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  1. You up if have trouble post pick in forum and we will get you fixed later

  2. Starting over Crowell @ BUF and Stills. Starting over Watkins vs. CLE based on Haden and weather in Buffalo, assuming that's where it's played.
  3. Hey now! You can't just throw out there that a consensus first-round pick and the breakout rookie phenom are your fifth and sixth best WRs . . . without telling us who your top-4 are and how you acquired them. I have Jordy, Julio, Sanders, Benjamin, Marshall, and Bryant. Auction draft. Drafted Jordy, Julio, and Benjamin at good prices. Traded for Gronk preseason, then traded him to get Sanders. Traded Garcon/Wilson/Vereen for Marshall/Rainey right after Ridley got hurt and WIlson was off his 30 pt. game.
  4. Just traded Marshall and Martavis for Dez from owner who is in a must win this week. Martavis was not starting for me, so I don't mind giving up the value for the starter upgrade. I probably could have tried to give up a little less given his desperate situation, but WR is the only position I could trade away, and they were my 5th and 6th best WRs.
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