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  1. Pitch count has me considering Logan Thomas over him. My man has been piling up the receptions.
  2. Any help is appreciated. In half ppr, I need 3 of the following RBs: Wilson vs. AZ, Gaskin vs LV, Swift vs. Tampa and Dobbins vs the Giants At TE, I need to choose from Fant vs the Chargers and Thomas vs Carolina. This feels like Thomas if Smith plays and Fant if he does not. But, I also have Kittle. Would you use him if he plays? (I also have Aiyuk. I have some concerns about starting 3 Niners in Aiyuk, Wilson and Kittle). At DST, I have to choose from Chicago vs Jackosnville, Cleveland vs the Jets, Tampa vs Detroit and Washington vs Carolina. Thank you!
  3. I'm surprised to see Washington hasn't come up much here. I've currently managed to put WFT, Cleveland, and Chicago on my roster with Tampa sitting on the wire. I'm currently starting Washington but that will likely change many times between now and Friday.
  4. I flipped the last spot on my roster from "take care of next week's defense" to "Cam Akers lottery ticket." Seems to be about right.
  5. Does anyone dare look at the Seahawks' terrible defense and their upcoming schedule of Philly, Giants, Jets, Football Team?
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