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  1. I still don't understand what the tenant has to do with this going wrong. The tenant suggested a company and the OP agreed to the company. I thought the OP said he checked out the company and thought they were ok....maybe the OP didn't check on the company but that has nothing to do with the tenant recommending them. If the OP didn't want this company he didn't have to use it. What did the tenant do wrong and or why not take suggestions from the tenant? Taking a suggestion from a tenant is not inherently bad. Ultimate decision is up to you. Getting input and involvement isn't the problem. Not doing your own diligence is the problem.
  2. All of that is a contributing factor. I have never been a fan of his work. I mainly don't think he is any good.
  3. Sure things are tough but being an ####### to your customers sure isn't going to help. You can be stressed and trying to get through this but threatening to file a claim for stolen property when the guy is there to return the material is just crazy talk. This is well beyond just being stressed.
  4. What? Can't they take their half out of the middle? I mean they are still just taking up the same space...why is it any different.....hahahahahahhaah (I hate that as well.....I also say something about them taking their half out of the middle when I walk by)
  5. I just don't understand what the issue is with this guy. Didn't you just hire him to install some flooring and after he didn't show up or do the work you decided to cancel the project and pay for what was done and return the product? Why is this guy getting all bent out of shape? He didn't want to do the work (as evidenced by him not showing up to do the work). You are paying him for the work done and returning the material. What is the problem? I just don't get how it got so blown out of proportion.
  6. IDP, SF, Contract League with salary cap; Big play scoring (9 pts per sack vs 1 pt per tackle). Team A is in rebuild. Team B is in hunt for this year. Keep 15 players or $250 salary from year to year. Starting requirements Q/R/R/W/W/T/SF/K/P/DL/DL/LB/LB/DB/DB/Flex (any IDP spot) Other notes of interest: salaries escalate if a player finishes in top 15 scoring for the year at their position. The escalation varies depending on how high on the list. A top 5 finish escalates to the average of the top 5 salaries of the position. 11th-15th goes up $5. Top 5 round draft picks have added value because you need one of those to participate in the restricted free agent auction. If you get a player in the auction you use the draft pick slot to acquire the player. If you don't have a pick you can't get a player even if you have cap space to do so. This elevates the trade value of 5th round picks as the pick loss starts in the 5th round and then goes forward from there (4th, 3rd, 2nd, etc) Team A receives: Za'Darius Smith ($1 will not escalate so salary remains at $1 for 2022) 2022 5th round pick (RFA eligible pick) 2022 16th round pick (start of the $1 salary draft slots) Terrace Marshall ($5) Team B receives: Harold Landry ($1 but is currently #3 overall LB and set to escalate to $31 if he maintains top 5 status) Cordarelle Patterson ($10) - currently #17 scoring WR 2022 22nd Round pick (out of a 25 round draft)
  7. CMC was put in IR so he is out an additional 3 weeks at a minimum. I don't think you have the luxury of waiting until he comes back. I am sure by then it will be too late to acquire Chubb.
  8. Does anybody have a good resource that provides what teams provide good IDP production for certain positions? I am sure it is out there but I don't have a good resource for it. Anybody with some wisdom here? Thanks.
  9. If this is indeed the way it ends up going batters are going to have to completely change their approach as pitchers will definitely take advantage of that technical strike zone. K's will go way up as there are some very unhittable pitches that will be called strikes. I will hate to see that happen as hitting is hard enough and as I said before I like the game within the game of adjusting to a particular umpires strike zone (provided they are consistent which has become fewer and farther between). I hope it doesn't go to robo ump but it will soon enough.
  10. Off used - SF, GB, Philly, Buffalo, NY Giants, LA Rams Def used - Jax, Den, Arizona. Cincy, NE, LA Rams Week 7 Off - Arizona Def - TB
  11. That's what was thought about instant replay in other sports and sometimes it doesn't work. Like I said in an earlier post there are times that breaking balls catch a sliver of the plate and end up in the dirt or way outside or essentially unhittable but it "should" be called a strike because it caught a sliver of the plate according to robo ump. There will be outrage on those calls and batters are going to get pissed. There are plusses and minuses with everything. This is no different.
  12. He is only 4' tall so it can be both...hahaa
  13. I would have Jefferson much higher than Jeudy and quite a bit higher than Evans as far as dynasty goes. Are you saying he doesn't help you because of those guys?
  14. Doesn't make it preferred. Again, this is based on an ump actually being consistent. If they can't (which it appears they can't) then I have no doubt robo ump is coming. I just think it will lead to a different form of #####ing. It's the old adage of be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.
  15. I also wonder how much outrage there will be with robo ump when it calls those nasty breaking balls that get a sliver of the plate before diving to the ground way out of the zone a strike. Visually and in reality those pitches can't be hit yet by the letter of the law they are strikes. I would much rather prefer human umps calling their zone consistently. It doesn't have to be in the "box" but it does have to be consistent. Part of hititng/pitching is learning the umps particular zone for the game and then adapting to it. The problem isn't if a location is or is not called a strike (within reason of course). The problem is when that location is called a strike one pitch and then a ball the next pitch. Getting an inch on the outside of the plate for a strike is fine as long as it is always called. Then pitchers/batters can adjust and have to adapt. That is a great part of the game. A game within the game. But in order to have that you need consistent calls and that isn't happening either.
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