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  1. Or one sleep, with a carefully calculated Benadryl dose!
  2. "I watched that great ESPN commercial on my iPad while I was on the NFL sidelines drinking my Powerade."
  3. Going to the picture directly will allow you to expand it. Once it loads, just drag the picture in any direction with your mouse and it'll expand to any size you want. http://gfycat.com/SevereHoarseIaerismetalmark
  4. It is possible that he is religious, but just drafted the wrong god.
  5. I feel dumb commenting on every one of these Rotoworld posts but they somehow manage to get stuff wrong in every single one of them it seems. While I agree that Manuel looks awful and that it could significantly hinder Watkins, Manuel badly UNDERTHREW Watkins, not overthrew him. If they can't even get little details like that correct, it's hard to take them seriously at all. It certainly looked like he overthrew him here: http://scores.espn.go.com/nfl/recap?gameId=400541294
  6. I did not, I clicked reply before the head size post was posted. I think it'd probably be worth asking Tavon, but I think the St. Louis PR department runs a pretty tight ship. My self-address stamped-envelope fanboy letter to Zuerlein didn't get returned at all, much less with the saliva sample I requested to clone him.
  7. An article would be really interesting and that was the reason someone asked in the first place. Just saying "he's light, he'll probably get more concussions!" seems highly speculative and, given the response, it's something that is worth discussion. If you say Austin at 175 is more likely to get a concussion than a 200 pound player, you have to assume everything else is constant. Does Austin have fewer career concussions coming into the league than the average 200 pound receiver? Does it matter that Austin is a receiver? Concussions in 2011: QB – 7, RB – 16, TE – 20, WR – 22, OL – 24, DL –
  8. When a person makes a claim, it is up to others to fact check. That's just how these things work.
  9. Link please http://bramelsecondopinion.com/2012/11/12/monday-injury-debriefing-10/
  10. Stop commenting on your own page, that's just sad.

  11. I wish the irony here was purposeful--but it wasn't.Exactly, that should have read "he IS the most least-sharpest knife in the drawer."
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