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  1. I think those who pushed Russia conspiracy hoaxes should sit this thread out....sorry Tim...
  2. The media has pushed outright hoaxes for years, and now their lies are so voluminous that it is nearly impossible to catalog them all....
  3. — every district split into 10 districts — every representative spends almost all of their time in their home district — remote voting and remote debates
  4. I never stabbed anybody, but 16 year old me did things that current me would be appalled by. People grow and learn. As a society we need to reflect on what forces of evil led this child down such a dark path.
  5. It’s not the gender, it’s the age of the assailant. At that age, a brain is far from being fully developed. There was a fairly decent chance of her becoming a productive and loving member of society. And, yes, it is tragic to lose a life.
  6. I can’t fault people for trying to think of ways that a tragic death could have been avoided, but this proposal is not actionable.
  7. I am going to do a slight 180 here though because there is no way this high of a tax gets through, so while we may get a temporary hit, I think Joe’s Wall Street bros get out in front of this and talk it down to a reasonable number.... pure speculation on my part....
  8. 1 There is not enough juice in retail to make up the difference...retail was already over leveraged 2. Those lower prices won’t be bargains if there is less total investment
  9. But if the millionaires draw down some stocks, they will take the markets down...
  10. Trump wanted Infrastructure, but the Ds acted in bad faith and I am sure the GOP privately told him no, probably holding the Russia hoax and Ukraine hoax over his head. Impeachment was a check-mate against infrastructure....Bunch of #######s....at least we will probably get it now, even though corrupt politics delayed it...
  11. https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/donald-trump-reportedly-stopped-bat-wielding-attacker-1991-article-1.3845008
  12. There is some truth to that. I also think the tax cuts (even with the awful deficits) and regulation changes along with the cheerleading (psychology and confidence have real impacts on the economy) as well as keeping interest rate hikes in check (maybe inappropriately, but he was right) certainly helped. It helped push us from 2% ish growth to 4%ish.... The Tech revolution that really kicked into gear in the 80s and was nurtured by Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama was what kept us from collapsing due to COVID and is what I see as a primary driver going forward.
  13. The family unit is the smallest unit of “government” that makes up the fabric of our country. The system set up was was patriarchal (amongst other issues highlighted by the social changes since the 1969s), but a predictable source of stability. As with all systems, there was intense resistance to change and concern for new social maladies that would supplant the maladies we were trying to fix. it’s not a made up term, but instead it’s gets at the fabric of how the country functions.
  14. Talk about timing for my posting....43% is harsh and will do damage.....I also heard a rumor (probably not true) that crypto gains will get hit even harder maybe 80% CG tax....
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