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  1. this ban is going be very unpopular in sections of the state affected by PSPS since it includes gas-powered generators. it's one thing to inconvenience individuals who've shelled out $500-$1500 to have power in their residence and keep their refrigerator running. it's quite another to tell businesses to pound sand, after they've spent tens of thousands of dollars to keep the lights on and doors open, when PG&E flips the switch as the wind picks up.
  2. Here come the golden oldies Here come the Hezbollah Businessmen from South Miami Humming AOR
  3. Dig to ravage plain in sight. Dig to horde the hallowed aid. Praise is cheap but valid's right. Take your treasure, stand in line.
  4. are we even going to talk about how every kid in that pic is wearing crocs?
  5. burgers. seriously. have them shipped directly to you in BD.
  6. my ballot arrived yesterday. haven't really dug into the alternatives yet, though i might vote Yes on recall if there was one non-loon who would kill HSR.
  7. Self-realization. I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "... I drank what?"
  8. Biggest mistake in this whole FUBAR situation
  9. well.....SF did have a Poop Patrol on the payroll (at least as of 2018): "As members of the city's 'Poop Patrol,' workers are entitled to $71,760 a year, plus an additional $112,918 in benefits, such as healthcare and retirement savings, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. In August, the city announced that five staffers from the San Francisco Department of Public Works would soon roam the Tenderloin neighborhood — where nearly half of the city's homeless population is — in search of waste. The staffers will begin their efforts each afternoon equipped with a steam cleaner for sanitizing the streets. The full budget for the initiative, $830,977, signifies a concerted effort to address the city's mounting feces problem, which has resulted in more than 14,500 calls to 311, the city's non-emergency-services line, since the beginning of the year, the Chronicle previously reported." Link
  10. Good knife. Goodbye, Mr. Burton.
  11. i guess it’s kinda crappy to dump on someone for their personal decisions, but Hope did marry Jerramy Stevens. ::shrug::
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