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  1. It's been 15 minutes. Where the heck is @EYLive? Maybe we should skip him....
  2. This was the other guy I debated and decided Pippin paired better with Duncan for my all time team...hahhaha
  3. 2.07 - Scottie Pippin - SF/1990"s This really boiled down to two players for me at this point. I decided to go with a lock down defender and a guy that could do everything. It may be a bit early but no way he makes it back to me. @trader jake you are up
  4. Sorry for the delay. This is my off Friday and it was a late night of drinking last night so I was off the grid. I will have a pick shortly although I was planning to take Curry or Durant so I have some research to do. I will have a pick up shortly.
  5. My three were Bird, Duncan & Shaq after pick 6 was complete. This was the debate for me when I took Duncan after Bird was taken.
  6. This is why I think before there is any overturn actual discussion is needed. Just overturning with no explanation can be overblown and cause this exact thing to happen. Communication is always key and necessary. It's a shame it came to that.
  7. Well I had a tier of three as it approached my pick and finally one of them was taken. Being a Laker fan it would have pained me to take Bird but that is what I was leaning until Trader Jake approached about a deal to move back. I can sleep easy now that I don't have a hated Celtic as my first pick. Now I have to make a decision and I will go with: 1.10 - Tim Duncan - PF/2000's A wonderful anchor to a team that just wants to win. "The Big Fundamental" is a very apt description for the epitome of a true professional. He is a five-time NBA champion, a two-time NBA MVP, a three-tim
  8. I make a trade so I don't have a decision to make and now you go and screw it up and don't take one of the three....hahahaha. I was hoping Oscar was going to make it back for my 2nd pick.
  9. @trader jakedecided to help me out so I shouldn't have to make a decision on my three choices. We are going to flip flop draft slots where Trader Jake moves to #9 and I drop to #10. Now @Instinctive and @trader jakejust need to take two of my three so I have no decision to make...haha @Yo Mama is it an authorized deal?
  10. You are making it hard for me. I had three players I was debating between for my pick at 1.09 and Kobe wasn't one of them. Now I will have to choose. PS - Kobe is my least favorite player of all time and I am a Laker fan. I actually stopped rooting for the Lakers until he retired. Great talent but I couldn't stand his selfishness and throwing teammates under the bus.
  11. I don't think you veto but it's worth asking the guy to give his thoughts on why he thought this made his team better in some way. Just a simple open discussion to feel it. If you can tell there is no good answer and collusion is going on then you start thinking about a veto.
  12. My favorite player. Thought there was an outside chance he lasted until #9. Dammit......but enjoy!
  13. I find drinking on the course helps with the elimination of the drama.
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