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  1. Buffalo better beware, they are going to see more of the 2 headed monster of Darrell Williams & jerrick McKinnon..oooohhh
  2. Forget selling at all, Andy reid apparently hates this guy. Hasn't used him at all tonight. Darrell Williams and jerick McKinnon are hall of famers.
  3. Reid even has freakin McKinnon in there over CEH, gotta love it.
  4. Andy reid is just in love with Darrell the plodder Williams, for some unknown reason. I think CEH slept with Andy's wife.
  5. Bush hurt again? What a shocker. He is turning out to be an awful pick, moving up like they did. Tuitt with his contract even worse.
  6. KC really not that good, their defense is atrocious and offense is pretty easy to figure out. They cant and wont run, and you only have to account for hill and kelce that's it.
  7. It is mind boggling the infatuation Reid has with Darrell Williams, just stupidity
  8. Yes, give it to Darrell on 3rd and 2, he can barely move forward. Andy reid is a dope.
  9. Helaire over 100 last 2 weeks and he's barely seen the field. Gotta love it, McKinnon has more playing time.
  10. Its maddening having to start him every week. I have garbage on my roster so I dont have a choice. It's comical he is rotated out for Darrell freakin Williams
  11. Why teams dont punish QBs that run is beyond me, oh wait you're not allowed to touch them. I forgot
  12. Glad kc is giving Helaire a breather after that one carry he had.
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