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  1. The problem with your argument is that the hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated people crossing the border are not the ones taking up your places in the hospital. The ones in the hospital are unvaccinated US citizens. I'm pretty sure if there was an issue with immigrants taking up valuable places in your ICU wards, the first two pages of Fox's website would be plastered with it.
  2. Trump was only looking for time and disruption. No one thinks that this group was going to be able to hold the capitol. But if they got to Pence and did something to prevent him from signing off, or if they would have gotten to the Electoral College ballots and burned them, then there would have been a whole lot of confusion on how to proceed. This could be an opening that Trump would try and exploit. If none of these things matter, then why was Trump so desperately trying to get Pence not to certify the election?
  3. You are so on the wrong side of history. In 25 years when people are talking and writing about this, the BLM/Antifa thing will be viewed as civil unrest that resulted in riots. January 6th will go down as a dark day in US history as the culmination of the attempts of a narcissist leader into subverting democracy and overturning an election. The fact that some of you cannot see this is humorous. Just looking at the 20th century, Conservatives do seem to be on the wrong side of history an awful lot.
  4. It kicked the crap out of me. I got the chills for a couple hours at 3 in the morning, and then I was full blown Flu (mancold) the next day. I hadn't had the flu in 20 years, so I had forgotten what it felt like.
  5. Were you unaware that the vaccine caused many to get a '1-day' Flu while their body built antibodies? I felt like crap after my first AZ shot, but had no sickness on the 2nd shot. But I also knew to expect this. I was under the impression that this was well known?
  6. Both of Milley's calls seem to be on the up and up. https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/17/politics/trump-defense-secretary-call-china-milley/index.html
  7. The GWB Invasion of Iraq was way worse. Miscalculating the length of time it was going to take the Taliban to takeover the country is not even in the same ballpark as going to war over false intelligence (that everyone in the world pretty much new was wrong, outside of the US). Comparing the two is laughable.
  8. The Afghanistan pull out sure has fallen out of the news cycle. Even Fox does not have it among their main stories anymore. A little surprised at how quick this happened.
  9. If only there was a way, that we as individuals, could take some of the stress off of hospitals and health care workers.
  10. I'm not sure if this applies to Milley. But if it does and he was worried about Trump pulling an end-around and not going through the proper channels (Congress or the physical security, material accountability that Shutout mentions), would it not make sense to inform everyone that they need to make sure that any orders involving missile strikes, going to war, etc., need to verified to be legal? I'm just thinking out loud. I do not know the exact rules. But would Milley being concerned about Trump's mental state, and telling the other Generals that they need to make sure that any National Security order given by Trump needs to be legal, constitute an illegal action?
  11. I appreciate most of your analysis, but this is way over the top.
  12. The Ukraine call when he was trying to get the leader of another country to investigate his political rival was horrendous. If a leader was caught doing that in any other Western country, the resignation papers would have been forthcoming pretty quick.
  13. I would also add that they also expect to be treated with the best medical care if they do get Covid.
  14. Wasn't that the whole purpose of the meeting? To make sure that wasn't going to happen. But I agree, he should resign and I think he might. Resigning will make him look heroic in many peoples eyes. To many he will come off as someone willing to suffer the consequences in order to protect America and the world. Modern Day Martyr. I think the Catholic Church may even make him a Saint.
  15. I was just going to mention this. It can be dangerous having a disgruntled and disgraced egomaniac at the helm during this period.
  16. Only 37.8% of white people are fully vaccinated according to that site.
  17. British Columbia just started the passport program today. Very simple to download. Took 3 minutes to get it on your phone. Non-vaccinated people cannot get into restaurants, events, gyms, and a couple other things. BC is around 79% one dose vaccinated and 86% over 12 years old. When the passport was announced, there was a large increase in the amount of daily vaccinations (all the fence sitters got the shot).
  18. The US division of my company has already put mandates in place regarding office staff and sales people coming into the office. Many customers are now demanding that techs be fully vaccinated to work on their sites. This will force a lot of companies to take a long look at their workforce. It doesn't matter how skilled any worker is, if the end customer does not allow unvaccinated people on their site.
  19. Is there ever a point when a mandate is needed? I'm asking because I am on the fence on this one. I believe that employees should be atleast given the choice between negative tests every 72 hours or fully vacinated. If all the hospitals were overflowing with unvaccinated Covid patients, and people were being turned away, being told not to come to the hospital (stoke victims, heart attach victims, cancer patients, other Covid patients, etc.), would that change your mind? Would a complete health care shutdown caused by unvaccinated people taking up all the ICU beds be enough for a health care mandate concerning vaccinations?
  20. But they do act as a good foil to the unvaccinated, as the virus ping-pongs off children and unvaccinated. Keeping it prevalent in society, and hospitals at maximum capacity.
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