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  1. I always feel like just when everybody is about to give up on a guy, they come around. I am just not in a place to risk a 0-5 pt game on him…
  2. He is not an all time great or HOF, but I think he is really good
  3. The decision wasn’t bad, the play call was terrible…
  4. Stargazer - Rainbow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVXy1OhaERY
  5. your son could run for the women’s team..just sayin’
  6. In the past, your relationships with others were not impacted by whether you supported or opposed, tax cuts, voter id, the current President, abortion (rights) etc. Now, it is definitely different…
  7. Both sides do it, but one key difference is that only one side typically gets corporations to concede. yes, Disney fired the GotG director and then brought him right back while the Mandalorian woman is still fired I don’t recall Yeti, ESPN, Pepsi, Nordstrom, Budweiser, Target, Starbucks, HBO, Macy's, Wallmart, CNN, Oreos, etc caving in….
  8. in the recent past, people had no fear of posting anything because it would never get back to them. Many boards were completely anonymous. I want to check the pulse of what content people are self censoring in the current climate, while Congress mulls over what content should be censored.
  9. I could where the religious right and feminists could find common ground to object to that content.
  10. The poll is more about WHAT people are not saying, not about IF they are doing it… HTH
  11. How afraid are we to speak our minds?
  12. Perhaps they need to rethink this, especially in light of the NFL’s draconian policies on drug use.
  13. A lot of “corporate wokeness” is performative including the NFL. That said, Gruden can not command a locker room anymore, so he needed to step down.
  14. The national anthem is part of the show that the NFL puts on every week for its fans. They bring out celebs to sing the anthem, they bring out veterans onto the field, they unfurl monstrously sized flags, have Air Force Jets fly overhead….it’s a big extravaganza for the fans. It’s part of the whole entertainment package.
  15. If I opened every meeting sharing my political opinions instead of doing the job then I wouldn’t be surprised if that negatively impacted my career. Time and place are not negligible factors…
  16. “NFL Culture” and “sports culture” in general is going come under a lot of scrutiny in the coming months. It’s not just WFT and Favre sending out Crocs pics …
  17. It could something as nefarious as a private photo leaked and shared around NFL front offices and amongst a wide plethora of sports media people, or it could be something more benign like a publicly released photo from her Instagram….we don’t know, but if it’s the former, they should not stop the investigation with WFT….
  18. Many people feel that in an ideal world, being drafted and making the roster would be pure merit and sexuality would be completely agnostic to the process. I get your point, though, that sometimes when the scale has been tipped in one direction for so long , it ⚖️ needs to tip the other way before it settles in the middle….
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