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  1. Said the same thing to my wife. I guess he wasn't a very good dentist...
  2. My son picked up on the "F-Bomb" at around 2.5 and "got it" pretty quickly. He dropped his toy and blurted out "F###!" My wife tells him, "we don't say that word. If you drop something, you can say 'oh man!'" instead. A few minutes later he drops his cookie on the floor and says "F###!. Oh Man!!"
  3. To add:I'm planning on doing 4 days - 2 just isn't worth it.
  4. Promised my wife the whole Disney thing for Christmas next year if the job situation got any better in 06 and then I got lucky by winning a drawing at work for 2 round trip tickets and 2 nights hotel in Orlando at the company holiday party.So, we're going.Good thing is it will only run me for 2 hotel nights and airfare for my 5 yo son, so that's not too bad. But now that I've started looking at ticket prices for the Disney parks, Universal/Islands of Adventure (and having to rent a car) umm, holy #### this one is going to cost me.We'll hit the Disney Animal Park (whatever it's called) and Universal for my son to get the Marvel Heroes fix, but beyond that I'm not sure yet. Probably have to hit Magic Kingdom too, but that's more for my wife than anything. I know it's like one of the most popular destinations in the country and there are a ton of places to get info and ticket deals, but anyone wish to offer any recent experiences? Good deals/Bad deals on tickets, anything in the parks not really worth seeing? Haven't been since I was like 12, so I can't remember much.Just starting this journey and any quickie advice (or links) would be appreciated.TIA.
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