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  1. for Howell Mountain i'd recommend: Arkenstone O'Shaughnessey for Spring Mountain: Match Vineyards Fantesca Estate Winery Smith-Madrone Vineyards & Winery just a reminder: most/all wineries in Napa & Sonoma are by reservation, so trying to get to three or four places in the afternoon on a single day - especially on a weekend - could be a challenge.
  2. “Also as of Saturday, all minimum security inmates in work camps, including those in firefighting camps, will be eligible for the same month of earlier release for every month they spend in the camp, regardless of the severity of their crime.” with Fire season starting already, and another dry year in all parts of CA, fewer inmates who could be recruited/incentivized to be a part of this program seems short-sighted.
  3. maybe you've detailed this in other threads, but for curiosity's sake: could you specify which channels, or programs, you consider to be "MSM"? (and i'm assuming we're talking about TV/Cable vs terrestrial/satellite radio.)
  4. first rule of Industry: don't talk about Industry. 🤣
  5. this is 100% correct. had a couple arrive last weekend in a 10 person passenger van rental....it was all they had available.
  6. i'm up at Repris (Moon Mountain District) right above Sonoma Valley. for drivers, here's a short list: Private Wine Drivers - (Ryan McGorry) Noble Wine Tours - (Austin Noble) Eclectic Tour - (Darren Schauer) Rose Wine Tours - (Luke Rose) Perry's Wine Tours - (Paul Perry)
  7. good info - thanks! and there's a ton of great suggestions in this thread, so i hope we can keep it going for people heading out to NorCal wine country. to touch on a few points questions: - Wine Clubs: almost everywhere you'll visit has some version of a Wine Club, Allocation List, or subscription-based Membership for direct-to-consumer sales. Just kinda depends on each winery and the model they've chosen. I wouldn't say one is necessarily better than another, and depending on what they offer their Members will help you make a decision if it's right for you. Some places offer
  8. thanks @Bob Sacamano and @Drunken knight for the shout out! @Drunken Cowboy - good to learn about your trip to Napa, and happy to provide recommendations based on your preferences, e.g. experience, type/style of wine, price point, etc. already some great recommendations in this thread, specifically: Amizetta - solid wines, cool property, good tour (ask for Ryan as your host if you're there M-F) Promontory - definitely on the "high end" side of things and worth it Nickel & Nickel - great experience top to bottom Domaine Carneros - gotta start the day with some bubble
  9. Dumb Q of the day: if the SC was expanded to 13 Justices, is there a mechanism in Congress by which it could be shrunk? I’m guessing “no” but really have zero idea.
  10. bold prediction regarding reactions to the link above (not necessarily by FBGs in this forum): - some people: "Pfft. It's James O'Keefe and 'Project Vertias'....just more lies and conspiracy theories from the Right." - some people: "Ah ha! It's right there in the video. CNN is admitting to it to being biased against the Right [or more correctly, Trump]. If you don't believe it, you've got blinders on." some people: "Yeah, probably a little truth to that but in the end Trump isn't president so not too worried about it."
  11. It’s 4000, yet relevant?
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