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  1. If I don’t push myself on my morning run I eat a banana and peanut butter belvita crackers, medium run congratulations you’ve earned an everything bagel and cream cheese, hard run and forget about it, 🍩 and more 🍩 Some kind of ice cream every night.
  2. Couldn’t find her stress score anywhere in that article, not impressed.
  3. Drive 8hrs Friday to pick up race packet by 8pm, run first marathon Saturday morning, immediately hop in car and drive 8 hours home to make sure I don’t miss kids swim meet Sunday morning. Automatic PR since it’s my first marathon seems possible
  4. Thanks, I started doing 10 push-ups before my morning run. goodbye manboobs, hello pecks 💪
  5. I really enjoyed that video, I fear what my running form looks like after watching that.
  6. Try using a kick board and practicing the breath timing, a lot easier to knock down the timing and comfort without worrying about arms.
  7. Everyone is different but I felt some very mild Flu symptoms after my 2nd Pfizer, took an aleve and a 20min nap and good as new.
  8. You’re in your 50s? Oh come on WTF
  9. Now if he could just get his stress level under control....
  10. Not impressed, you took a massive nap https://ibb.co/S5G58c0 CONSISTENCY........day after day of caring about nothing
  11. Your 5 min miles are nice and all but I’ll keep my stress level domination, thank you Probably need to start a new thread about how to reduce stress and drop all my awesome tips and tricks in there.
  12. I’m at a 20......and a little excited that I beat someone who regularly bangs out 30 min 5 mile runs.
  13. I’ll take the pollen over the black ice, bring on the allergies, heat, sweats and dehydration!!
  14. Surprised you’re having issues. You’ve been running for what 2 weeks and you’ve slowly ramped up to a 9 mile run? Seems like you had a great plan, just tough luck I’d guess.
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