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  1. Does he put you to the top of the contenders? What are your current QB's? How does your league value QB's?
  2. I would rather keep Ridley and Sanders but I don't value picks as much as many dynasty owners. I would rather have the guys I know can perform at the NFL level.
  3. Neville Hewitt signed with Houston. Who you prefer....Kirksey or Hewitt to win the job in the middle? I lean Hewitt.
  4. I am a big fan of Mixon. He just doesn't come without risk. I have him in my dynasty league and I made a move for him last year when he was injured to get him at a discount. To me you are overpaying to get Mixon in the Kelce deal. It doesn't mean I don't think Mixon will do well, I just think with his injury risk you are paying $1.20 for him.
  5. I disagree with the bolded at least for last year. Mostert was the guy every game he was healthy to start. Going into every game the obvious guy got the touches (unless he got hurt mid game). There weren't really any out of the blue big games but a lot of that could be because of the injury carousel.......and Sermon fits right into that carousel.
  6. Seems like a bit much to move up to 1.02. I might try and see if he can throw in a 3rd this year or a 2nd next year but it wouldn't be a deal breaker if you are a believer in Pitts. I am not sure if I would be targeting Pitts at 1.02 and you might be better served making the pick trade and keeping Kelce and then picking up Chase or Harris/ETN/Williams (whichever you prefer). Do you know who 1.01 is taking? Mixon has some serious injury risk and Pitts has bust risk. I think I make the picks trade and keep Kelce and take your highest guy at 1.02 (which I wouldn't have PItts at #2)
  7. I don't think Moss really helps your RB's all that much. I am also not sure if I would want both Thielen and Jefferson. It's not terrible but limits your upside a bit. Also, as other's have stated a lot has to do with your current team status of rebuild or contender. For me I would need more to part with Wilson
  8. Only way I do this is if there is no way for you to be competitive this year and likely not next year either. Having some idea where that 2023 pick might fall would also factor in. I probably stay put as this could easily be a big blow up and set you back if Watson goes to jail, Samuel doesn't get consistent and the 2023 1st is late.
  9. If they are going to 3-4 then who becomes the rush LB's? I am in a big play league where rush LB's are huge scoring so if I can get ahead of that curve it would be a big advantage. Anybody have any thoughts on that if this is indeed happening? Do they make Lawrence an OLB or keep him at DE in the 3-4 which would probably kill his IDP value? Interesting thing to watch.
  10. Pre Covid I was going to KC for business quite a bit and was able to hit up all of these places. Q39 and Jack Stacks were fairly close. What surprised me most was I went to a small place that was more fast foodish that served bowls that were great. I think it was called Burnt End BBQ and was in Overland Park. I was surprised at how much I liked this place.
  11. Come on now. If you are going to suggest it at least spell it correctly. We don't want any imposters here. It's the real Whizzinator
  12. Watson is a huge risk almost to the point that he is a non value. If you are giving up WIlson I would want a return that is essentially 80-90% of his value with Watson making up the additional 10-20% What is the offer looking like currently?
  13. I actually think ETN compliments Robinson. Their strengths are compliments and I could see them being used to their strengths (if the coaching staff is smart). Robinson is good in burst and movement in the hole to get positive yards as well as making the first guy miss. ETN is good in space and long speed. These two guys do compliment each other. I think it is good in NFL terms (although using a 1st round pick wasn't necessary) but bad for FF. I don't think Robinson goes away but both guys are negatively affected for FF.
  14. You will probably get some crap about posting this in the Shark Pool as it probably should be in the Assistant Coach forum. But to answer your question I would rather have the picks. I don't trust Jacobs and I am a Jacobs owner.
  15. I have done this many times with tri-tips. I will usually sous vide 6 at a time for about 30 hrs and then freeze the ones I am not utilizing that day. When I take them out of the freezer I will just sous vide again for a couple hours to make sure the temp is consistent throughout the tri tip and then sear on the grill for the bark. I have no idea what the min time for the re-heat to ensure temp is up throughout but i have no issues with the 1-2 hours I have used. I haven't noticed any difference in quality between the ones I use immediately and the ones I have frozen.
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