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  1. But what if Kamala doesn't sign off on it? This could turn into a complete cluster. The party in power would have the advantage, I think.
  2. I thought you were going to get into HGEN? You would probably be even on that one.
  3. It's crazy that they have to worry about this. But it's definitely a possibility. What would have happened if Pence had not certified the election? This shows how far Trump and team is willing to go.
  4. We could see a repeat of what happened with cycling. Once Armstrong got busted, all the dirty laundry came out.
  5. That's not really an argument. Every athlete that takes steroids can say the same thing. "Why would I take them if I knew they were testing for them." It could be that the horse doesn't metabolize them as quick as they thought, or whatever they use to fool the test (blockers) did not work as expected. Or maybe someone snuck them into the horse's water bottle like they did to Ben Johnson.
  6. Hey Moops. You may want to delete that post. This is exactly what he's looking for to get a suspension. Par for the course with him.
  7. Yikes. It had to be worse than this. Although I do agree that the Trump supporters do get a lot more rope when it comes to suspensions. There seems to be an open season in what they say regarding Tim.
  8. As mentioned. There are only 5 DSA members in Congress. I'm not sure where the 71 comes from? Maybe in all government (regional level included)? But saying 71 sounds a lot more scarier I guess. Lets not let facts get in the way.
  9. I don't think this is the case right now. Maybe in 4 years he will have less influence, but currently it seems everyone needs to bend the knee to him.
  10. This was played out big time during the Bush era. They just kept repeating Saddam Hussein, Iraq, and 9/11.
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