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  1. Great analysis. Agreed the cap situation in 2023 and 2024 may be a bit tight for the Packers. And, things could work out really well for them. Rodgers is the kind of guy who plays lights out when he has a chip on his shoulder. At least it appears that way. Given the team around him and his drive for another ring I expect him to play really well this year. I also expect him to be traded next year prior to the draft. This will likely leave the Packers with a young QB on a team-friendly rookie deal, several draft assets, and several young players to build around. This arrangement, if Rodgers plays well this year and they trade him next year, may actually benefit the team long term and make the post-Rodgers rebuild shorten.
  2. He was out for at least 6 weeks with a bad case of COVID.
  3. Your team has been successfully entered. QB - Gardner Minshew - JAX/7 - $9 QB - Drew Lock - DEN/8 - $8 QB - Tua Tagovailoa - MIA/11 - $5 QB - Ryan Fitzpatrick - MIA/11 - $4 RB - Josh Jacobs - LV/6 - $26 RB - David Johnson - HOU/8 - $21 RB - Jonathan Taylor - IND/7 - $21 RB - Cam Akers - LAR/9 - $18 WR - Odell Beckham - CLE/9 - $22 WR - Terry McLaurin - WAS/8 - $20 WR - DK Metcalf - SEA/6 - $18 WR - D.J. Chark - JAX/7 - $17 WR - Diontae Johnson - PIT/8 - $13 WR - Marquez Valdes-Scantling - GB/5 - $3 WR - Bryan Edwards - LV/6 - $3 TE - Mike Gesicki - MIA/11 - $12 TE - Chris Herndon - NYJ/11 - $7 TE - Tyler Eifert - JAX/7 - $6 TE - Devin Asiasi - NE/6 - $4 PK - Eddy Pineiro - CHI/11 - $2 PK - Dustin Hopkins - WAS/8 - $2 PK - Stephen Gostkowski - TEN/7 - $2 TD - Green Bay Packers - GB/5 - $3 TD - Atlanta Falcons - ATL/10 - $2 TD - Carolina Panthers - CAR/13 - $2 Total value: 250 I've never been more confident in my lack of confidence of winning.
  4. I'm also rooting for him. Really enjoyed watching him play last year and eager to see what he looks like with a "full" off-season preparing as the unequivocal starter. I could see a scenario in which he plays well, the Jags don't do well overall, and they trade him to a QB-needy team not in position to grab a top QB in the draft.
  5. Yup. Feel's like he's set up to be this year's McLaurin.
  6. Wow. That's really not OK. Sorry to hear you're dealing with that. I really hope it all resolves quickly and safely for you. On a brighter note, welcome to Colorado! I move here from Wisconsin about 25 years ago and, unless I get the opportunity to live in Hawaii, I'm never leaving.
  7. Well, we are about 90% done with the auction and here's where I'm at for a roster QB - Lock, Darnold, Love, Eason, Hurts RB - Fournette, David Johnson, Singeltary, Chase Edmonds, Eno Benjamin,. DeeJay Dallas WR - Sutton, Metcalf, McLaurin, Brandin Cooks, Tee Higgins, Michael Pittman, Gandy-Golden TE - Waller, Sternberger, Kmet, Warring Keeping in mind it's a 14 team league, QB prices were crazy high. Lock and Darnold were actually two of the cheaper starters and Mahomes and Lamar went for double their price. And rookie fever was in full effect. Granted, I got a few rookies but only because the price was right on these guys.....for example, Zach Moss went for the same price as Michael Pittman and guys like Cam Akers went for more than Michael Thomas! I definitely learned a lot....and I get it now why guys like auctions so much. I'd do it again for sure.
  8. Fixed your post. There's a lot of if's here for a guy who seems to be a fairly mediocre talent. IF the Bears offense magically improves and IF the QB play is better (because Trubisky suddenly gets better or Foles wins out and isn't the Jacksonville version)....and IF their defense doesn't decline in points given up....and IF Montgomery gets close to 20 touches a game.....and IF he plays "up to" his best 4 games last season..... Then he *might* hit Mixon 2019 numbers. I agree it's possible. But man, I think there are better RBs to pin all those hopes and dreams on this coming season.
  9. I’m a long time dynasty player about to dip my toes in the auction pool. Never done an auction startup before. It’s a superflex league with 6 pt passing TDs and a slight ppr premium to TEs Would appreciate any tips, tricks, words of wisdom from those of you experienced in auction startups. Thanks in advance!
  10. SF PPR TE premium. Deep rosters. Start 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 regular Flex, 1 SF. I’m competing. Weakest position RB (was looking at starting some combo of CEH, Kerryon/Swift, Guice) Traded away Jeudy (who is likely to be my WR5) Got David Johnson, Van Jefferson, late 2021 1st
  11. Rueben Foster looking for a new home. Does he play ILB? Has some off the field baggage and an injury history but....maybe a flier on a one-year prove it deal? EDIT: My bad - I thought he was out of contract. They just declined his 5th year option, but he's still a Redskin
  12. "- This draft also was the result of Gutekunst making moves to make up for more of his mistakes…" Article is behind a paywall.....can you help me understand what McGinn meant by this?
  13. In a rookie draft for a bestball league right now. It's a SF PPR and, granted, it does offer 0.25 points per carry.... But he fell to 1.11 in this one. AJ Dillon just went at 1.10
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