in tournament involving lower ranked teams that will actually have a rough road anyway to make it to finals.
  7. I'm commissioner of two leagues. One a 3 division 12 team league and a 2 division 10 team league. The old NFL schedule worked well for both leagues. 12 team league had 14 regular season games and a 4 team two round playoff in weeks 15 and 16. the 10 team league had a 13 game regular schedule and a 6 team (division winners got week 14 BYE) three round playoff in weeks 14, 15 & 16. Now with the extra NFL regular season game playoffs could continue to week 17, so I'm trying to think of creative ways to create more competition in the late season by expanding playoffs to more teams and one more week. Simply adding a "random" regular season is not an equitable or acceptable option. I have a few ideas, but I think I can get some great input from the group here.
  8. DD classic projections are generally only David Dodds input unless you import projections from Projections Dominator, where you can assign weights up to 4 different projections. The online version (i believe) uses the same four projections and you can adjust those weightings also.
  9. If you used DRAFT STATUS or KEEPER function you can enter auction amount, assuming of course AUCTION draft is set in you league setup
  10. Simon We had a long discussion about this when the online dominator first went live. I have the draft history for our league for the past 10 years in a database which I run various analysis reports on. One of the reports shows me how many players are drafted for the $1 minimum bid. As one with auction draft experience, you know that as you get toward the end of the draft, many players are picked up for $1 and if you spent your budget wisely, there is an opportunity to pick up some $2 bargains if you are the only one left with enough of your allocation. I set my base lines, using the classic’s “User Configurable by Position Rank” VBD baseline, such that the VBD values for these $1 players is less than 0. For example, let’s say I set QB baseline at 15. I expect QB’s ranked from 1-15 have auction values greater than $1 and positive VBD values. Same is true if I were to set RB value to 25, the expectation is RB’s ranked 1-25 are greater than $1 and VBD is greater than 0. Let’s say the overall the sum of these base line values is 120. Then I expect any player whose overall rank is less than 120 to have a auction value greater than $1 and VBD value greater than zero. Since 168 players are dratted (12 teams/14 player rosters) the values for players ranked 126-168 (overall) should be $1 and VBD values less than 0. To verify the numbers, I’ll take and sum the overall ranking auction values for overall rankings 1-168. That should add up to $1200 ($100 budgets for 12 teams) I can’t seem to find a way to replicate this with online dominator. As a retired software developer, I commend you on the work you’ve done with the online version. I’m sure many of your users find it a very useful tool. I may be the only person on the planet that does this type of baselining, but it has worked quite well for me making the playoffs 8 out of the last 10 seasons.
  11. I too been using Classic version for about the same amount of time along side projection dominator to import multiple expert projections. . I feel the classic version is more flexible when it comes to setting base lines. Our league is an auction draft league and I have draft results for the past 6 years and base my baseline on that history. I find the on line dominator does not adequately accommodate my requirements in that area. I also have more confidence in the auction values reflected in the classic version especially when it comes to adjusting those values as players are drafted. The on lime version is more flashy and "modern" looking, but I'm more interesting in flexibility and accuracy than look and feel. . Just my two cents.
  12. Sorry, details used to be in my sig, $100 cap, keeper does not affect cap 1qb 2rb 3wr 1te 1k 1D/ST Non-ppr Pass TD =4 Pass yds = .04/yd Rush/Recv TD = 6 Rush/Recv yds = .1/yd
  13. Who should I keep?? 12 team, 14 player rosters Auction Draft with FREE Keeper
  14. To anyone having issues with DD rankings. you might get a quicker response if you post a start a NEW thread in the DESKTOP or MOBILE app forum, which ever is appropriate rather than replying to this topic Please be sure to include details of your Setup, especially roster sizes, starting lineup requirement, scoring system, VBD baseline being used. There are normally explanations as to why you are getting the results you're getting.
  15. I'm assuming you are trying to run DD desktop and not mobile and you are either running DD from an SD flash or USB drive.. As far as I know, Windows RT does not allow the installation of execution of any EXE that is not from Windows Store.
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