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  1. I’m in in you bump it to 2067
  2. If you never run hard you don’t need rest weeks(that’s my personal philosophy)
  3. I don’t know the history of your injury but I spent last summer biking and running specifically to avoid injury and the alternating really helped mentally, it was great doing something different every day(and I avoided injury)
  4. Good recommendation, I sweated all over these babies this morning and they held up great.
  5. Must be faulty HR monitor, nothing to see here please move along
  6. Much like you I’m a wimp To estimate your maximum age-related heart rate, subtract your age from 220. Max hr with no effort, you’re welcome
  7. My last Garmin had elevation issues when it got dirty (connector caked with sweat). I’d clean it and elevation would be fine and then it would slowly start giving wonky elevations. In addition to the other suggestions try giving the connector a good cleaning.
  8. Both, need to look around and see what’s available.
  9. After my experience this morning I’m going to take a shot at a sub 45 10k, current pr is 49 something. 18 mile bike ride and followed it up with what was supposed to be an easy run. Legs felt sticky after getting off the bike but first mile was 8:09 and I felt great so pushed and looked down at my watch and saw 6:50 which was a bit frightening, I held 7ish for the next 1.5 miles and then shut it down but I’m now quite confident I have way more in the tank than I thought.
  10. This would get me to return to racing
  11. Awesome, added it to my library for my next run
  12. Ok not as insane as I thought. On my run this morning I pushed the last few miles, at mile 5 I was at 150 HR and figured I’d need to really push to get to 160 to see how that felt and went 6:58 on mile 6, first sub 7 mile I’ve done in 27 years.
  13. Garmin predictor(best current time) 5k 19:59(23:17) 10k 41:27(49:28) HM 1:31.46(1:50.18) marathon 3:11(never run)
  14. Ahhh that makes sense, my numbers are absolutely insane because I have no races
  15. A lot of Garmin users in here, does anyone trust the race predictor times in Garmin?
  16. Is the organization girls on the run?
  17. If I don’t push myself on my morning run I eat a banana and peanut butter belvita crackers, medium run congratulations you’ve earned an everything bagel and cream cheese, hard run and forget about it, 🍩 and more 🍩 Some kind of ice cream every night.
  18. Couldn’t find her stress score anywhere in that article, not impressed.
  19. Drive 8hrs Friday to pick up race packet by 8pm, run first marathon Saturday morning, immediately hop in car and drive 8 hours home to make sure I don’t miss kids swim meet Sunday morning. Automatic PR since it’s my first marathon seems possible
  20. Thanks, I started doing 10 push-ups before my morning run. goodbye manboobs, hello pecks 💪
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