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  1. Good thing Baltimore quit getting the ball to Williams and his 9 yards per touch average. It's a must to give Murray carries, how stupid.
  2. Williams averaging 9 yards per touch, sure stop giving it to him. Unreal
  3. I'm not foolish enough to draft him.
  4. Nice to see someone so arrogant get knocked down a peg. I'm sure it was someone else's fault though
  5. Its the typical 200 year old refs the nfl employs. None of them actually know the rules. They ruin the game
  6. Has this guy ever made it through an entire game. At this point I'd be surprised if he didn't get hurt in a game.
  7. And another fg, are you kidding me. That will be their undoing.
  8. No you can't. Especially when your offense puts you on the field after 20 seconds of possession every time
  9. Steeler defense is going to wear down. The putrid offense can't do anything. You think they would try hurry up or anything other than what they are doing now.
  10. If josh allwants to run, they better make him pay dearly
  11. It's the awesome nfl referees we have come to hate
  12. Claypool interfered with twice on that last play.
  13. Nice to be able to have Washington come in with dionte being hurt
  14. Steeler offense looks like it did last year, and that's not good.
  15. Dont think Dak will be looking at lamb rest of the night. Guess that's why Cedric was in
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