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  1. I don’t see a lot of starters playing much at all in preseason now
  2. Mahomes Allen Rodgers Wilson Watson HM - Brady, Jackson, Murray All bottoms will be replaced but here’s some baddies Darnold, Lock, D Jones, Garropolo, NE, Jax I need to see more Hurts to rate him
  3. He probably belongs, but I don’t ever remember that other teams feared playing against him so much...
  4. TB defense looked good today...Devin White is a great contributor
  5. I think Brees has gas in the tank. He came back from fractured ribs. It will be interesting to see if he comes back and if he does, will it be with the Saints?
  6. Another year, another Saints playoff meltdown...Payton most overrated coach in football
  7. It was great, guy was wide open 4th and inches, shotgun formation....Cle D probably thought KC was just trying to draw them off...no way they expected it
  8. random hot takes IMHO, Tomlin is above average coach which is probably good enough and if you replace him you have a better that the next guy is worse , not better. Ben is a great QB, but he has always lacked, from my view as a distant observer, that extra hunger. Every year he wants to retire. I don’t see him studying as hard as a Manning or a Rodgers or playing with the fire of a Brady.... Sean Payton (who has been mentioned in this thread) is overrated IMHO. How many disappointing playoff losses has he helmed? How many 7-9 finishes? All, mostly with Drew Brees...
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