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  1. I just bailed on ONTX, so you should see it start to moon.
  2. ABVG's suspension ends at midnight on March 4th. If they are found to comply, does anyone know what kind of effect this will have on Friday trading? I have no experience with this and I was just wondering if we can expect a freefall exodus?
  3. Man. Tim is in your head, big time. I think it's because you can't get him to react.
  4. Fear of Missing Out is a reddit thing. It could catch on if they see that a stock's ticker name is FOMO. Plus they are an actual company anyways.
  5. Would you sell for $10 if it got approval? So few people would be taking profits at that level.
  6. I think it would get to $15 pretty quick. Not sure who would sell shares though. They are a stubborn group of investors. And no one would be borrowing shares to short.
  7. There's a lot to be said for the first efficacious drug out of the gate. Isn't HGEN and RLFTF closing in on results also (regarding the day 60 results)?
  8. Haven't seen TonyDead around. Did he get a vacation?
  9. Are you just trolling are do you think what Hillary did and what Trump did are equal?
  10. I couldn't imagine working with Nader. The only reason anyone knows about this product is because of Patterson, and NP sold him down the river. The guy is greasy. Saying that, I am sure a big company would partner with anyone if the price was right, and you had an imminent approval.
  11. Atleast until the ticker name is changed. Isn't that the whole purpose for investing in this one?
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