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  1. No I didn’t get zipped version, I don’t normally carry water but I do carry gels if I’m going 10+ on a run or a long bike ride and this is perfect for that.
  2. The first few runs I kept the phone in the back thinking that would be best. It bounced when I ran and was a huge pain to get out when I needed to get to my phone. I switched to keeping it in the front and it’s way better, don’t even notice it and way easier to access the phone. Still kind of a pain to get it out of the slits with gloves on but the gloves are a pain with the armband as well.
  3. First run with flip belt was a disaster, hated it. Stuck with it and now I’m sold. Should work better than the arm band on the bike as well. fenix 5x watch is a beast, love this thing, batter life is ridiculous and I’m so glad to be away from a touchscreen(last Garmin was a touchscreen). Give me hard button presses all day long.
  4. Also I don’t know FBG username but initials ES ran 6.09 miles today at 8min/mile with a heart rate like he was walking. I’ve been thinking about that run all day, I ran up the stairs and my HR was higher than that run. ridiculous
  5. Trying to feed peloton info into Garmin because I want the Garmin knowing how much I’m doing on the peloton so it doesn’t think I’m lazy. Really screwing up my Strava. Why can’t Garmin and peloton just be bros, so annoying.
  6. 34F when I ran this morning, upper body clothing was on point but my legs got really sweaty, probably shorts over tights if this heat wave continues.
  7. Wife and I really enjoying the show. Can’t wait to get back to Italy
  8. 120 guys in the genesis invitational, Rory McIlroy currently in 114 and he won his match with the world #3 ranked Justin Thomas who finished one stroke worse. Score one for the good guys!!
  9. This is the ultimate setup IMO. I run and bike with arm band and phone. Today I have a flip belt arriving to give that a shot because the $10 arm band is toast after 10 months of hard use.
  10. Oh I’d totally leave them(10, 8, 5) but my wife panics.
  11. I had everything ready, got all my house stuff done, kids taken care of, 2-4pm sun is shining, it’s above 20f, roads mostly clear, I’m pumped and then my wife says I’d really like to walk outside but it’s ok you go and I’ll go on the peloton and here we are 3 hours later, she got the sunshine and I ran in the dark.....again. A lot less room on the roads with these snowbanks.
  12. I’m not man enough to wear this beast, wow
  13. Ok I’m interested, would this be recommended over the forerunner 935?
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