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  1. I like Chargers/Ravens OVER 51.5 LAC/LVR/AZ is an interesting 3 Leg ML Dog parlay if you like such things. ($25 to collect $353)
  2. You can always rehome the dog if it doesn't work out.
  3. A lot of people mentioned in this tread stand above their peers much more than Justin Tucker
  4. No need to report it. It sounds like it was an embarrassing moment for the nurse which should suffice. Surprised nobody else noticed it either. Did she get another pill or just skip that one? Hope she makes a speedy recovery. Sounds like she's had it rough.
  5. I've played in many FleaFlicker leagues but this will be my first year as Commish. I set up our draft for 9:00pm Wednesday. Is there anything I need to do to get it started or will it automatically start the clock at the scheduled time?
  6. Surprised Titans cut Dez Fitzpatrick after trading 3 picks for him. Also hoped Cornell Powell would stick in KC
  7. Daughter, 22, just out of College. Has 10k to invest. A Roth IRA is what I recommended but I really don't know. ETF, index funds etc. Are the Robo adviser options helpful?
  8. This President put the Taliban in charge of security for our evacuation. We should have been out of that hell hole years ago.
  9. I'm sure Joe's handlers are a nervous wreck right now. This presser could be epic.
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