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  1. Aaron Jones Nick Chubb Alex Mattison Sony Michel
  2. Those are referred to as "lame duck" owners who won't be returning.
  3. I would hesitate to call those type of owners, "often good leaguemates" as that clearly isn't true.
  4. The 3 elements necessary for a binding agreement are offer, acceptance and consideration. The first 2 are clearly present and a valid argument can be made that the willingness to sit MT for the week was part of the consideration.
  5. Libertarian Donald Rainwater is surging and could unseat incumbent Republican Eric Holcomb. The mandates and shutdowns have soured many conservative voters and Rainwater is also attracting some Dems as well. His platform consists of eliminating state Income tax, eliminating property tax on your primary residence, constitutional carry and legalizing cannabis.
  6. Thinking of buying the 6 qt model for $86 on Amazon. Anybody a fan ?
  7. The Colts should offer their early 4th for him. Would be a good fit in Indy.
  8. He'll be out of Pittsburgh after this season. You gave a redraft rationale to a dynasty question.
  9. I would go as high as 2.01 in a standard 12 teamer but I am likely higher on MB than most. He has top WR2 value in the right offense.
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