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  1. Pitch count has me considering Logan Thomas over him. My man has been piling up the receptions.
  2. Any help is appreciated. In half ppr, I need 3 of the following RBs: Wilson vs. AZ, Gaskin vs LV, Swift vs. Tampa and Dobbins vs the Giants At TE, I need to choose from Fant vs the Chargers and Thomas vs Carolina. This feels like Thomas if Smith plays and Fant if he does not. But, I also have Kittle. Would you use him if he plays? (I also have Aiyuk. I have some concerns about starting 3 Niners in Aiyuk, Wilson and Kittle). At DST, I have to choose from Chicago vs Jackosnville, Cleveland vs the Jets, Tampa vs Detroit and Washington vs Carolina. Thank you!
  3. I'm surprised to see Washington hasn't come up much here. I've currently managed to put WFT, Cleveland, and Chicago on my roster with Tampa sitting on the wire. I'm currently starting Washington but that will likely change many times between now and Friday.
  4. I flipped the last spot on my roster from "take care of next week's defense" to "Cam Akers lottery ticket." Seems to be about right.
  5. Does anyone dare look at the Seahawks' terrible defense and their upcoming schedule of Philly, Giants, Jets, Football Team?
  6. There was discussion about me trading Michael Thomas for Ridley in my keep 3 auction league earlier in the year but it slowed down as Thomas was slow to recover. Both players are rostered at deep discounts. This is the last year the other guy can keep Ridley, so he was motivated to sell but not for a guy who missed week after week. Finally last week he sends the offer but I refuse. Thomas is now healthy and Ridley is hurt and I was hanging by a thread in the playoff hunt. So he trades Ridley to another owner. Then I lose Monday night, basically guaranteeing that I miss the playoffs so I go to bed thinking I'll ask the new Ridley owner about the deal. Next year will be the last year I can keep Thomas, so why not move him now and get younger and save a couple of dollars on their salary? I get to work, check my messages and HE is asking me if I want to make the deal. So I...get greedy and try to throw a few other guys in, bringing me another nice keeper and helping him win this year. He doesn't like that so we verbally agree that a 1 for 1 deal works and get on with work. I put in the official offer. 12 hours pass and he rejects the same deal that he initiated this morning. Sigh.
  7. I don't think you can get Michael Thomas for McLaurin in redraft, though.
  8. That's one of my guys. Another is Aiyuk, so it's a relatively soft landing. I'll throw a dart at #3 and hope for the best.
  9. I've been waiting for Dobbins to be dropped in a keep-3 redraft auction league and I think this is the time. I know that runs contrary to the prevailing opinion, but I'm betting that two things will happen in the next two weeks: 1) Edwards continues to get more opportunity than Dobbins 2) Pittsburgh and Indy are two tough units. Neither Edwards nor Dobbins will do enough to separate themselves from the pack and Ingram will return, rendering everyone valueless again. This may be a bit of a hot take, but I'll stand by it.
  10. As an owner of Mahomes, CEH and Bell, I'm just not buying into the revenge game theory. Reid's going to makes the calls he needs to make with the end game in mind- another ring. Bell will get some, but I'm not buying the idea that CEH and the passing game will be pushed aside to satisfy a guy who's been on the team for 2 weeks.
  11. Well, between injuries and byes it looks like my top 4 wrs are all out this weekend. I'll be starting three guys who I have never heard of a year ago at this time.
  12. Started Brees, Julio and Lutz with the playoffs on the line last night and I feel like a whole bunch of points were left on the table. -Lost 4 points when the field goal didn't count at the end of the half -2.5 points taken away on a ridiculous penalty on Julio - 3 points would've been scored had the Saints kicked the game-tying field goal on 4th and 1 to tie the game, and there would've likely be more coming. At least the INT woud've been avoided -And Peyton's penalty prevented a possible Falcons punt, potentially leading to 40 yards for Brees, a Lutz field goal and overtime magic. Winning in fantasy football takes luck and skill. Last night, I didn't have the luck.
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