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  1. A friend of mine just finished his first Ironman, I’ve been hammering him with questions. Asked him about his mental state during the race and he commented that when he was struggling he just looked around and tried to remember all the training and to soak this all in. Also the Ironman tracker is so good, make sure you post that bib # so we can follow! Good luck!
  2. Wow Can’t wait to read the Indy race report that you post during the NYC marathon
  3. I’ve read this a few times…..are you pacing a marathon Saturday in Indianapolis and then pacing the NYC marathon Sunday?
  4. Wait, 800 meter world record for women was set in 1983?! WTF? 3 of the top 7 times in history are Soviet women in 1976 and 1980? Lol
  5. Amazing first marathon @xulf Congratulations
  6. Forget the time, first marathon, A goal is finishing.
  7. Crazy that there are 16 guys faster than him in the 80 and over
  8. Wife got me one of these for Xmas last year, they really are amazing.
  9. I don’t have a race report because I haven’t raced but last night I knocked over 2 minutes off my fastest 10k time, came out of nowhere. Somewhere in the 45:15-45:30 (Strava and Garmin disagree)range, previous was 47:30ish in August. I’m no @Zigg but a pretty monstrous drop for me. I don’t have a focus on my training other than to get out there, in August I committed to some harder runs to help understand pacing and how to run with an HR over 140. It’s paid off big time.
  10. I read his post and immediately googled Olympic times. 37 minutes!!??
  11. Awesome job @SteelCurtain (there are a lot of steel curtain usernames)
  12. Glad some of the more experienced runners have spoken up, based on that training cycle I was thinking 3 hrs flat was the goal. 3:12 will be easy!(speaking from the viewpoint of never having run more than 15 miles in one shot)
  13. I ran at lunch today, awesome. Breaks up the day, gets me away from work and in the fresh air, all new routes. And it’s not pitch black..
  14. Damn I trust the more the pain it is, that's where success is
  15. Looks like my only window to run is now going to be lunchtime at work. Excited for some new routes, not excited for my coworkers to see me dripping in sweat. Of course not being able to cool off after a shower and dripping in sweat afterwards is also gonna be awesome!
  16. you ran a marathon with no socks on the tail end of an Ironman!?
  17. Am I supposed to wear these without my normal running compression shorts? The fit is perfect but the compression liner doesn’t provide much compression. Just curious what others are doing.
  18. Thanks 50% coupon works once on each color
  19. Another one running only her third marathon
  20. That was awesome, 3rd marathon ever!!?? Wow
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