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  1. i'm not saying JimTom or Chipper helped Kaep much. nor would i suggest that Boldin, Torrey Smith, Jeremy Kerley, or Quinton Patten were world-beaters. but i watched Kaep throw plenty of 48-foot fastballs to wide open WRs. he just wasn't as effective as a QB once D-coordinators figured him out.
  2. It’s probably is time for a re-branding. is Canyonero trademarked?
  3. I would be surprised if Trump has ever used “dour” in any form of communication.
  4. Having earned a BA in English Literature from a Jesuit school, in a decidedly progressive city, I approve this message.
  5. i'm hopeful there will not be another shutdown. and if GovGav issues a third order, i'm not sure how much compliance can be expected in CA. i believe there's a good chunk of the population who are just "over it" and will refuse to follow directives (beyond those who did the first two times).
  6. could probably add: - lack of transparency w/r/t ICU bed availability calculations on which the 2nd lockdown/reopen were predicated - lack of targeted 2nd round closures (which disproportionately affected the hospitality and personal care industries) - poor communications with businesses with the 2nd reopening order in January '21 i'm not gonna sign a recall petition, but if it comes up for a vote i'll think seriously about removing him.
  7. she won't need 4WD for hills in SF. might be good to have if she decides to go to Lake Tahoe in the winter that way she won't necessarily need chains. she should probably brush up on her parallel parking skills too.
  8. good points. a few other non-lease related considerations: - driving and parking in the City is a hassle, and a new car is going to get dinged up (especially w/ street parking) - vehicle break-ins in SF are out of control. SFPD received 25,677 (70 per day) reports of break-ins in 2019 and the number went up in 2020 (DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, LEAVE ANYTHING OF REMOTE VALUE VISIBLE INSIDE THE VEHICLE) - if she's going to be heading to the North Bay or East Bay on any kind of consistent basis, she might want to consider getting a FasTrak for the bridge/road tolls
  9. Looting and violence in broad daylight: Video #1 Video #2 Video #3 i don't doubt a "criminal element" took advantage of the protest to commit crimes. i do assert these folks did plenty of damage during the daylight hours while the peaceful protests were going on, which is why there is conflation between George Floyd Protests and ANTIFA/BLM Riots.
  10. here's a video from May 30, 2020 in Beverly Hills CA. a couple of questions: - were the people who vandalized buildings and destroyed police vehicles, in broad daylight: BLM supporters/protestors, ANTIFA, anarchists, or counterprotestors? - were the people who broke into various stores and looted them after dark: BLM supporters/protestors, ANTIFA, anarchists, or counterprotestors?
  11. Just a data point regarding “picking fruit”: Our vineyard crew works year-round. We farm organically, and with the exception of December these men and women are out in the vineyard planting cover crop, tilling rows, dropping fruit, cutting & burning tendrils, laying down straw (helps with erosion), pulling out and/or replanting vineyard blocks, practicing fire-management protocols, and 25 other things I’m not directly aware of. And to dispel the notion that these folks are simply making minimum wage, Vineyard Crew Managers often pull in $30/hr or more.
  12. add a Coach requirement: 10pts. for a Win - 5pts for a Loss
  13. To add insult to injury, Jethro Tull beat out Metallica for that award**. **Grammys are a joke besides this insult to Metal
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