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  1. He was out for at least 6 weeks with a bad case of COVID.
  2. Yup: http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-cant-miss-plays/0ap3000000951547/Can-t-Miss-Play-John-Ross-breaks-ankles-on-epic-57-yard-TD-from-Andy-Dalton The replay in the second half of the video shows the full route.
  3. Watched a video that showed the full route he ran. Did a sort of double move where he decelerated and then put the pedal to the metal. Pretty simple route but....WOW.....his acceleration to blow past the DB was pretty impressive
  4. Typical dynasty PPR. qb/rb/rb/wr/wr/wr/te/flex Team A gets: Jamaal Williams, Cooper Kupp, 2019 4th Team B gets: 2018 2.01, 2019 1st (likely to be 1.8 - 1.10)
  5. Typical PPR Team A gets: Julio Jones Team B gets: Corey Davis, Marlon Mack
  6. Agreed. And while I do believe Williams is currently better positioned for a lead back role after pre-season (and having attended the Packers v. Broncos game live) I was disappointed in how poorly Williams performed in live action. I believe I even made a comment in this or a related thread a while back I felt like saw two very different backs - the Williams on college tape (who I was a fan of) and the Williams of NFL preseason (who struck me as a jag). Whatever happened between preseason and these past couple weeks I feel like we are now seeing the Williams I saw when I watched his col
  7. To be clear, I wasn't posting that link as a "Team Williams" member. I had just recalled reading positive impressions from the coaching staff during training camp and couldn't recall ever seeing the kinds of things Dr. Dan had alluded too. Figuring I had simply missed those articles I was hoping he could share a link with me.
  8. I do not recall reading anything suggesting the bolded. Links? I do distinctly recall reading several things like this: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000826003/article/jamaal-williams-pushing-montgomery-for-starter-reps
  9. I could see a scenario in which they move toward a more New England style of RB utilization next season (and perhaps even the last quarter of this season). Agree none of our current RBs have shown irreplaceable skills. I think the same could be said for Dion Lewis, James White, Rex Burkhead, and Mike Gilleslee but collectively they sure do seem to be helping the NE offense hum. I could see some combination of Williams, Jones, and Montgomery doing the same for the Packers. If they go that route it opens up draft picks and free agent dollars for some more critical needs.
  10. He also looked solid in pass pro. If only Hundley could move in any direction but backwards.......
  11. I don't disagree with any of this. You've had some real lucid analysis of the GB backfield all season long and I appreciate your views. All I'm saying is, IF (realizing this is a big IF) Williams puts it together these next few weeks, I believe this staff will not hesitate to ride his hot hand as long as they can. Same applies to Ty, same applies to Mays.
  12. I'm assuming (and, admittedly, may be off on my assumption) you are referring to Aaron Jones. You were absolutely right on with him. Seriously, kudos to you, I was not convinced until he had his chance and ran with it, pun intended Having said that, the number one ability is, as they say, availability, and Jones is out for a few weeks. The staff clearly liked what they saw of Williams' college tape and preseason work and now it appears he has his shot. One place Williams seems to excel above Jones is pass pro. This is a week to week league and if Williams plays lights out - even just
  13. 12 team Pot, Qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, te, flex I gave: OBJ, 2.02 i got: Michael Thomas, Ajayi, 2018 1st and 3rd (likely mid) My only viable RB prior to this was Gordon. Had 1.07 and couldn't get anyone to bite on a trade up to grab one of the top 4 backs. So now I'm running Gordon/Ajayi and Amari Cooper/Thomas/Coleman at WR
  14. My bad. If anything that feeds into my gut feeling they will be looking to have a more dynamic offense this season
  15. Thanks for the input. I didn't realize the Packers had such a high rate of rush attempts last season. I don't have any data to offer to support my feelings here, just a gut instinct I guess. It seems McCarthy tries to revise his offense every season and based on the moves this offseason (such as adding two multi-faceted TEs and drafting 3 RBs) I have a suspicion this year's offense will be dynamic in unique and unpredictable ways, ala New England. If that's the case, even if Williams wins the RB1 gig outright I could see games in which Montgomery is featured....or Jones is featured....on n
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