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  1. Hunt caps Chubbs ceiling but that doesn't mean that Chubb isn't still going to be a top 10-ish RB. Chubb can be good for FF and still have his ceiling capped.
  2. That is the only reason I see for leasing. If you are always going to have a car payment because you buy so often then leasing seems to be the perfect alternative.
  3. I think there is a big difference between I have no use for player X and I have no interest in player X. The first one I can understand as annoying as players do have a use. However, the second phrase is completely valid no matter how good the player is that you are being offered. There are some players I have no interest in owning even if they are perceived to be better than the players I would have left after the trade. I don't see an issue with being told another owner has no interest in a particular player. In fact, I think it is a valuable piece of information for future trade negoti
  4. I would not give up Kamara and a first round pick for Hurts. Depending on the draft Hurts may have significant competition (I don't think Philly is taking a QB but there is enough smoke out there in that direction that it would be in the back of my mind). No way I give that much for Hurts. ETA: Oops......I reread the OP again and it's Kamara for Hurts and a 1st rounder. Much closer but I still don't do it unless that 1st rounder is a top 3 pick where you can get a chance at a stud. Moving Kamara will significantly hurt your RB depth so you would just be shifting you
  5. Maybe not but they were the lifeline he grabbed and probably feels gratitude for it.
  6. Hunt also was given a second chance by the Browns after what could have been the end of his career. He may just feel obligated/lucky that he was given that chance and enjoy playing there under these circumstances. This situation has many facets to it that may not be involved in your typical RB situation.
  7. Hunt still had 23 (3 rec), 15 (2), 21 (3), and 16 (2) touches in those four games with two TD's. He was fine but didn't have the ceiling some would expect. I still think he becomes a top 12 ish RB if Chubb is gone which probably has more value than Aiyuk would ever have. The problem is Chubb is there so the discussion happens. I just think SF uses such an inconsistent game plan for touches (good for the NFL not good for fantasy) that it makes it hard for me to trust their players.
  8. I think he is a guy that is near impossible to move in a trade (both ways) because of your exact statement. Guys trying to buy are wanting a discount to take him on and guys looking to sell want an upside built into the price.
  9. That is a tough one because of the position aspect. Hunt has such a high upside if Chubb were to get injured (even though it didn't really show for the few games Chubb missed this year it was still solid). I just don't have confidence in the offense to provide consistent usage for Aiyuk even though he has shown he is worth it. I guess my answer depends on what position I need more on who would be more valuable to me.
  10. The 10 fights in 24 hrs from Diggstown. That would have been an awesome event to go see.
  11. I find it much easier to track and budget using a credit card that I pay off every month. The account shows exactly where I spend money and how much. It does the tracking for me. Plus I get free money for just using it.
  12. A lot of these look great and seem like good options but without actually getting to touch and feel them to see how they actually perform it makes it difficult to change. The one I currently have has a money clip that doubles as a bottle opener. It has come in handy many times. It's a bit thicker because of that but still manageable for a front jeans pocket. It's slightly thicker than a deck of cards. I got it at Kohls about 5 years ago for about $20 ETA: It's a Carhardt wallet similar to this but has a bottle opener for the money clip.
  13. I have Jacobs and am trying to move him and I don't think I would have made this deal. CEH has such a wide range of outcomes and you basically know what Jacobs gets you. I was also a big believer in CEH as he was the guy I was targeting even before the draft last year. His usage was more worrisome than his actual play. All this to say I like the Jacobs side more.
  14. I would be leery of acquiring Cooks due to the turmoil with Watson. If Watson leaves then Cooks takes a big hit.
  15. Surprisingly I am leaning towards Set A but it seems you and I seem to always fall on different sides of the fence.....hahahaha At quick first glance I do really like the trio of Harris, Higgins and McLaurin and have absolutely no problem with that trio over the Swift/Chase& picks. It is extremely close for me. I am not a huge believer in Swift but with a new coaching staff and the year he showed he could be a focus for an offense. I have seen him in the NFL and he looks like he belongs even if I have my reservations over the Detroit franchise screwing it up. I also like C
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