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  1. Team A gave: Jerick McKinnon, John Brown Team B gave: Kenny Britt, Devin Funchess
  2. Looking to buy in a couple leagues where I'm a contender, of course I don't have a 3rd in either of them.
  3. Price check on Pierre Garcon in terms of rookie pick(s)?
  4. Not sure anyone else got this. It was subtlety, well played.
  5. You can't really expect them to put together a stellar cast this late in the game, and does it really matter? This team will be lucky to get 4 wins next year. You can upgrade the coaching staff next season where needed.
  6. Thanks, Warhogs. I was offered 2.01 and decide to take the pick. I've already got three starting RBs and could use some young talent.
  7. Apparently, Shanahan lost the Falcons playbook. Belicheat probably stole it. If the Patriots win big you'll know he did. Is that enough for you to get going?
  8. Neither am I. This was an unsolicited trade offer I jumped on.
  9. 12-Team PPR, Start 1 QB Team A gives Pick 1.10 Team B gives Paul Perkins
  10. No, I didn't. I literally made another trade with the same team the sum of which wound up being what I posted above. Here were the two individual trades: I don't post non-completed trades here. Sorry for the confusion but you guys are making assumptions as well.
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