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  1. Great is an overstatement to me. He's not been close to a Rio or Vidic. He's probably been the steadiest CB they've had since them (unless I'm forgetting somebody) and I think he would be helped tremendously with a different partner.
  2. I’ve been advised we aren’t supposed to take Tweets seriously.
  3. Also, Kumerica has said he hopes to start posting some of his starting later this week (I think around Thursday).
  4. Yes, I talked to him - he's still in and working on it. He has a lot of movies to cover so taking a little time.
  5. We need to understand how Covid has impacted the swingers world and what changes can look forward to in the future.
  6. Ah - this reminds me.....as I was perusing IMDB it had Hamilton listed once it was on Disney+. I had a fleeting thought of picking it for musical but Hags told me to not be a dope, that it isn't a musical but just a recording of show. I assume the musical judges would have agreed with him??
  7. We've had basketball tournaments running all summer in Georgia - I've yet to hear about outbreaks but I'm surprised there hasn't been.
  8. Yeah - I don't really know either - just something I never even noticed until we started having this discussion.
  9. I hear what Wikkid is saying but ignoring that debate for just a minute.... I don't know if I've ever payed attention to the fact that virtually all of the Disney movies are musicals but none of the Pixar movies are. Just find that kind of odd that I never noticed it before.
  10. I would think that the delineation (for me at least) would be who is singing the song. Toy Story for example, is not a musical because it just has original music but it's not sung by the characters. I know that several Lion King songs are sung by the characters but I was thinking "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" is just played during the movie and not sung by a character.
  11. I don't think I made my point well - I was more thinking that those two ranked 1 and 2 in the category - I will never watch West Side Story again but I'd watch Singin' in the Rain. I guess on some level I've had a similar reaction to other categories - it just stood out to me because I had never seen either of thos two, had always thought I should and then finally did and had very opposite reactions to the two.
  12. Now that I think about it - if it is the animations that were selected then I don't get Lion King. Wasn't some of the music just played during the movie and not necessarily sung by one of the characters? I'm going off memory so could be wrong. Seemed like Beauty and the Beast all the songs were sung by the characters so I could see how that should "count".
  13. Yeah, I kind of alluded to it in my post just now. I wasn't paying attention but was Beauty and the Best and Lion King the live action versions? If not, then I was kind of surprised by that myself.
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