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  1. I could see it. Nothing much to do in the area, but its certainly easy to get around from there. Plus, it's pretty eerie on Sundays.
  2. Plus, if its more than just one person, cabs become competitive with public transportation rather quickly.
  3. You're the one that thinks we should be able to buy M60s
  4. So, your argument is that we SHOULD be able to buy automatic weapons? How about RPGs? Artillery? Nuclear bombs?
  5. That right was created out of whole cloth in 2008 - and given the split of the Court in the ruling, one that might not last too long. But even in Heller, the rights under the Second Amendment are not unfettered.
  6. It's generally not those recommending gun control that have an issue with incremental changes. There just happens to be a segment of society that refuses to talk about anything relating gun control. And I'd be all for replacing the Second Amendment with something coherent - something that makes sense. However, I don't actually think the restrictions I've proposed run afoul of the Second Amendment. We already ban plenty of weapon types including artillery, RPGs, and automatic weapons. We have in the past banned certain semi-auto rifles. And while the restrictions I've forwarded are significantly more severe, there are still plenty of options for protection and hunting available. Basically, we need to start ignoring the extremists on both ends - there is neither a need to ban all guns nor a need to protect all guns. And no solution is going to be immediate nor perfect. But it's rather insane that we don't try anyway.
  7. The secondary and illegal markets are just as subject to supply and demand as any other market.
  8. Restricting the legal market will impact the manufacture of guns. Less guns in circulation, the less guns for the criminals. The less guns, the more costly. The more costly, the fewer criminals that will be able to afford them. Afterall, lets be honest. The NRA isn't a grass roots organization designed to protect the rights of common citizens. It's an industry lobby. No different from health insurance, telecom, or teachers. Well, it is more effective.
  9. Prevent the sale of any new weapons. Offer buy backs at regular intervals. Ban the sale of the ammunition. Over time, the numbers will decrease significantly. This isn't exactly rocket science here.
  10. Probably because of the ban on the government in researching gun violence.
  11. Should ban any semi auto rifle. No need - you want to hunt, use a bolt action. Frankly, there's no need for a semi auto anything. So, revolvers, bolt action rifles, break action shotguns. That should cover hunting and home protection quite well.
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