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  1. I have Hopkins and Metcalf in both of my leagues..... Auction wise they were the best value for top 5 talent, and for some reason people aren't on them as much because they aren't the "New Shiny Toys". I honestly don't think you can go wrong with anyone of them. Hopkins could easily score closer to 10 tds this year, which is more of his norm after a full off-season with Murray. Hopkins has a floor of 100 receptions, and 1200 yards, and always the potential to be the top WR Metcalf to me is the next possible Calvin Johnson. He has the potential for 15 tds, and honestly was on his way there last year until the Seahawks offensive coordinator completely messed up their offense the 2nd half of the season. (First 8 games last year 43 receptions, 788 yards, and 8 Tds, he also had one fumbled in the endzone because he celebrated too early, which would have been 9 Tds through first 8 games) The potential is there for him to be #1 overall, and I am not sure why more people aren't all over him this year in his 3rd year. Ridley definitely has the potential to be #1 overall, and you can't go wrong with him just due to sheer volume. I think the Falcons will also have a lot of garbage time points as they will be playing from behind.
  2. I am not understanding any of the discussion on Montgomery being overvalued... I am targeting in all of my drafts as long as his ADP remains this low All reports are that the Bears plan to give him 20 touches a game, he is faster, has one of the best RB coaches in the league, and will be the focal point of their offense... and I really don't see Cohen being any kind of threat to his production. The Cohen is back argument really does not justify this guy's drop in ADP and he continues to be a steal... he was a top 5 RB last year, and didn't do great most of the year... I think he could easily end up back in the top 5 again this year... there just aren't that many RBs who are even going to taste 20 touches a game anymore Bears head coach Matt Nagy said he wants 20 rushing attempts per game for David Montgomery. Nagy, unlike most coaches who insist they'll run the ball no matter what, conceded that Montgomery's workload will hinge on game script. "Depending on what the game is, what's happened the last couple years and why some of David's carries -- which aren't low -- haven't been quite as high is a lot of guys get it in to four-minute mode in the fourth quarter," Nagy said. "That's where they can get those extra four or five carries, which can bump them into the top five, you know, with 20 rushes a game. That's our goal." Nagy added: "We want to have the lead so that we can give him the ball, so he has touches." Montgomery, after a host of injuries in the Chicago backfield, seized the workhorse role by default, logging more carries than all but three running backs in 2020. Montgomery has a lot working against him headed into 2021: Tarik Cohen is back, presumably to retake his pass-catching role, and Justin Fields could emerge as the Bears' starter, taking away high-value opportunities for Montgomery in the run game. He's being drafted as the 19th running back off the board.
  3. Could not disagree more here. I will say that I was one of the people that drafted James Robinson last year. I did a lot of research on him before the draft. He is one of those RB's that defenders underestimate his speed, his quickness and bursts into open space abilities are elite, he has great vision, as well as very good pass catching skills. There is a reason that where he has played in his career that he produces, and I think with having a better QB, and a better overall offense around him now that he can still be very very productive. I know they drafted Travis Etienne, but one that they intend to use as more of a 1-2 punch and use Etienne as a "Slash" type player. I still think Robinson will be a very viable #2 RB, and he will only get better this year at being in the right place at the right time and it is more of a pay close attention to the situation. I would 100% try to draft him again if it is clear that he will be the starter or even get 60% of the carries. I agree that there is definitely the potential for a guy out there this year that will be this year's "James Robinson" or "Jordan Howard" from a few years ago. I think it will be easier as we get closer to camp, and there are injuries or different situations that play out. Even with the James Robinson situation that is one to keep a close eye on, but the dude has proved that he is worthy of getting the ball as he did well on a terrible Jacksonsville team last year. I'd love to see what he can do with an improved team. As for players I am staying away from. I play in auction leagues only, and the players I am staying away from are players that cost way too much money or are too expensive for the respective value. I have been burned too many times over the past few years by injuries, and honestly it has taken away a lot of enjoyment for me in fantasy. It's been like 5 years in a row now, and I know you can't predict injuries but you can make more balanced rosters in Auction drafts, which is the mistake I made last year specifically.
  4. I mean... if he stays healthy he has the most ridiculous WR corps I have ever seen with another off season together... and he threw 40 tds last year.... The last 7 games of the season he threw 2235 yards, 20 TDs, 1 rush TD, and 5 ints... In the playoffs last year against better competition he threw 10 tds and 3 ints in 4 games... and beat Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Patrick Mahomes .... this might be the first year I am excited to target him at QB because of the potential value, and his recent show of personality more makes it more fun
  5. I really don't think Rodgers cares about this as much as we have been led to believe.... I remember a couple of times throughout his career he opted for a ton of $$$$ instead of allowing the franchise some breathing room to bring on more players... I remember this because I kept thinking he cared about legacy and would do what Brady was doing so that the team could bring championship calibur players there, but instead he asked for the biggest contracts of the time. I am not saying he should not have asked for the $$$$$$. Any player's career can be over in the blink of an eye, but I find it odd that there is all this talk about him caring about legacy now, and the Packers organization not giving him help. I just clearly remember him going for the huge payday when he had the opportunity for the team to bring more talent around Also **** the Packers and having two hall of fame QB's back to back... I hope they suck for a long time, and their fans suck too
  6. **** Trevor Lawrence .. sick of the hype over this guy.. reminds me of the Johnny "Football" craze... and we all know how that turned out and that Mike Evans was the reason for a lot of his success... I often wonder how much Lawrence was a product of the Clemson system....I would rather have Fields to be honest
  7. people just to like to feel like what they do is important, and like to feel smarter than everyone else to boost their EGO.... using phrases no one knows what the hell they are talking about so they can seem like "Experts".....
  8. yea he could be a league winner this year... dude's legit
  9. Already lost Barkley, and Thomas... whose next??
  10. 1st play... completion to Scotty Miller 😀
  11. Edmonds big game from last year for reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hib5qVdJCsU
  12. Yea just looked at FAAB bidding on Hines in my league. .5 PPR, 2 Flex Positions, Deep Rosters, No rbs available. (Also Michael Thomas Injury for me) I bid $85 (Won) 2.$67 3.$60 4.$43 5.$43 6.$41 7.$36 8.$24 9.$11 10.$9 11.$7 12.$6 Literally every single team bid on him. Can't be afraid to spend that money when you want a player. Glad I got him.
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