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  1. Hi Joe - since I started this thread I'll chime in with some admittedly unorganized thoughts. - It would be nice if the most popularly used features had the most prominent real estate on the home page. I would imagine that the most popular features would include (a) the landing page for the current week for season long play, (b) the landing page for the current week for daily play (I'm not a daily player myself, but still assume this is a popular feature, and (c) player news/injury updates. - I don't think that the "Featured Articles" section (which often includes articles up to 2 weeks old) needs to dominate the screen - I really don't need the huge orange "Upgrade Now" link following me wherever I seem to go on the website. I've already paid for the season long pro. Once I've paid my dues, I don't expect to see such prominent advertisement behind the paywall. If I wanted the upgraded package, I'd have bought it by now. I understand that this is a marketing thing and so is not likely to change, but it is a distraction. - I agree with the commenter above that the Tools menu is huge, highly sensitive to my mouse touching it for even one millisecond, and then covers the entire screen. - Within the season long current week landing page, it would be nice if the Gameday Updates was more accessible. By noon on Sunday, this is really the only feature that is needed, and can be hard to find.
  2. Is it just me, or does anyone else find the website layout absolutely atrocious? Why isn't there a prominent link for the weekly coverage for season long leagues? Or even if not a prominent link, at least place it within the same menu consistently. I've scrolled up and down the main page, and hovered over all the submenus and can't find it anywhere. This is kind of the main purpose of this website, it shouldn't take so long and such a headache to find it.
  3. I figured out that the problem is with Bloom's rankings. Somehow DD shows that he's got Mac projected for 623 points! His QB2 is Murray at 383 points. I hope they realize that lots of drafts are happening and so get this fixed soon.
  4. Draft Dominator just escalated Mac Jones from the QB29-32 range to QB5 overall! I understand he gets a huge boost from winning the starting job outright, but can someone explain to me that rationale for making this unproven rookie QB5 overall, ahead of guys like R. Wilson, Rodgers, Dak, Brady, Herbert? I could see somewhere around QB13 at best, in the tier with Tannehill, Hurts, Burrow, but#5 makes no sense to me. I'm in a 2QB league that drafts tomorrow, so some insight here would be very helpful.
  5. What timing. I have to declare my auction keepers tomorrow. $200 budget. Was going to keep Henry at $64 or Taylor for $44 (I know it sounds crazy, but top RBs consistently go for $80+ in this league). Now I am seriously considering keeping JRob at $6 instead. Hope we get some clarity on ETN's status by the end of the day.
  6. Just traded Conner to the Bell owner for Kelce. (I was starting Doyle otherwise). Not sure if I made the right move, as I'm a bit thin at RB. But I figured this could be a sell-high opportunity right now, and I'd rather take the bird in the hand with Kelce than the speculative upside with Conner. So here you have one data point on Conner's current trade value. This is not a dynasty league, but it is a keeper league. Kelce has no keeper value for next year; Conner would be a great keeper if he performs (and assuming Bell is somewhere else nxt year).
  7. I'm not really missing the point of auction valuation at all. But if someone is going to use a spreadsheet with values as a tool to assist in their auction, then as a STARTING POINT, the auction values for the top 192 players (in a 12x16 league) should absolutely equal the total league budget. To be clear, the spreadsheet is just one tool in an auction; it's not the 10 Commandments. But if one is going to use it as a tool (or publish it on their website as a tool), it might as well at least be arithmetically correct to start. That doesn't prevent the user from then adjusting the tool to account for league tendencies, a preference for studs/duds versus balance, positional preferences, early surprises, etc.
  8. The excel spreadsheets are garbage for auctions. I'm in a 12-team league, with 16-player rosters, so 192 players. $200 budget per team, so $2,400 total being spent at the auction. Yet when I plug those settings into the spreadsheet, the values for the top 192 players do not total $2,400. They come out anywhere between $2,100 - $2,200. This means that the overall prices in the spreadsheet are vastly understated, between 8.5% - 12.5% (most of which should probably be allocated towards the higher end players). I've emailed the site about this in the past; I don't understand why they've never bothered to fix this
  9. Logic would dictate that your assumption is correct. Grammar would dictate otherwise.
  10. You need to clarify what the "if not" relates to... the reinstatement? him playing right away? him reaching 1000 yards?
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